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  1. Tech guys, on the youdagame site, there are MULTIPLE code errors. I mean if you look on the right side menu, right under inventory, it should NOT read (in tiny text) hamburgermenu_open_outfit_shop This is a simple code error, so far I have not played yet but I've seen these occasionally before and it's just page layout stuff. BUT... the NEXT TIME someone complains the site won't load or something, please don't start with the clear your cookies nonsense. THIS is not a cookie error. Someone left out a tag or put a dot in the wrong place. And no one it
  2. So, I revived my account I started through steam, kinda fun being a beginner again. I don't play that one as much, mainly just got it going so when youdagames goes down (several times now) I have a back up plan. Had it in a team, got a gold badge, then changed teams at the beginning of this round of events. My badge still shows up but I cannot see how many points I have or what I need to advance. It's just not in the team page at all. Will this take finishing this round then it will show up? Or is this a glitch? BTW... I had a hell of a time connecting with the team I
  3. In a nutshell? THEY SUCK! Everyone thinks they have a killer hand, and throws all in. I like playing POKER not dice. Last time one of these came around I lost millions. This time? I think I''ll just ignore the stupid thing.
  4. Awards not being registered. Achievements won come up with a spinning wheel when I try to collect. Had two just spinning away. Then thought before I hit the collect button I'd quit the browser, come back and see. And now my awards are GONE. I had given out 7 of my 10 gifts. That went back to 0. Other stuff I won is showing I never did. So I'm done for tonight. BTW... several people in my team had the same issue when I asked. So please don't come back with clear your history and cookies. (Which I do all the time anyway.) Time to find the bug spray. Or did s
  5. Seems they fixed it, game down for me 1am est. Good to know.
  6. So... Today is Dec 14. Reading announcements for today all it says is... SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE announcement_body_maintenance_1512 So what is that?????? Sure looks to me like someone made a simple website code error. The "body" part kinda suggests that. (My code ability is very limited.) So... is there a TIME OF DAY we might be aware the game will go down? So don't start one then? HMMMM And if that IS just a code error.... I would put it to you folks, this actually shut me out (and who knows how many more) once before when an update suddenl
  7. Ok, first it's working now. Second NO I HATE STEAM! Besides I'd lose all my stuff, whole other account on steam. I don't like using that site at all. Lastly, try this site some time. Your site was down for everyone, not just me. That's a great site to use to find out if it's a browser, cookie, other issue on my end or if the site is just plain down. Yours was down. But it's up now, who ever kicked the plug must have plugged it back in. lol. Let the games begin!
  8. Some time tonight, I went to play a last few games and I can't. Left the window minimized, been a few hours, came back to it and all the animation was frozen. So ok, this seems to be a recent thing, reloaded the page. And now I get an error, "bad gateway." what ever that means. Tried quitting Opera and relaunching, got the same error.
  9. Hey hey I made it to ruby again. (Hard work for me. I have no clue how people make it to emerald let alone that new black one.) AND.... finally won a new hat. My favorite prize of all is adding to my hat collection. Especially GOOD ones. (A few I will never use.) The adorable rat on the big chunk of cheese. I LIKE IT! Animation is not as funny as the rat with the exploding barrel of black powder. That one cracks me up every time. But I like my cheese rat just the same. Daughter had pet rats, which are actually very good pets. So this one is extra special. Artists d
  10. Oh I didn't lose out on much, came in second so got my chips back. Only missed a few hands. Still... how does that happen? Never had a website run out of memory before. Could it be that my minimizing the window for hours at a time is suddenly causing issues? Never has before, just want to know. I'll simply shut opera off between rounds if that's the case.
  11. Ok, today, right in the middle of a game, it froze. And a thing popped up saying "out of memory." Now HOW can a website based game run out of memory?????? By the time I logged back in again at least several hands were lost. What gives?
  12. Hi, Sorry I didn't get back sooner, I'm suppose to get notices when someone replies but so far never have. But yea, I got back in the next day I think. Glad it was a short term glitch. I really do like this game. Now... is this game timing out? Use to be I could minimize the window and do other things for hours sometimes and come back and not need to log in all over. But lately when I come back the whole window is frozen. Forced to quit, relaunch, re log in.... RE remove those annoying buttons at the bottom. I don't like it. Also don't like all the ne
  13. Since you folks changed the banner on top, added more and more ways to ask for money, this game has slowed to a crawl. Right now I'm waiting to "connect to server" just to play a game. Can't. Opening last weeks batch of chests, every single one brought up a spinning wheel and locked up for a min or so. Ever hear of KISS? Keep It Simple Stupid? Too much crap to load, bogging down the game so NOTHING will load. The time it took me to write this, I STILL cannot get into a game, and can't even back out. Quitting. Maybe I'll try again later. Or maybe I'll just
  14. Oh please. I bet if YOU were getting those hands you wouldn't be complaining. I just played a few games, saw full house after full house. Royal flush, several flushes. You can still win even if those are not your hands. Gotta know when to fold um. Besides, I'd rather see games with nice hands like that then games where players win with total garbage over and over. Those are slow games since no one bets on junk, and those are the most boring games.
