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  1. Ok, today, right in the middle of a game, it froze.   And a thing popped up saying "out of memory." 


    Now HOW can a website based game run out of memory??????

    By the time I logged back in again at least several hands were lost.

    What gives?

  2. Hi,

    Sorry I didn't get back sooner, I'm suppose to get notices when someone replies but so far never have. 

    But yea, I got back in the next day I think.  Glad it was a short term glitch.  I really do like this game.



    Now... is this game timing out?   Use to be I could minimize the window and do other things for hours sometimes and come back and not need to log in all over.   But lately when I come back the whole window is frozen.  Forced to quit, relaunch, re log in.... RE remove those annoying buttons at the bottom.

    I don't like it.  Also don't like all the new junk.   That scrolling banner across the top is very distracting and useless.  And WOW the pop ups now.  Getting too pushy.  Pretty sure everyone already knows how to buy extra chips and what not.  Pop ups are about as annoying as those things that fall out of a new magazine onto the floor.  NOT ONCE have I ever said OH HEY I NEED TO GO BUY THAT.   No, they just get picked up and thrown in the trash.  Until I simply stopped buying magazines all together.   Get the  hint?

    Nothing wrong with deals and offers.  I get it, this is a business.   Just stop throwing them in our faces.  GEES after every game one pops up. NO meant NO the first time.

  3. Since you folks changed the banner on top, added more and more ways to ask for money, this game has slowed to a crawl.

    Right now I'm waiting to "connect to server" just to play a game.   Can't.  Opening last weeks batch of chests, every single one brought up a spinning wheel and locked up for a min or so. 

    Ever hear of KISS?   Keep It Simple Stupid?

    Too  much crap to load, bogging down the game so NOTHING will load.


    The time it took me to write this, I STILL cannot get into a game, and can't even back out.   Quitting.   Maybe I'll try again later.  Or maybe I'll just collect spins, slot machine, gifts, then leave.  Hope you sort this out for the next challenge.  

  4. On 10/5/2020 at 3:35 AM, armybeef68 said:

    9 Straights in a Row? Than a four of a kind, than a Royal Flush? Seriously?



    I'd show you pictures but the rip-off artists won't allow you to post pics.




    (Don't even ask about the other games that were obviously a set-up)

    Oh please.  I bet if YOU were getting those hands you wouldn't be complaining.

    I just played a few games, saw full house after full house.  Royal flush, several flushes.  You can still win even if those are not your hands.  Gotta know when to fold um.

    Besides, I'd rather see games with nice hands like that then games where players win with total garbage over and over.  Those are slow games since no one bets on junk, and those are the most boring games.  

  5. 9 hours ago, Goodkat said:


    Not sure how to delete those notifications, they may just dissapear when you click on them and view.

    Okay no problem, I sent a friend request to your team leader, and if they accept I can let them know about your situation.

    Currently you are still on the team, which is good news.

    Thanks.  Still no further word from "support." (so called.)  I did write again saying I tried with safari and that too brings up the same form validity error.  And I think they are sick of hearing from me now. 

    I'm just glad I never actually spent any money on this game.  Doing home repairs, just can't right now but there was a time when I might have.  I'd REALLY be mad if I threw money away on a company that doesn't care.


    As for steam?   Hoops... find the game, click play, nothing happens.  All I could get were screen shots of the game.   Tried again later, and if my life depended on it I couldn't tell you how I found the actual play button.   But it too had an unable to connect error.  (I have played other games on steam, not often but yea I have, it is installed.  I'm NOT fiddling around with un and re installing anything.   IT's why I play on a website instead.  SO much easier.   Until now.   Sure hope they get around to figuring out what went wrong.   I would think an invalid form would be fixable. But I don't know.

  6. On 10/8/2020 at 12:20 PM, Goodkat said:

    Also, if you'd like me to pass on a message to anyone on your team, to let them know you're struggling to get on the game at the moment, I'd be happy to try.

    Just pm me.

    Well hmmmmm.  Seems I can't message you at all.  My inbox is full??????  I just looked, and no wonder even though I have messages marked to "notify me of replies" I never once ever got any kind of notice.  Every other forum I use, and I have been since the 90s, can send a notice TO MY EMAIL. Looks like it's all been landing here in my "inbox."  Lot of good that does.

    Anyway, how in blazes do you clear that?   I can't find a delete anywhere.


