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  1. Say the new viking hats are SO cool.  I have three now.

    So my question is about those, when playing black jack, the first hand I win I get to see the animation.  But after that?  Nothing.

    If I switch hats, again the first win will spin, after that?  Notin.


    Other animated hats work with every win.  Why don't these?

  2. work my tail off to get to Emerald ANY MORE!!!!!!! Not for a game that dangles neat prizes but when you "win" you don't actually win the prize.   So I will NOT put in the hours needed to "win" a non prize.  NO MORE.


    Copy right off the announcements.

    "Reach the 8th ruby chest to get your hands on the NEW viking hats...."

    I lost count of how many times I got to ruby OR Emerald which gives you your prize immediately, only to get some OLD STALE hat that has already been out FOR MONTHS!  NOT the prize.

    There are SIX HATS pictured right on that announcement.  No way possible to win them all, not like they could run out.

    Many times over I'd contact support and they graciously replaced it.

    BUT then I got a reply that you only MIGHT win a new hat.  NO MENTION ANYWHERE in the announcement that you only have a CHANCE at winning a new hat.   NO CLUE what your odds are.  Clearly they are not very good since I USUALLY get some old thing.


    Last week I won a viking hat.  GREAT!  This week?  No.  Spring chickens.  (At least it's actually spring. But this was LAST YEARS HAT!)

    So.... the only perk to making Emerald is to be one of the first with a NEW hat.   I can't remember the last time that actually worked for me.


    Several people in my team have also complained about this.  One that I know of flat out left.   Great player too.  Disgusted at this bait and switch and I don't blame her.


    This is kinda like going to a carnival, seeing some game with huge stuffed animals for prizes, pay up, take your shots, win... then the guy reaches under the counter and hands you something you might find in a penny gumball machine.  WTF?


    So... if I make it to ruby, I take a break from this game completely.  Oh I'll check in, collect my free stuff, give gifts, but not play.  CERTAINLY no reason to EVER spend real money to replace all the chips I blow playing hard. I'll NEVER pay for a bait and switch.


    Seriously, this needs to be fixed.  New challenge = NEW prize.  Not last years.   Gees. 

  3. Again, telling someone they are unlucky or lucky after winning or losing a hand is a bit pointless.   It's obvious the second the  hand is over.

    Meanwhile, what WAS helpful is displaying how someone won.   Flush, two pair... etc.   The cards all vanish so fast after a hand, sometimes I don't catch what they actually had.   And I'm SURE for beginners this would help them learn the game.  But that's gone in favor of some useless dumb thing.    I'm sorry but game developers need to try actually PLAYING the game they are programing. 

    I'd much rather see more time spent on game additions like perhaps some more shirt/glove options?  Pins?  Regular hats in the shop? nothing new added to any of that pretty much since I first found this game.  This feature is what makes GOP so unique.  Work on the stuff that works and not stupid stuff that does nothing at all for anyone.

  4. wow this forum sure doesn't get much traffic, but I'll plop a suggestion here anyway.


    RE; team chat.

    Can this be divided into two sections?   Automated so in so advanced to... or someone won $$$ on the what ever put that all on one board,

    and keep actual chat on another?   Real messages get buried so fast in a big team with all the BS that honestly no one really cares about.

  5. If anyone cares,

    TWO issues.

    1.  The new Lucky ~ Badbeat   things.   DUMB to BAD idea!!!!!

    First, badbeat is meaningless.  If you got beat everyone will see what you had anyway.  So just stupid.

    But lucky?   THIS gives other players a clue as to how much we were hoping to get lucky, when we bet  on basically nothing than got lucky....  EVEN IF EVERYONE ELSE FOLDED???  Look.  If you want to see my cards, you  have to pay or call and let them play out.   Without calling my hand, those cards stay hidden. 
    THIS IS HOW REAL POKER WORKS!   NO ONE gets to see "ah that player got lucky, bet on nothing, just got lucky."   You want to see my cards?  CALL THE HAND!  Now I may choose to show my cards and sometimes do.   Sometimes I will to show yea I really had the cards so don't feel bad for folding, and sometimes it's so show haha,  that was bs and you bought it...   But it's MY choice to do that.

    Now this dumb game will give people clues?   This is a STUPID IDEA!  NO ONE gets to see my strategy here.   Until now.    Now everyone will see when someone was just hoping for the right cards.