  15. Thanks. Still no further word from "support." (so called.) I did write again saying I tried with safari and that too brings up the same form validity error. And I think they are sick of hearing from me now. I'm just glad I never actually spent any money on this game. Doing home repairs, just can't right now but there was a time when I might have. I'd REALLY be mad if I threw money away on a company that doesn't care. As for steam? Hoops... find the game, click play, nothing happens. All I could get were screen shots of the game. Tried again later, and if my life dep
  16. Well hmmmmm. Seems I can't message you at all. My inbox is full?????? I just looked, and no wonder even though I have messages marked to "notify me of replies" I never once ever got any kind of notice. Every other forum I use, and I have been since the 90s, can send a notice TO MY EMAIL. Looks like it's all been landing here in my "inbox." Lot of good that does. Anyway, how in blazes do you clear that? I can't find a delete anywhere. Look, this is just easier. My team name is Poker Slayers. I'm artmakerjen on there. If you wouldn't mind, send the leader a note expl
  17. First, steam. I don't like using it. It's why I haven't in ages. Too many hoops to jump, too much garbage on their site to sift through, and WHY do I want to "install" it again? I don't have to "install" anything to play on the youdagame site. Also... I worked hard to get to the level I'm at. And collect all the hats and rings earned etc. Start all over? What's to say this won't happen again? No. If support won't fix this then I'm gone. Sad... but gone. BTW... I tried the game on Safari. (I honestly forgot about that, stopped using it long ago.) But I tried.
  18. Ok, just tried steam ONE More time. And found the play button for this game. And it will NOT connect. Sends me to this support page. troubleshoot SERIOUSLY???? Well I'm NOT a computer tech. WAY too many hoops here. Pretty sure I always had issues with steam. They expect people to buy new computers and have the latest greatest updates all the time. I don't. And a lot of people don't upgrade every time the wind blows. Every other site on the world wide web works. As long as this is the case, no reason to fiddle with my computer. If it aint broke,
  19. Ok, I set up a steam account LONG ago. HATE IT. But I just tried... I still HATE IT! Found gop3. But all I get are screen shots of the game. Click play and it reloads the same thing. Click chat thinking maybe support? NO, pick a group to chat with. (Haven't been on there in a long time.) I don't know the secret path to actually PLAYING the game. When I click the play button steam launches on my computer. But then NOTHING happens. Besides, back when I first started playing this game, and used steam for the avitar thing, it just didn't play smooth at a
  20. Well I guess I'm gone now. Firefox crashes every time I go to my game page. Still not working on opera, wish I could at least say goodbye to my team. Guess they will figure it out eventually. Very sad.
  21. Sorry but IMHO steam blows wind. Besides I'd give up my score, all my hats, and basically have to start over. I have tried with steam, don't care for it. Also wouldn't the game coding be the same regardless of if it comes from a website (youdagames) or another website (steam) ??? So same code errors would occur no? Invalid form on opera and I looked again at firefox, has more to do with some unity problem than java. I had that wrong. So this game runs off unity then? Somewhere there are code issues. Repeatedly, remember my firefox stopped logging in right after
  22. I know your a moderator, not sure if you have the ear of anyone on the dev team but in case you do... little follow up. Well I finally got a reply from support. In a nut shell I'm not important enough to worry about errors logging in. I tried to reply but it bounces saying "case closed." It's NOT CLOSED! And surely these issues are with the game code since every other website on the planet works fine. Some form validity issue RIGHT after opera auto updated, and we can't fix a form? And though firefox started working with this game again, no clue why, every time I
  23. Thanks, just on a whim I tried it with firefox again. (Which stopped working on firefox about the time Ruby was first rolled out.) I have NOT updated firefox but low and behold the game loaded. now it plays like crap. Takes twice as long just to load. Jerky, repeated short little hang ups. Not at all good. And at some point I will be forced to upgrade firefox. (And then put up with the same auto updates Opera did.) So I was at least able to find and copy my user id. (That really needs to change, gees if someone can't log in they cannot even contact support.
  24. Well this game won't work on firefox, been using Opera just fine. BUT stupid opera auto updates. This last round left the game broken. I tried clearing everything. Cookies, cache, history. All of it. No good. I keep getting the same error. "something went wrong It seems that you attempted login after a long period of inactivity. Form validity has expired. Please try again. If it keeps happening make sure your browser accepts 3rd party cookies or contact support. Well that would be nice IF they put a link to support! yes I accept cookies, always
  25. Oh the thanks after taking your chips, or laughing when you lost a hand.... yea it's kinda nasty BUT.... I look at it as all part of the game. We can't see faces here. Can't see if someones eyes light up when they pick up their cards or anything like that, so the comments are all part of the game. Some people just keep making faces and tossing up SCARED over and over. It's just a distraction. Now I don't do that UNLESS someone did it to me first. Then if I beat them, and they have been laughing at me every time they win, you bet I laugh back. Don't let that bother you. All part of