    Look, this is just easier.  My team name is Poker Slayers.   I'm artmakerjen on there.   If you wouldn't mind, send the leader a note explaining that I WANT to play, just can't get on. 

    (I actually got booted out RIGHT after starting a game on the halloween balloon too.   Nuts!!!!)


    Thanks in advance.

  7. On 10/8/2020 at 12:20 PM, Goodkat said:

    Also, if you'd like me to pass on a message to anyone on your team, to let them know you're struggling to get on the game at the moment, I'd be happy to try.

    Just pm me.

    First, steam.  I don't like using it.  It's why I haven't in ages.  Too many hoops to jump, too much garbage on their site to sift through, and WHY do I want to "install" it again?  I don't have to "install" anything to play on the youdagame site.

    Also... I worked hard to get to the level I'm at.  And collect all the hats and rings earned etc.   Start all over?   What's to say this won't happen again?

    No.  If support won't fix this then I'm gone.  Sad... but gone.


    BTW... I tried the game on Safari.  (I honestly forgot about that, stopped using it long ago.)  But I tried.  And I got the exact same error I get on opera. 

    "It seems that you attempted login after a long period of inactivity... Form validity has expired.  If you keep seeing this CONTACT OUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR INSTRUCTIONS."




    I got that on opera even though I was JUST PLAYING earlier that same day,

    And now I got that same error on Safari, and I don't think I EVER played using Safari.


    I do keep trying, in hopes that someone over there gives a hoot.  But no.  Seems no one does.


    I'll message you with my team name, thanks.

  8. Ok, just tried steam ONE More time.   And found the play button for this game.   And it will NOT connect.

    Sends me to this support page.



    Well I'm NOT a computer tech.   WAY too many hoops here.   Pretty sure I always had issues with steam.   They expect people to buy new computers and have the latest greatest updates all the time.   I don't.  And a lot of people don't upgrade every time the wind blows. 


    Every other site on the world wide web works.   As long as this is the case, no reason to fiddle with my computer.  If it aint broke, don't fix it.

    Only this game got broke and on two browsers now.   It's on their end.   Broken form on one browser, unity and java errors on another.  Now that one just crashes.

    It's on their end, THEY need to fix it.  I can't.   Again, oh well.  This is like losing a loved pet.  Can't bring it back.  I'll be sad, then will move on.

  9. Ok, I set up a steam account LONG ago.  HATE IT.   But I just tried...

    I still  HATE IT!  

    Found gop3.   But all I get are screen shots of the game.  Click play and it reloads the same thing.  Click chat thinking maybe support?  NO, pick a group to chat with.   (Haven't been on there in a long time.)

    I don't know the secret path to actually PLAYING the game.  When I click the play button steam launches on my computer. But then NOTHING  happens.  


    Besides, back when I first started playing this game, and used steam for the avitar thing, it just didn't play smooth at all.   There was another reason I left steam and tried today just to remember what.   Seems not even FINDING the game to play would be a big one.


    Biggest problem with switching to steam now?   I'd lose ALL my hats, my score, my chips, my team, all of it.   It's a whole other account it seems.  I think I was only up to level 16 or something before I left and started playing on youdagames.


    I miss this game.  Really I do.   But if support doesn't think this is worth fixing, then that's that. 

    And because their contact form requires a user id in order to send, and you have to LOG IN to get that, my guess is there are a lot of people having problems that they never learn about.  I have one friend who plays on another game with me who tried.  He can't get in on any browser OR steam.  (He actually spends money on that other game. Probably would on this one too but can't even get on.)


    I keep trying with opera HOPING they fix the issue.   But no.  "Form validity expired."  

    And no one at support can tell me how to fix this?  Or why can't THEY fix this?

    I will have to update firefox at some point soon.  I want my daughters help first.  She can back up the version I have just in case the update brakes stuff.  (Which they ALWAYS do.)

    So maybe when this happens I can play again.   Probably be removed from my team by then.  Surely gonna miss out on the halloween event.


    They flushed me away.   Oh well.   Nothing is forever.



  10. 14 hours ago, Salvo GOP said:

    Howdy Artmakerjen! I'm sorry to hear that. I'll do my best to forward your case to one of our support agents. In any case, I would recommend you to play GOP on Steam ( You'll have a smoother game experience and better graphics as well.

    Well I guess I'm gone now.   Firefox crashes every time I go to my game page.    Still not working on opera,   wish I could at least say goodbye to my team.