    Really bad bad horrible idea.  Clearly one come up with by game developers who never actually played real poker!



    Next has to do with winning new hats.   I have been consistently winning OLD recycled hats from long ago previous challenges.   First four times support fixed this by giving me a current prize.   But on the fifth round?  Suddenly no.   Now I'm told though we come out with new hats there is no guarantee you will win one.


    But ok, their game, their rules.    I can say this much though, my drive to get to Emerald just to get a NEW hat before most others even see them, is out!

    FORGET ABOUT IT!   If I'm gonna win something everyone has seen, and sometimes MONTHS AGO even, why bother pushing for Emerald?

    No more.  

  6. Thought a follow up would be in order.   Remember my first post?  When instead of a new robot hat I got SPRING CHICKENS in FEB?


    Well... lets see now.  1.Spring chickens,

    2. christmas,

    3. last summers pool hat,

    4. oh the pirate lobster thing ugly hat,

    5. and a robot hat AFTER the next challenge started.   IN A ROW!

    So far... every one of these (but the last)  contacting support got them switched for the new hat that went with the new event.


    Until that last one.  NOW they say "We add new hats specific to each new challenge but it is not guaranteed to get them"


    JUST SWELL!!!!!  WHY?   And what are the odds huh?   ZERO out of FIVE so far. 


    Know what?   I will NOT be working to get to Emerald and get a new hat early ANY MORE!

    The thrill is GONE!  


    Oh I still like the game, and can make it to ruby easy enough if I have enough time, but pushing for Emerald only to win some old, recycled, out of date piece of junk everyone has already seen



    I really don't get why a new event can't mean a new prize EVERY TIME!   It's not like anyone could possibly win them all.  Two come out, you can only get one.   Then it resets and two more come out and you can only get one.

    So what is the big deal here?   WHY would they insist on handing out old stuff?

    What ever, not my site, not my rules.  I guess I'll be happy with their recycled junk but I sure don't have any incentive to push for emerald anymore.

    Really stupid on their part.


    what ever.

  7. Contacting support.... when I try to reply to them it bounces, "issue closed."

    So I start another, copying the issue number and pick it up.

    THIS TIME I got back this...

    "If you would like further assistance regarding this query, please find the email with the subject "Hat, again." or the Conversation ID "550619" and follow up on it."


    So just HOW do I follow up on it when it is closed and any replies only bounce?  Even though the email clearly has a part saying "reply above this line"  as if you can reply.   You can't!


    Do you have their ear?  Can someone please send me a private reply if that's possible?


    I have had in the past high praise for support, but this last round with the stupid recycled hats I keep winning is not praise worthy.

    And all I asked back was this.

    Are new challenges suppose to award the new hats?  Or is it only a chance of winning a new hat, and if that is the case why doesn't it state that in the announcements?  It should.  Your chances of winning are...... percent.   LIke that.

    And now they can't even answer me?  They send me in circles?

    (insert glorious and loud cuss words here.)


  8. We have a problem.

    For the last.... oh, at least 4 challenges, I do NOT win a new hat.  Emerald twice, ruby a few times, I get a new hat but it's an old one.  Christmas, last summer's pool hats... YUCK!  I didn't go for those when they were new because I didn't like them.


    Each time I wrote to support and each time they either replaced what I got with a new one, or even just gave me the new one.  (replacing is fine, not trying to gain extra here.)


    BUT... this last round, one support guy (and I will leave his name out of this, sent in a complaint with it to support.)

    Anyway he came back saying there is no guarantee we win a new hat.  

    WHAT THE HELL?????

    NEW CHALLENGE = NEW HAT doesn't it?

    NO WHERE in the announcement does it say you MIGHT win a new hat, or you MIGHT win an old left over.

    If this is the case, how about odds being mentioned?  They seem pretty stacked since out of's been a few rounds at least.  ALL of the robot session I had to have support fix.  TWICE in the new oriental one now they had to fix.   Suddenly I get it's only a chance you win a new one?


    Then I asked my team and at least one person said same here.  Got another stale summer hat. 


    So please, what is the deal here?    Are we suppose to get a NEW hat?  So write to support when we don't because there is a glitch somewhere?

    OR is this a thing, and if so someone aught to change the announcement AND include what the odds are.   

