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  1. ArtmakerJen

    Cool new hat

    Hey, just got a new foxy hat. BEAUTIFUL. I know I've complained about the dog scratching it's face off, and the owls with sniffy noses, so it's only fair to give kudos when something wonderful happens. The fox is adorable. No sniffing, scratching, odd positions.... just cute as the dickens. Great job. Keep it up. 😀
  2. ArtmakerJen

    no ruby hat????

    Well then.... good to know. Getting snowed in here. I see a lot of poker in my near future. SO GLAD I don't have to go out in this slop. yucko. Only downside to Michigan. Winters are too long.
  3. ArtmakerJen

    no ruby hat????

    hi, I just realized the ruby hats change. Really wanted the cat hat, or dragon but I guess those are gone now. Oh well. To answer your question though, WHY don't I like the penguin? It's cute actually, I just don't like the cold. (michigan here, too much cold for too long.) I have the snowman too, again, cold... brrrrr. Nothing wrong with it, just my preference of not looking at ice and snow anymore than I have to. There aren't too many hats I don't like. The turkey on the head is just stupid. I'll never use that one. The husky dog, is BEAUTIFUL. But the poor pooch scratches his face every ten seconds. I've had dogs most of my life and this is sad. BAD idea to design animal hats that need to see a vet bad. (And the other dogs in that set are just bent wrong. No normal dog would have it's butt hole and face pointing in the same direction. And they also look like they have a front broken paw. I wont' use any. And now the owl hats. It took me awhile to figure out the drawings at first. WHY did they make the things facing over their backs? Owls can rotate their heads darn near all around but never hold it that way for long. It just looks at first glance like the wings are broken until I figured out it's facing backwards. Couldn't they face it forward? Maybe have animation where it spins around for a sec? Maybe look at the players left and right then face forward again? Then.... WHY have the thing rub it's nose with it's wing over and over? Does it have a cold? There is not a bird on the planet that wipes it's beak with it's wing. I'm half expecting the thing to sneeze snot across the table. They went from cool at first glance, to HUH? to EWWW YUCK. But that's a minimum. Most are cool. One of the most fun things about this game is all the different looks players can pick from. Wish they would roll out some new glove colors and pins though. I have every one. Need more. Oh, as for pins, some just don't sit right. Certain hats with feathers for example, the pin sits on the feathers not on the hat. Graphic artists there need a little guidance I think.
  4. ArtmakerJen

    no ruby hat????

    I FINALLY made ruby. First (and likely last) time. Hard work. Nice treasures but no ruby hat? Got a stupid penguin. I thought ruby paid a ruby hat? yea, not going to go for that again. Diamond I can hit easy enough without this feeling like a job.
  5. ArtmakerJen

    Just got ripped...

    Eh, it only happened once. No big deal.
  6. ArtmakerJen

    Just got ripped...

    So I won the first chest in today's activity. Click to open it, game freezes up. Reload the page, had to log in again, get back to my chest? Shows already collected, yet I did NOT receive anything. Kind of a little thing but still.... grrrrrrrr
  7. ArtmakerJen


    Yup that did the trick. Seems there was an update on the game, something they do jams up the works. This game is the ONLY thing I do on Opera. How it could clog up is beyond me. But in any case, it's working now. Thanks.
  8. ArtmakerJen


    First I have done NOTHING on my end since last night. This morning I keep getting an error... "An embedded page at says... An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser javascript console for more info. The error was: Uncaught range Error: Maximum call stack size exceeded. Now I have no idea what this means. And no idea where my "javascript console" is. But again, NOTHING was done on my end. Hope someone finds these.
  9. ArtmakerJen

    Questions & Answers

    Hey anyone, I'm trying to get a friend to play and he's having issues getting anything to load. he's tried youdagames (what I use.) I had him try steam, a few browsers, nothing works. A team mate here suggested facebook but he doesn't want anything to do with facebook. Nothing is working. Then he told me he's using windows 7. Is that simply too old and this won't work anywhere? If so what is the min requirement? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If this matters, I have issues getting in too. (Imac, 10.13.6) Firefox stopped working when you rolled out ruby. Chrome works but I have to reload the page at LEAST once. (sometimes multiple times.) One lady in my team said she has the same issue. I think something in the programing might be clogging up the works? IDK. Just a thought. I don't have issues on anything else. And my friend plays on another game (probably not allowed to say what.) I can say that one was once flash based and has already made the switch to HTML5. He plays in two of my teams and every day, no issues. But here, he just can't get in.
  10. ArtmakerJen