    Guess they will figure it out eventually.


    Very sad.

  11. 8 hours ago, Salvo GOP said:

    Howdy Artmakerjen! I'm sorry to hear that. I'll do my best to forward your case to one of our support agents. In any case, I would recommend you to play GOP on Steam ( You'll have a smoother game experience and better graphics as well.

    Sorry but IMHO steam blows wind.    Besides I'd give up my score, all my hats,  and basically have to start over.   I have tried with steam, don't care for it.


    Also wouldn't the game coding be the same regardless of if it comes from a website (youdagames) or another website (steam) ???

    So same code errors would occur no?    Invalid form on opera and I looked again at firefox, has more to do with some unity problem than java.  I had that wrong.   So this game runs off unity then?   Somewhere there are code issues.   Repeatedly, remember my firefox stopped logging in right after ruby.   Now it works.   I never updated it or changed anything on my end.   Game code is the only thing that could have changed.


    I think your programmers fouled something up.

  12. On 10/2/2020 at 4:52 AM, Salvo GOP said:

    Howdy ARTMAKERJEN! We are sorry for the issue you have encountered. You can reach out to our Support Team by sending an email to There's no need to remember you GOP user ID as long as you can provide basic info about your account. 

    I know your a moderator, not sure if you have the ear of anyone on the dev team but in case you do... little follow up.


    Well I finally got a reply from support.   In a nut shell I'm not important enough to worry about errors logging in.  

    I tried to reply but it bounces saying "case closed."   It's NOT CLOSED!  And surely these issues are with the game code since every other website on the planet works fine.   Some form validity issue RIGHT after opera auto updated, and we can't fix a form?

    And though firefox started working with this game again, no clue why, every time I launch the game I get some long winded java script error message.  BUT click OK and the game seems to work.   Horridly, slow, jerky, but at least I can play.  At least until some game upgrade breaks it again.

    As for the opera issue and not being able to log in, contacting support REQUIRES your user id WHICH YOU  HAVE TO LOG IN TO GET!

    So how many people NEVER get logged in or even signed up and support will never know about it?  (I have at least one friend who can't and gave up trying.  We both play on another game site and he actually spends money on that one.  So lost customer right there.)

    I tell you this much, no  matter how many pop ups you blast in my face when I do play asking for me to buy this that and the other,


    So I play free until such time as errors block ANY access to this game.  It's ok, though this one is my favorite poker game in the internet, I have MULTIPLE other sites bookmarked.   I'll simply make a move when this one breaks for good.

  13. Thanks,   just on a whim I tried it with firefox again.   (Which stopped working on firefox about the time Ruby was first rolled out.)  I have NOT updated firefox but low and behold the game loaded.


    now it plays like crap.   Takes twice as long just to load. Jerky, repeated short little hang ups.  Not at all good.  And at some point I will be forced to upgrade firefox.  (And then put up with the same auto updates Opera did.)


    So I was at least able to find and copy my user id.    (That really needs to change, gees if someone can't log in they cannot even contact support.  It's beyond stupid.)


    Also I found instructions from some clever computer guy on how to block further opera updates until I DECIDE to update it.

    So if this ever gets fixed, any future failures will be on your end.  (As it was with firefox with your ruby update.)

  14. Well this game won't work on firefox, been using Opera just fine.  BUT stupid opera auto updates.  This last round left the game broken.

    I tried clearing everything.  Cookies, cache, history.  All of it.  No good. I keep getting the same error.


    "something went wrong

    It seems that you attempted login after a long period of inactivity.  Form validity has expired.  Please try again.  If it keeps happening make sure your browser accepts 3rd party cookies or contact support.


    Well that would be nice IF they put a link to support!  

    yes I accept cookies, always have.   Again this game worked fine just last night.   And this morning.  (GOD how I detest updates!  Wish I could disable auto updates on opera.  But no. They shove them down peoples throats like it or not.  Breaking most of what you use it for.)



    I was looking forward to halloween events too.   My favorite holiday.




    Ok, so I found support at the bottom of the main page BUT.....

    It wants my USER ID which can be found in settings AFTER I LOG IN SO I CAN SEE SETTINGS!!!!!

    Now what nit wit came up with that brilliant idea huh?   

    Any other way to find that?