  9. So I was working on filling my tasks, play at least 10 wins in black jack,  and right away got a notice there is a mission for this.

    Had to hunt for it, (seriously, WHY can't there be a button start Y N?)

    Anyway, I finally found it, started it,  but it is not recording a single win. 

    Gonna fill my tasks and stop.  

    Just an FYI for the few people who look here, might not want to invest in this one.   Seems broken.

  10. Just a quick follow up, with PRAISE.



    Support did email me back, told me the usual clear cookies try other browsers..... (Sorry but that seems to be the go to response for anything anywhere. It never works.) 


    Anyway when I hit reply it bounced, "closed."  GRRRRR

    SO I copied the case number, sent a fresh letter, said in it don't "close" an issue that isn't closed?

    Explained the three browsers I did try, two of which are clear of everything, same issue on all.  (Except firefox crashes trying to use youdagames.)


    SO they answered with a direct link to the game and asked me to try.   Worked BEAUTIFULLY. 

    THEN they said something like oh, ok we will let the devs know to fix this.  


    SO!   All this done inside of a few days, on the weekend no less.  OUTSTANDING!

    We all get that mistakes happen.  Trick is being able to let someone know, they they actually fix it.   PERFECT!


    My youtube account has been "hacked."   According to them, fixed it once after several MONTHS!  They it suddenly got "hacked again."  That was weeks ago.  Still broken.   So there is the difference between great support that actually fixes issues, and a company so huge even FINDING support is almost impossible and once you get through, they are slow and clueless.   


    Your team does a great job.  


  11. Hey, I see no one is actually responding in this forum,  but......

    I complained to support





    Yup they actually took back the spring recycled hat and switched it for a robot hat.

    I thanked them and said please.... for a current event you really should offer the current prize.  Hope that goes to the right suggestion box somewhere.


    Meanwhile sometimes (I do try to not complain too much) but sometimes complaining when something is wrong actually helps.   The wrong got fixed, and perhaps the business sees the error and will improve.

    Ya know I sold crafts online for years.   When ONE customer took the time to complain about the way I wrap my raw polymer clay, how it was difficult to UN wrap, I took a piece of my own and tried, and sure enough.  IT was a pain.   I changed my packing and made it better.    Without someone complaining I never would have known. 

  12. First.... insert a LONG LINE of all CAPS cussing right here............................


    I just won EMERALD for the first time EVER.    And it was tough.   But it's winter, I have a lot of time to do this.  And I love the new robot hats.


    Did I WIN a robot hat?  NO!   Spring chickens.   IT IS NOT SPRING!   It is fjpiaghddding FEB!  I have a foot of snow outside.  SPRING CHICKENS????? WTF?


    This is the second time I worked my tail off specifically to win a new hat but instead I get some old junk pulled out of the dump.

    Last time I got ruby I got the really ugly dog with a rudolph nose.   IN SUMMER!   And I'd never use that poorly designed thing at all.  YUCK.


    WHY can't we win the CURRENT prize and not something pulled out of the recycle bin?

    Or here's a thought, give US some form of choice?   Pick from this group kinda thing?   We might actually get to win stuff we really LIKE?  AND... your developers might get a clue what is a dud to help them put out better stuff in the future.


    Meanwhile my new SPRING hat.   Those were cute, maybe in FOUR MONTHS I  might use it.  


    I feel very cheated here.

  13. Ok, as much as I dislike royal poker, I went enough rounds to win the ring and several spins.

    I don't even SEE those new robot hats on the spin at all.

    So how does one win one of those?

    I can make it to ruby (with MUCH time and effort, it is work.)   But the last time I did all I won was a stupid christmas bent in half dog hat I will never actually use, and it wasn't even near Christmas.

    I haven't tried since.  But is that the ONLY way to win a new hat?

  14. Well that glitch went away all weekend.... just logged on today, and it's BAAAAAACK. 

    TEENY TINY text full of underscores etc.   Raw code showing again.


    That new awards bar?  I see

    loyalty_jackpot_progress_bar_description   (And that's about the only one large enough to see without enlarging the whole screen.)


    Also... something that has been annoying for some time, wish I could post screen shots here.  But after I sit at a table, sometimes, right over the amount of chips I have is some black mark, possibly text, covering the first digit or two of my balance.  It's a mild annoyance but still.  

