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  1. Oh GOD thank you so much... I'm just login now... and everything is back to normal again. Our Team Menu is working fine now. I'm so much relief now... thank you... thank you. And thank you so much for your help Beridock. You are a person who cares to others. What We must do to repay your kindness. And of course thank you so much for Governor of Poker 3 Team who help and fix our problem (dont know your name, but thank you and love) And whoever you are thank you again and again (hahaha... looks like so much "thank" words in this post now)... dont care
  2. Sorry.. loks like I make a mistake again... We even can not leave the team... (dont know where is the edit button to correct the post)
  3. Hi Beridok, First I would like to say thank you for your concern Beridok and sorry about the date (hahaha... 1918, I mean 2018 - I make this post in panic, confused and worried condition). For you to know, Not only me have this problem but all member in that Team can't access Team Menu: so We can't enter chat team, can't collect prize box they even can leave the team. Looks like all the member get stuck in there. And about different device or web browser.. yes we do that. One of my member even delete and reinstall the game but not work either. So I think only someone from the in
  4. Hi Corrie, I have a problem here. I and other of my member Team can't access Team menu. everytime I click Team icon there is always said "The team service is not available at the moment. Please try again later". This has happened since Saturday (06 January 1918). Usually if this happens only a few minutes, and if I logout then login again the team menu is back to normal again. But now We can't access Team Menu anymore. My Char name is Reiva and my Team name is Golden River. Did We or I do something wrong. What should We do now to correct this problem. I thought if the Team Cha
  5. Awesome feature. I just wondering if in the future there will be a team duel or tournament or something like that