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  1. Tell you the truth I don't really know. I play on a pc using this web address thanks for the reply though.
  2. Can Someone Help Me & My Wife To Upload A Picture To Our Profiles? Is It Only For People Who Have Created An Account Through Facebook?
  3. It's 'a working again, thankyou very much team Governor of Poker.
  4. Maybe there's another update, it is getting better all the time is Governor Of Poker🙂
  5. got this when wanting to load Governor Of Poker, my time is set right:- Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead Firefox detected an issue and did not continue to The web site is either misconfigured or your computer clock is set to the wrong time. It’s likely the web site’s certificate is expired, which prevents Firefox from connecting securely. If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details. What can you do about it? Your computer clock is set to 23/04/2019. Make sure your c
  6. Ha, I'm playing Horse Shoe Arena and it's all in every hand, so here I am taking no notice of it and typing in forum while they wait for me to make a decision. Yawn
  7. I Believe that there is still a vital use for Govenor Of Poker 3 and that is to train your gut instinct. Gut instinct being the most magical skill in poker, what is better than using a free site to check out your anticipation skills out on? Also, if i had money (I'm poor) I would buy chips merely as a donation to GOP3, there are many online games where you can buy skins for Characters but still doesn't give you an advantage over other players. I feel the same way you do but only on real money sites, it's funny reading your thread as I have said the same thing to myself when playing for real. I
  8. As far as susgetions.... I notice as GOP3 gets bigger & better it takes longer to load up through the browser so a GOP3 client like the online Moba games have. I'm sure the game would run smoother. Another is the lag issue when playing at night in Europe as there are obviously at lot of people playing from the America's it is a long way for info to travel, maybe to give everyone the choice to just play people from the same continent. But all in all GOP3 is a free game and has truely honored that so I'm really happy with it as it is, many thanks.
  9. I read a thread somewhere and the person stated that they would love to see a real money Govenor of Poker site. You must of considered it already also with the legal stuff. Just intresting what the team have discussed already on this. I sometimes suspect that a certain huge poker site has also thought about buying rights, but just another inquisitive thought!
  10. Yeah 2nd place could do with gaining a bit of profit. The attraction for me is the points gained on Team Challenge, it's so easy to score points for the team here. I'm poor so I don't pay for chips I just spin my wheel and collect as many freebies as possible. If I wasn't poor I would buy some chips as a donation to the creators & workers of the game and for no other reason. Other online games run in a similar way, one of which had just got over the $1 billion mark in profit last year, their game though doesn't let someone who pays for things in real cash have any advantage over those
  11. I do sit n go's all the time, I don't know much different so I can't agree or disagree, apart from I managed to keep my stack growing to a huge amount then go mental and loose most of it, then it grows again. I'll always remember playing the $25 million buy sit'n'go, I put a raise out that would damage everyones chipstack heavly, 833 on the flop, the guy who call raises, I don't believe and re-raise all in, he had 83 in his hand!! Lost my marbles and tilted big style... £93 million down to bellow 1 million =( , the chipstak is building and I feel confident now at £5 million'ish. It's adventuro
  12. This sort of thing can happen for months in real live poker. I watched a proffesional talk about it. I also read about recipticality in poker, I say this because over time your overall chipstack will grow more for many reasons, if you don't loose too much on the bad beats by watching your back a bit more, considering the possible higher hands that can beat you. Limping into pots, playing bigstack bully who can afford to call your raise with anything, always in poker respect the magic, the telepathy, the gut feeling all the way through a hand.
  13. Now it's getting somewhere:- "Undergoing Maintainence be right back" So there is definately no problems, I thought the whole place was shutting down for good! (00)