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    Hey I logged in, got a notice about a new summer event, went to "read more" but then there is no way BACK to the game. SO I just clicked my bookmarked game, reloaded the page only to get a note that I must be logged in with another device. Um NO I AM NOT! In fact I am using a browser, Opera, that I do not use on ANYTHING ELSE since this game quit working at all with firefox. Quit opera, tried again, same thing, your logged in on another device. QUit, walked away, tried in a few min and it's up again. What's up with this? I tell ya, I won't be reading any more pop up notices.
  2. Yea but why make it look like a random spinning thing? If you put all those prizes on a spinning wheel, each space would have the same odds of being the one picked. Clearly this is not the case. So why not make more like a scratch and win card. 33% chance of winning puny prizes, one in a million you'll hit it big. That at least would be more up front. So if the spinning thing is set to hardly EVER give a winning number, perhaps so is the card game? I've sure played against enough all inners. That spin and play especially. And I've done it myself. There is a prize for winning a certain number of times, it's simply faster to go all in. I pick the cheapest game and do the all in thing. However... when I have time, if I'm up against an all in player and really want to win, if I keep folding, six or more hands in a row, it SEEMS the odds of my winning rise. It's almost as if the game knows who won so many hands in a row and tries to level the field. It shouldn't. If this were real cards your odds would be the same every time. What ever. Lately I've been collecting what little free chips I can. Maybe the NEXT round I can compete. Or not. Don't care.
  3. Look.... this is a game site designed to be entertaining. It's NOT real poker. (no money, not even legal to do so in the states.) Not to mention the fact that it is impossible for any computer to actually "randomize" anything. So again, NOT real cards. Still plenty entertaining... and as such a business IN business to be entertaining would WANT their players to stick around long enough to WANT to maybe buy more chips. So ticking people off is not the way to do this. I see plenty of complaining, the few posts this fairly unused forum sees, and from my some in my team who have been at this game a lot longer than me. Open a movie theater and charge too much, have broken seats, a tear in the screen, you won't be in business long. This sort of business NEEDS repeat customers. Sure you may get lots of new ones, how many try it, get frustrated or see that it's rigged, and leave? This is not good. So... once again, the great thing I found about this game are all the types of tables from 2 player, sit and gos (my fav.) spin and play, beginner all the way up. THIS is great!!!! So why not deal with the biggest complaint about the all in players and set up a table with a bet limit? Fix that one drain hole in the system. Meanwhile, I just won three sit and goes and all three had all in players. Today my strategy of fold fold fold fold until I'm dealt a good hand then call worked. Doesn't always, but all in with every bet? They aren't all good hands. Today I got lucky. My pocket 3s won me two games. Still... it got old anyway. I'd rather play cards than dice. So my limit of "fun" is expired after just a few games. And so far I see absolutely NO reason to ever spend money on this. Maybe some day, not today. Too much wrong with how it works. (Again why can I spin ticket after ticket and NEVER win a big prize... How is that possible if it were "random." It's not. Won't be buying anything because of it.) Enjoy.
  4. Today someone in our team, good player, up and quit. SEVERAL others are griping about how this game has changed. It's not poker anymore. I just played the vegas sit and go. ALL BUT TWO HANDS I get low ball cards. 2/3, 2/5 Made it to third place just by folding and letting the all in players kill each other off. But actual hands? NOTHING. This challenge I think I'll just log in, collect free crap, spin the wheel, cash in my tickets ALWAYS FOR LOW BALL PRIZES TOO!!!!! How is it a diamond ticket doesn't pay anything more than the bronze? This is like a rigged carnival game. No way to actually win anything. Please put this game back to how it was BEFORE Ruby came out. Even that wasn't entirely fair. Better than it is now though. So... pogo bookmarked, pokerstars, vegas world, big fish games. Haven't played any of them since I joined this. Maybe it's time to revisit some other sites.
  5. Today, ONCE AGAIN this stupid game will NOT remember my settings. I have the news on while playing and kept getting cheers and clapping... then I realized it's this stupid game. Checked settings, sound, music EVERYTHING IS OFF!!!!! Thankfully I was only in a spin and play, and as USUAL all in all in all in all in all in all in..... So damn dumb. Not a card ever hit the table. The way to handle this is fold fold fold fold fold... wait till I get something promising and hopefully (more often than not) must just be the game's way of evening things out but I have beat more all in players than I can count. Not always, sometimes I get a pair of As and lose to someone with crap. But more often than not the fold fold thing works. not today and the annoying sound on top of it, once again, I'm out. Daughter installed an old game I haven't played in years. I'll do that. Waiting for my car to get fixed and I'll be at the beach instead of this puter. This game is rapidly getting old. I looked forward to opening my chests but I can't even get out of silver lately. Screwit BTW... your right about the capitalism. BUT... there is good management and then there is not so good. Businesses that thrive and those that struggle and possibly fail. Sending ANYONE away annoyed is not at all something a game site would want. Some people like the all in play. Clearly a lot do not. Now this could be fixed easy enough, set up tables with a betting limit. Forces people to actually play cards not dice. Only a true player will win. And if you don't like betting limits you don't have to play there. The good thing about this site is all the variety of tables. So fix the thing so many complain about. Or not. Send people packin.
  6. What I can't figure out is why would they do this? If you play free, even for just a week, it's obvious just with the ticket spins and the daily free spins that you NEVER win the really big ones, but the little ones are consistent. That is not a "random" chance thing, it's a poorly coded algorithm. They would make more money with a fair game than with this. I sure won't pay for this. If I pay for a poker game, it will be with real cards, real people, and for real prizes. I play here for free and just for fun and even that, when as you say, you lose "Interesting hands" over and over for some all in player with a crap hand, I don't even stick around for free. If this is their plan, it's a bad one. Now they do have some things right. I enjoy the silly hats. And all the free junk as soon as I log in. At least I can play some. But lose over and over to the all inners, I get fed up and walk. So this is something they might need to address. And the only reason I keep posting. Honest, lose lose lose.... I really didn't lose anything. When it gets old I go do something else. I wonder if anyone tracks just when a person leaves. I know I have that kind of tracking on my own site. I know how long people stay and what page they leave from. So perhaps losing over and over then leaving might mean something to someone in programing. Or not. Don't really care.
  7. I'm just so sick of the all in players. And even if I wait till I'm dealt a descent hand, pair of As for example it's just a crap shoot not cards. A few games like this in a row and I just log off and do something else. AGAIN and AGAIN. Why don't you try a few tables with betting limits. Only way you can end up the winner is to actually play and win enough till others are eliminated. Not everyone will play there but for those of us who are sick of a big dice game, I sure would like it. Sit and go style, but a top bet limit.
  8. ArtmakerJen