    Feature requests

    Love all the hats. Wish there were more choices in shirts gloves and pins. Also wish there were more varied gifts to give at the table. How about adding some seasonal ones? Candy corn for Halloween, maybe pool toys for the beach stuff... like that. Getting really tired of the stuff we have. Tiaras? Seriously? WHO actually wears a tiara? And NO MAN would. Come on. How about stuff that would actually BE at a poker table? Sandwiches, chips, more drinks, those are always popular. Get rid of the stupid tiaras. how about stuff that goes with all the hats? Someone with a dog hat could get a dog bone for their pooch? Something like that. Keeps things interesting. (need more gloves, how about stripes, at least more colors.)
  11. ArtmakerJen

    Halloween Token

    HEY good to see support really does fix issues. Outstanding. I have yet to win a single game let alone THREE. Love Halloween too but it seems it's just not going to happen for me.
  12. ArtmakerJen


    Well "2-3 business days" you say???? Posted this on the 2nd. Same day I contacted support. It's now the 9th. Still no reply from support. Game started mysteriously working the same day though so maybe they know they fixed what ever it was and no need to bother answering people? Or like so many online sites, (and many other businesses these days,) "support" is a thing of the past. oh well. Glad this is just a game and nothing really important.
  13. ArtmakerJen


    Well when you say "friends list" do you mean facebook? Because I don't use and have no plans to EVER use facebook. That notice I got did say in settings, bottom of the page. But there is no id number of any kind that I can find. ah, found the friend code, not sure that's the user id but saved it anyway.
  14. ArtmakerJen


    I posted yesterday that I could not log in. That support asks for a user id found in settings but could not get to settings since I COULD NOT LOG IN. Well later that day I got in just fine. I didn't do anything different, must have been some random glitch? Kinda mad that my whole post is now gone. All I did was ask for an email addy for support. An admin could have sent me a PM if you don't want to post that here. At the very least tell me why the whole post is now missing. Doesn't matter, I found another link for support without the user id needed and sent a note. And so far no reply to that either. Well I have two points to make here. 1. Yesterday after I DID get in, I played a few games just fine, then got into the tower sit and go and the game kept flipping out. I kept getting connection failed notices, then had to miss a hand, all the seats around me were filled, then empty, around and around. Now sometimes I do have connection issues but this was not one of those times. I have a monitor that shows me my connection and it was strong. I opened another browser and got into a different online game and it was just fine. THIS SITE WAS GLITCHY YESTERDAY!!!!! Somehow I came in 3rd place even though I was unable to play a single hand. Lost a lot of chips though. NOT HAPPY that my post vanished AND support is non existent. I sure won't be spending any real money on this. So I lost free chips. Big deal. Ya know, this silly game is your business. I know this costs to run and keep updated etc. And you expect people to spend on occasion to pay for it. Well when support isn't there, posts in a forum vanish without any note as to why, lack of customer service means I will never be a paying customer. Bad idea folks. We all get that glitches happen. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE THEY ARE VALUABLE OR YOU WON'T HAVE ANY! Business 101. I really like this game. You have a good thing going here. But there clearly is room for improvement. 2. I am logged in now, and before this happens again where I cannot even send a support ticket without my user id, WHERE IS THE USER ID? I remember the notice saying it's in settings. So I have settings open, looked all through it, no user id number to be found. Anyone got a road map where to look? I'll save it somewhere so the next time this happens I can just write to support.
  15. ArtmakerJen


    Ok, now THIS was odd. Got the game up this morning, my usual few reboots to get it to load. No sound, played a few games, minimized the window, put the computer to sleep for awhile, came back, watched a movie (on another browser) came back to the game. The game window has not been closed all day. So spun, did a few things, played a game, at the END of the game (I won BTW) got a LOUD (sound was up high for the movie) sound effect. But that was the only one. Everything else is still muted as it should be. Now THIS has to be something goofy on your end. Something with your sound files isn't STAYING OFF. ONE sound, ONE time? That's just odd.