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  1. Ok, I set up a steam account LONG ago. HATE IT. But I just tried... I still HATE IT! Found gop3. But all I get are screen shots of the game. Click play and it reloads the same thing. Click chat thinking maybe support? NO, pick a group to chat with. (Haven't been on there in a long time.) I don't know the secret path to actually PLAYING the game. When I click the play button steam launches on my computer. But then NOTHING happens. Besides, back when I first started playing this game, and used steam for the avitar thing, it just didn't play smooth at a
  2. Well I guess I'm gone now. Firefox crashes every time I go to my game page. Still not working on opera, wish I could at least say goodbye to my team. Guess they will figure it out eventually. Very sad.
  3. Sorry but IMHO steam blows wind. Besides I'd give up my score, all my hats, and basically have to start over. I have tried with steam, don't care for it. Also wouldn't the game coding be the same regardless of if it comes from a website (youdagames) or another website (steam) ??? So same code errors would occur no? Invalid form on opera and I looked again at firefox, has more to do with some unity problem than java. I had that wrong. So this game runs off unity then? Somewhere there are code issues. Repeatedly, remember my firefox stopped logging in right after
  4. I know your a moderator, not sure if you have the ear of anyone on the dev team but in case you do... little follow up. Well I finally got a reply from support. In a nut shell I'm not important enough to worry about errors logging in. I tried to reply but it bounces saying "case closed." It's NOT CLOSED! And surely these issues are with the game code since every other website on the planet works fine. Some form validity issue RIGHT after opera auto updated, and we can't fix a form? And though firefox started working with this game again, no clue why, every time I
  5. Thanks, just on a whim I tried it with firefox again. (Which stopped working on firefox about the time Ruby was first rolled out.) I have NOT updated firefox but low and behold the game loaded. now it plays like crap. Takes twice as long just to load. Jerky, repeated short little hang ups. Not at all good. And at some point I will be forced to upgrade firefox. (And then put up with the same auto updates Opera did.) So I was at least able to find and copy my user id. (That really needs to change, gees if someone can't log in they cannot even contact support.
  6. Well this game won't work on firefox, been using Opera just fine. BUT stupid opera auto updates. This last round left the game broken. I tried clearing everything. Cookies, cache, history. All of it. No good. I keep getting the same error. "something went wrong It seems that you attempted login after a long period of inactivity. Form validity has expired. Please try again. If it keeps happening make sure your browser accepts 3rd party cookies or contact support. Well that would be nice IF they put a link to support! yes I accept cookies, always
  7. Oh the thanks after taking your chips, or laughing when you lost a hand.... yea it's kinda nasty BUT.... I look at it as all part of the game. We can't see faces here. Can't see if someones eyes light up when they pick up their cards or anything like that, so the comments are all part of the game. Some people just keep making faces and tossing up SCARED over and over. It's just a distraction. Now I don't do that UNLESS someone did it to me first. Then if I beat them, and they have been laughing at me every time they win, you bet I laugh back. Don't let that bother you. All part of
  8. Rabbits on crutches. How did that ever become someones idea of a "lucky" charm???? Sure not for the rabbit.
  9. And my losing streak seems to be getting worse. I can't even get out of flipping bronze which usually takes just a few wins. Lost millions of chips already. I don't know what you did, but it blows wind. I think I'll just log in, spin, say my howdees, collect what I can and lay off this game for awhile. Oh I noticed the spins only give a half hour now. Guess you want people leaving. Ok, to the beach, (the real one) I go. Would love one of those deep sea hats too. But last time I worked my tail off I got a stupid rudolph dog hat which will NEVER be used. Bah
  10. Thanks, oh I know. Streaks blow wind. I like riding the occasional waves much better. Laying low this round, always better luck NEXT time. lol.
  11. I didn't get ANY pirate hats. Well the brown plain one from a ticket, but that's all. I'd love to get one of the sea hats but this time around I can't seem to win a single game. Not going to make ruby this time and every single game I play in the event is a loss. At least in the regular tables I get my chips back and win points for second place. But the event, it's wiping me out. This seems to happen sometimes. What ever algorithm changes happen, sometimes it's just not fun at all. Game after game loss loss loss.... Not even a lousy pair to toss money on. I think I'm
  12. Don't care one way or another about the pot limit. Thing I found is if two or more players have good cards, they just keep raising till they hit all in. Just wastes some time is all. Still I like these events. Even IF I so rarely actually win. Not my favorite tables but I do still play them on occasion. Now if GOP really wanted to set betting limits, that's exactly what it should be. ONE max bet and that's it. Say that max would be a percentage of your current stash of chips at that table. Could be interesting. What ever you guys do I'll try it.