    The new team scoring has ruined Royal Poker

    I have no clue what you folks did to this game but it's horrible now. I was doing ok. I could make diamond if I really worked at it. Sure I lose games but would win occasionally too. Now? I can't remember the last time I actually won a sit and go. Not in the beginners all the way up to the spin tower. So forget about points, I just want to win one often enough to keep some chips to play with. Something got changed for the worse. I can be holding a full house and somehow get beat. Can be dealt a pair of aces, someone goes all in and wins with garbage. Over and over again. Not once in awhile, no. Constantly. I find I've been playing once, lose as usual and just turn it off. Or log in just to get what little free chips I can spinning the wheel or playing my free spin on the slot. Even the tickets I win ALWAYS pay the lowest possible numbers. Every single time. I can watch it land on a million then flip, clicks one more time onto diddly squat. There is nothing "random" about this. And is the single biggest reason I will never spend real money here. If I spend real money it will be on a real card game. With real cash prizes no less. This I do for fun but what ever you did to the algorithm here, it's just not fun. BTW your attempts to stop the all in players IS NOT WORKING!!!! I'm seeing it more now than ever before. If you really want to stop that simply put limits on the betting. Force people to play a real game. Maybe try that on one table or some such thing and see if it's popular. If you allow all in, there will be players to do that. And I doubt anyone is watching how team points are gathered. (I didn't even know about it until reading the threads here.)
  9. ArtmakerJen

