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  1. Just wanting your opinion on something, personally i feel like chips are reasonably priced, but I also feel like gold is WAAAAY too expensive. I feel like if you got twice as much gold as you do right now for the price, it still wouldn't be a little low. Let's take one example, for $5 you can buy 50 gold, that is enough for ONE pro heads up, just one for 5$, and it doesn't get much better higher up either, even at $20 that only buys you 5 heads up, or one country hat, you can't even buy one of the valentines hats for £20 which seems a little ridiculous to me...What are your thoughts on the mat
  2. hey guys, so I just opened my team challenge chests and I got a bunch of gifts, but I'm not sure what they are used for? I assumed it would let me gift those items for free but that doesn't seem to be the case
  3. Of course I know there are ways around IP blocks, that's a given, but the point is not to completely remove the cheaters but drastically decrease it, and I think a simple IP block would do that.
  4. forgive me if im being stupid, im no game designer, but isn't the solution to this incredibly obvious? Can't you just restrict entry to the game to once per IP address?
  5. So, this seems like a bit of a foresight imo. The quick chat function should have "Well Played" as an option after every single hand you are involved in, ESPECIALLY when you bust a player or get busted, it's just good manners to say well played to a winner or someone who is about to leave.
  6. What bugs me is that "Well Played" isn't always a quick response option when you bust a player, I feel like that should be a given