  13. That's a WONDERFUL idea. I'm guessing by starting over we keep all the hats and stuff we collected? Just add a ring and clear the score? Or clear all our loot? Really have to start over? I'd be fine with that. As long as I have the ring to prove where I was. Hope they consider this idea.
  14. Agreed. And this latest round, I worked hard to get to ruby just to get a new hat. What did I get? One of those ugly wrap around dogs wearing rudolph antlers. IN AUGUST no less. I feel like I wasted a lot of time playing poker over and over. I posted another thread asking if we might get a sampling of available prizes and let US pick. So maybe that part belongs in suggestions. (Also still hoping for more gloves and basic hats to pick from. I'd spend some of the gold I win on that.)
  15. Well don't let that title fool ya too much, over all I love this game. BUT.... I worked my tail off to get to ruby last round. Mainly because I want a new hat. So what do I win? An UGLY dog hat with rudolph antlers. THIS IS AUGUST! WHY would ANYONE over there think we would want a hat that is more appropriate around DEC? And a rerun at that. I don't care for ANY of those dog hats where the dog is bent around the center of the hat. (The puppies and kittens are adorable, just not these.) I will still play, but working hard to reach ruby? And I don't think I'll
  16. I'm on an imac, using opera, I CANNOT POST A SCREEN SHOT HERE!!!!! Dragging it over does NOTHING. There is no place I can find that says "choose files." I do have insert image from URL. I could do that if I have to using my own site as a host but would rather not. I have the screen shot though, (a few actually.) But it seems someone already uploaded a good enough one to show the problem. And again, in between hands, just go remove your own pin usually removes both yours and the odd one stuck in my eye in this case. lol. That one moves back and forth too.
  17. Hey there has been a minor glitch going on lately, pins appearing in odd places. Someone elses flag or guns for example will appear say over my dragons eye, or up on top of a hat. AND they move around, kinda like the eye movement animations. Doesn't seem to effect play, and if it happens to your hat, just quick remove your own pin and it seems to vanish. Still thought I should point it out. BTW is there a way to upload a screenshot here without hosting the image somewhere first?
  18. I've been trying to get a friend who plays another game with me to come join BUT no matter what he tries, he just can't get in. Likely he just has an older computer... not much chance of convincing anyone to buy a new computer for this. I play off youdagames and told him that. OR to use steam. He's tried both. This game stopped working for me on firefox back when you first added ruby. I have to use opera now. (this is the ONLY thing I use opera for. Firefox works for everything else.) Something about the code here needs some polishing. Meanwhile I sure won't wast
  19. HEY support had a great idea. I did not know this but you can mute a tab. SO.... even if the game keeps forgetting my settings say off, I can still mute the game and not kill my stereo. Live and learn. I never use tabs myself so this is new to me. Daughter then pointed out yea..... all browsers now can do this. So if anyone else is having the same issue, right click the tab your game is running on and you can mute it right there. Cool huh?
  20. Ok, I will contact support. You might look up my last post and remove it now, I thought this was deleted. My bad, sorry.
  21. Once again, my settings have sound OFF! Lately once again, (I have complained about this before) I have to reload the site OVER and OVER. And even then, I finally get the sound OFF.... a few times now only after playing a game the damn sound comes back ON! I have cleared cache cookies and history (since this is the ONLY site I use opera on, clearing everything is fine.) Sometimes it fixes it, sometimes not. AND every time I clear everything I have to enter nonsense like my age all over. Come on people. SOUND OFF!!!!! FIX your settings so when s
  22. Hey, just got a new foxy hat. BEAUTIFUL. I know I've complained about the dog scratching it's face off, and the owls with sniffy noses, so it's only fair to give kudos when something wonderful happens. The fox is adorable. No sniffing, scratching, odd positions.... just cute as the dickens. Great job. Keep it up. 😀
  23. Well then.... good to know. Getting snowed in here. I see a lot of poker in my near future. SO GLAD I don't have to go out in this slop. yucko. Only downside to Michigan. Winters are too long.
  24. hi, I just realized the ruby hats change. Really wanted the cat hat, or dragon but I guess those are gone now. Oh well. To answer your question though, WHY don't I like the penguin? It's cute actually, I just don't like the cold. (michigan here, too much cold for too long.) I have the snowman too, again, cold... brrrrr. Nothing wrong with it, just my preference of not looking at ice and snow anymore than I have to. There aren't too many hats I don't like. The turkey on the head is just stupid. I'll never use that one. The husky dog, is BEAUTIFU
  25. I FINALLY made ruby. First (and likely last) time. Hard work. Nice treasures but no ruby hat? Got a stupid penguin. I thought ruby paid a ruby hat? yea, not going to go for that again. Diamond I can hit easy enough without this feeling like a job.