    Why GoP3 become SoP3 (Slave of Poker 3)

    I just gotta say this again. I LIKE those chests... and for awhile I had no problem (with some time) getting diamond. But since this? THREE DAYS now and I can't even win a single sit and go. I was fairly consistent with enough wins to advance, something has changed. AND... what's with those tickets ALWAYS landing on the lowest prizes possible over and over and over. Those are rigged for sure to never actually pay off. Fix one aspect of this game and it's clear any part of it can (and is) also rigged. I've been working my tail off just to reach gold. The all in players have not reduced one bit. OVER AND OVER.... I can't afford the higher end tables now. This is rapidly losing all it's fun. Though I thought the next level prize would be nice, since I already would be close, but now? I play the same. How is it suddenly I can't win a single game? Meh.... I have six other poker sites bookmarked that I have not visited since I found this. I think it's time to try them again.
  10. ArtmakerJen

    gop indifference to anti semitism

    That's aweful!!!! Thankfully I never saw any of that but wow. They really DO need some form of mute/report. Report really horrible behavior and let admins take a look. REMOVE anyone actually doing that. Meanwhile, I'd like to see a block player feature. I have run into a few real jerks I'd just as soon never play again. Nothing that bad though. Perhaps if a blocked player is at a table, you don't automatically get seated at the same table. I'd also like a few seconds at least to SEE who is at the table..... some games do this, you can view the table and then decide if you want a seat or not.
  11. ArtmakerJen

    Why GoP3 become SoP3 (Slave of Poker 3)

    Well.... I was kind of excited to see another level. Especially when for awhile I was easily making diamond and had plenty of chips to play with. And all with just some play time in the evenings. But lately? TO win some extra chips I've been trying to play several times a day. FIll all the little tasks... TRY to earn some play chips. I don't mind losing a game. Honest. But once in awhile, to keep anyone interested, winning has to be in the mix somewhere. I'm having a hard time just making gold let alone anything new. And what's with all the ticket spins ALWAYS LANDING on the smallest prizes? Several times now I literally watched it land on something big, a million chips or something, and at the last possible second it clicks forward one more time to some low ball 7500 chips. silver or gold tickets don't matter either. I might get ONE shot at a high level table and I'm so low on chips I'm stuck with lower levels then lose lose lose. Those things are as shady and rigged as the cheapest carnival game. Fixed to be impossible to really "win" anything big. Such a scam. I'd sure never spend real money on this. I have to wonder, because I criticized the dog hat where the dog scratches itself every 10 seconds? Did that somehow get some admin to set the lose button on my name? Just seems odd how my win/lose ratio suddenly went in the tank. I play the same way. Been turning it off and walking away more and more.
  12. ArtmakerJen


    Good to know posting here WILL get passed along. So not critical, will post here. Thanks. Someone from support did contact me about the game not loading at all in firefox. hopefully someone is on it.
  13. ArtmakerJen


    So.... what's the point of a bug reports in this forum then?
  14. ArtmakerJen


    Hey, aside from the fact since the games last update I can no longer play on firefox. (opera works but it loads VERY slow.) Now.... my player skin tone simply will not stick. Sometimes during a game I can set it and it holds, most of the time no. And it will NOT stick between games. Someone messed things up with the last upgrade.
  15. ArtmakerJen


    Cannot log in today. Just get a spinning wheel forever. Got up to a gold chest last night, cannot collect it now. Tried this morning... hoped it was just a short glitch. Hours later same thing. Hope I don't lose my prize now.