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  1. GOP Jacopo

    diamond rewards

    Hello, any item you have in your inventory you can still use it, it will not be taken away from you!
  2. GOP Jacopo

    How To Upload Picture Please?

    Hello, if you are playing on Gameroom or Steam, you can change your profile picture, through the profile od the platform you are using.
  3. GOP Jacopo

    Why GoP3 become SoP3 (Slave of Poker 3)

    Hello, we want to bring back the good old poker, to play for fun and not just for rewards. On top of that, we wanted to share the concept that, players don't have to play just for the Ruby chest. The Ruby chest is for a niche, for those players who spend a lot of time on the game and are happy to do it. We don't want to force anyone into doing that, that's why we extended the team challenge to 7 days, to give more time and opportunity. We would like everyone to embrace the fact that get the Ruby chest should not be the only goal for the team challenge. If you don't want to put in so much work and effort if you are a Shark or a High roller and you can't afford big buy-ins in high saloons, getting to the Gold or Diamond chest is already a super good achievement!
  4. GOP Jacopo

    gop indifference to anti semitism

    Hello, we have taken action in that regard. Moreover, about the "reporting players" part, you can report it to Gop directly in-game and we will take care of it
  5. GOP Jacopo

    The new team scoring has ruined Royal Poker

    Hello, to avoid the so-called " bingo players" the points that you receive now are calibrated differently. Going every time all in was the best strategy to gain more points, now it's not anymore, you gain more points by winning bigger pots. Once they will realize that, most of them will stop playing like this. Hope you will stick around and give it a shot!
  6. Hello Elon, unfortunately, we can't see the pictures that you have provided us, therefore, we will report it to developers and they will have a look into it, Thank you for your detailed explanation!
  7. GOP Jacopo


    Hello, you can report it here if you prefer and we will pass it on to the developers. Or you can also contact our support group and they will directly check your situation and refund you if you had any issue with the game.
  8. GOP Jacopo

    gop indifference to anti semitism

    Hello Sayasu, we are terribly sorry that you felt uncomfortable with this, we totally understand your position. We will take immediate actions to solve this major issue. Thank you for contacting us.
  9. GOP Jacopo


    Hi, if you have any problems with the game please contact and they will answer you within the next 2-3 business days. Enjoy Poker!
  10. GOP Jacopo

    New next Calendar?????

    You are welcome! Enjoy Poker!
  11. GOP Jacopo

    New next Calendar?????

    Hello, as said in-game you need to claim 47 days in order to have the ultra spin at the end
  12. GOP Jacopo

    New next Calendar?????

    Hello, we don't know yet, we'll let you guys know as soon as something more comes up
  13. GOP Jacopo

    May Calendar???

    Hello, we don't think we're going to have a new calendar any time soon but don't worry, other updated are coming up!
  14. GOP Jacopo

    Hats and stuff feedback

    Hello we are sorry that the dog's scratching bothers you, we will see what we can do about it. thank you for sharing
  15. GOP Jacopo

    Spin and play bug

    Hello, we are sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for reporting the issue, please contact our support group and tell her exactly what you have described here, if possible indicate also the time when this occurred, so they would be able to find it