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  1. Know what? I love this game, I really do. But all the pushy junk now.... especially the activity board that I can not clear now, if their plan was to get free players off, it's working. Once all those member only things start filling my board, I'm done for the day. Already stopped even trying to get past ruby since new hats turn out 9 out of 10 times to be OLD hats, what's the point? I get to ruby easy enough and I'm done till the next week starts. So maybe that's their plan huh? Get us freebie users to stop playing? This sure does NOT want to make me pony up and pay. Give me
  2. Well just last night, a new color of glove was seen. Very dark maroon. I love it, but where do I find that???? Only two reds available and both are lighter. Where is all this stuff coming from? Very old perhaps? Like original stuff long gone? Or special stuff for doing what? Some of those hats were on beginner players.
  3. Why when I try to redeem coupons (both of them today) do I get "limit reached for that prize"
  4. NO REPLY to this? And I have not seen any of those hats again.
  5. Just one more suggestion, Put a small X by those perks so people who don't pay can make them go away and clear the red mark. You would still be enticing people by showing them what they could have by joining, but for those of us who can't, we can still enjoy what we have here. Might make all sides somewhat happy. Just one last thought, another game I played a whole lot before I found this, went down the same path you seem to be on now. More and more junk in our faces that all cost real money. And perks that MIGHT be worth paying for (And I have spent a good chun
  6. GOP 3 team..... I do get that your trying to entice people to pay. I do. I cannot, but I get that your gonna keep tossing up annoying pop ups "upgrading my shop" (RIGHT In the middle of a game now.) So my clicking that junk out of the way is my cost to play free. I understand. BUT....You just added member only perks in the activity board. So that red explanation mark shows up and I can NOT make it go away. I USE that board all the time. Especially with black jack, it tells me when I hit my 10 or 30 games. I ALWAYS click that thing as soon as it shows
  7. One more tonight.... Never saw that one with the gold watch around it before either. Where are all these coming from? I've been playing for awhile now, none of those three are in the shop and I don't recall any event that had those.
  8. Say, another hat appeared I have NEVER seen before. Where are these coming from? here.
  9. I don't seem to have that option. Shoot, I HATE using my own website to host images for forum posts but dang it, curious about this silly hat so here. Oh holy crap. Cannot even do THAT????? "only https" links allowed? WTF? This forum service really blows. EVERY OTHER FORUM I USE lets you upload screenshots. Try this. Just copy the damn link and look.
  10. NO not that hidious thing. This had a green snake around it with a nicely drawn head that doesn't look like someone hit it with a machete. how do you put a screenshot here? I grabbed one. Already photoshopped out the users name so be fine to post.
  11. First time I ever saw this hat, is it old and long ago retired? Or something new? Special? WHAT? Rather a beginner player I found this on. well great, don't know how to put a picture here. It's a brown hat with a green snake around it. Never saw that before. (Anyone got a clue how to put an image here from my desktop?)
  12. Last several rounds of them I tried. Last time was the get 5 black jacks. Did, and not one registered. This round I picked play 30 hands, got my ten towards a chest but not one shows up in the mission. I'm ignoring these from now on. They just don't work.
  13. Hey they fixed it and then some! Very nice. The artists did a wonderful job with these.
  14. Say the new viking hats are SO cool. I have three now. So my question is about those, when playing black jack, the first hand I win I get to see the animation. But after that? Nothing. If I switch hats, again the first win will spin, after that? Notin. Other animated hats work with every win. Why don't these?
  15. work my tail off to get to Emerald ANY MORE!!!!!!! Not for a game that dangles neat prizes but when you "win" you don't actually win the prize. So I will NOT put in the hours needed to "win" a non prize. NO MORE. Copy right off the announcements. "Reach the 8th ruby chest to get your hands on the NEW viking hats...." I lost count of how many times I got to ruby OR Emerald which gives you your prize immediately, only to get some OLD STALE hat that has already been out FOR MONTHS! NOT the prize. There are SIX HATS pictured right on that announcement. No way possib