    And sometimes that happens over some other player at the table. 

  15. There is NO strategy to this.  Everyone thinks they have a great hand and throws all in.  I do win a few but it's no fun this way at all.  Just go all in, lose, try again, repeat... eventually Ill win one but strategy?  Non existent on this game.

    I thought GOP was always looking for ways to discourage all in play?  This CREATES it. 

    Nothing but a  stupid dice game this is.   Just call the all inners, everyone at the table will get a straight, or a flush, or a full house... all great hands.  Just random chance yours will come out on top.

    I really wish for all future events you could somehow give us the OPTION of playing royal or NORMAL.

    My guess is not many would pick royal.  


    Meanwhile, those new hats are totally cool.  I'm losing several tens of millions of chips trying to win one.  


    BTW is gop EVER going to make some new hats for the basic shop?  I have all the ones I like.  Sure wish we had more glove colors too.  And more pins to pick from.

  16. Tech guys, on the youdagame site, there are MULTIPLE code errors. 


    I mean if you look on the right side menu, right under inventory, it should NOT read (in tiny text)



    This is a simple code error, so far I have not played yet but I've seen these occasionally before and it's just page layout stuff.

    BUT... the NEXT TIME someone complains the site won't load or something, please don't start with the clear your cookies nonsense.  THIS is not a cookie error.  Someone left out a tag or put a dot in the wrong place.  

    And no one it appears TESTS stuff.  


    Ok, get out your fly swatters.



  17. So, I revived my account I started through steam, kinda fun being a beginner again.  I don't play that one as much, mainly just got it going so when youdagames goes down (several times now) I have a back up plan.

    Had it in a team, got a gold badge, then changed teams at the beginning of this round of events.  My badge still shows up but I cannot see how many points I have or what I need to advance.  It's just not in the team page at all.

    Will this take finishing this round then it will show up?  Or is this a glitch?


    BTW... I had a hell of a time connecting with the team I wanted to join.  Search didn't work.  Had a friend get the leaders account number to send a private message and that's how I got the invite to move over there.   Searching for teams at all was less than helpful.  I've had that account in two so far, neither one even spoke English.  That should be mentioned somewhere, or searchable.   I'm SURE there are more than a tiny handful of teams available.

  18. In a nutshell?  THEY SUCK!   Everyone thinks they have a killer hand, and throws all in.   I like playing POKER not dice.

    Last time one of these came around I lost millions.  

    This time?   I think I''ll just ignore the stupid thing.

  19. Awards not being registered.  Achievements won come up with a spinning wheel when I try to collect.   Had two just spinning away.  Then thought before I hit the collect button I'd quit the browser, come back and see.   And now my awards are GONE.   I had given out 7 of my 10 gifts.   That went back to 0.  Other stuff I won is showing I never did.    So I'm done for tonight.  

    BTW... several people in my team had the same issue when I asked.   So please don't come back with clear your history and cookies.  (Which I do all the time anyway.)


    Time to find the bug spray.   Or did someone over there have a little too much champagne and kick out a plug?  hahahaha.

  20. So... Today is Dec 14.

    Reading announcements for today all it says is...

    • announcement_body_maintenance_1512


    So what is that??????

    Sure looks to me like someone made a simple website code error.  The "body" part kinda suggests that.  (My code ability is very limited.)


    So... is there a TIME OF DAY we might be aware the game will go down?  So don't start one then?  HMMMM

    And if that IS just a code error.... I would put it to  you folks, this actually shut me out (and who knows how many more) once before when an update suddenly fixed it so I couldn't even get in at all..  

    Code errors happen, I get that.   Lets have a few pairs of eyes actually double and triple check?   OR TEST IT BEFORE ROLLING IT OUT?

    Like perhaps someone could have actually READ the announcement before shooting it out?

  21. Ok, first it's working now.  

    Second NO I HATE STEAM!  Besides I'd lose all my stuff, whole other account on steam.  I don't like using that site at all.

    Lastly, try this site some time.    Your site was down for everyone, not just me.  That's a great site to use to find out if it's a browser, cookie, other issue on my end or if the site is just plain down.   Yours was down.


    But it's up now, who ever kicked the plug must have plugged it back in.   lol.

    Let the games begin!