  15. On 8/29/2020 at 5:09 PM, Yamagata said:

    I do not understand why people think that saying "Thanks" is insulting to the people that lost after you win a hand.  I say thanks for saying, "Thanks for Playing."  What I find more insulting is people laughing at me after taking my money.  Why do we have that as an option?  Do you not find that more insulting and un-sportsman like than "Thanks?"  It is all a matter of interpretation.  

    What I do now is just mute the conversation with people that do that rather than have people laugh at me for taking my money.  Once you laugh at me after taking my money, mute goes on.  If you are getting upset by what people are saying, you should just mute the conversation. 

    What I find ridiculous are the people that lose and laugh at me for winning, like losing 5 million in chips is a laughing matter.  I work hard for my chips.  These laughing guys, t think are crazy.  But, I will take their chips if they are going to give them to me and they can laugh all they want. 

    When I play, I play the percentages.  When I get a 2 7 hole cards, i fold the hand.  I sit and fold hand after hand until I get an ace or two to a straight and or flush pair.  That is why I liked the auto reply option, "only getting bad cards."   Since that is no longer an option, that is what I have on que as a paste in the comment section.  That is my solution.  If you have a trite saying, just have it ready to paste in as a comment.

    Oh the thanks after taking your chips, or laughing when you lost a hand.... yea it's kinda nasty BUT.... I look at it as all part of the game.  We can't see faces here.  Can't see if someones eyes light up when they pick up their cards or anything like that, so the comments are all part of the game.  Some people just keep making faces and tossing up SCARED over and over.   It's just a distraction.   Now I don't do that UNLESS someone did it to me first.  Then if I beat them, and they have been laughing at me every time they win, you bet I laugh back.   Don't let that bother you.   All part of the game is how I look at it.   And face it, some people are more respectful and others can be jerks.   Also part of the game.  What little actual strategy we have access to here.  And sometimes that actually manages to rattle someone into throwing all in or some silly thing.   I find that hilarious. 


    I kinda do wish we had more choices for gifts.   Tissues are the best we have when someone is whining too much.  Or a lolly pop.  A nice little turd would be fun to toss, (yes some people deserve a turd for a gift.) 

  16. On 8/29/2020 at 5:17 PM, Yamagata said:

    What, those are rabbit feet?  How do you think I feel?  I thought they were cats paws.  I feel much better now.  They are not cat paws, but rabbit feet.  Thank you for explaining.  I feel better now.  I can tell that annoying person that laughs at me and says that he is sending me cat paws, that he is wrong and they are rabbits feet.  I feel better now.  I do get upset when he sends me the cat burgers.

    Thank you for this post.  I feel better now.

    Rabbits on  crutches.   :(  

    How did that ever become someones idea of a "lucky" charm????  Sure not for the rabbit.

  17. And my losing streak seems to be getting worse.   I can't even get out of flipping bronze which usually takes just a few wins.  Lost millions of chips already.

    I don't know what you did, but it blows wind.   I think I'll just log in, spin, say my howdees, collect what I can and lay off this game for awhile.


    Oh I noticed the spins only give a half hour now.   Guess you want people leaving.   Ok, to the beach, (the real one) I go.

    Would love one of those deep sea hats too.   But last time I worked my tail off I got a stupid rudolph dog hat which will NEVER be used.

    Bah.... time to walk away for awhile I think.





  18. I didn't get ANY pirate hats.   Well the brown plain one from a ticket, but that's all.

    I'd love to get one of the sea hats but this time around I can't seem to win a single game.   Not going to make ruby this time and every single game I play in the event is a loss.     At least in the regular tables I get my chips back and win points for second place.    But the event, it's wiping me out.

    This seems to happen sometimes.   What ever algorithm changes happen, sometimes it's just not fun at all.  Game after game loss loss loss.... Not even a lousy pair to toss money on.    I think I'm done.   Diamond again.   I'll never see emerald.   And if the prize is a dated hat for a holiday MONTHS away, phoey.  Not worth the effort.

    Bummed.    But I do have good rounds, maybe next time.

  19. Don't care one way or another about the pot limit.   Thing I found is if two or more players have good cards, they just keep raising till they hit all in.   Just wastes some time is all.


    Still I like these events.  Even IF I so rarely actually win.   Not my favorite tables but I do still play them on occasion.


    Now if GOP really wanted to set betting limits, that's exactly what it should be.  ONE max bet and that's it.  Say that max would be a percentage of your current stash of chips at that table.   Could be interesting.  


    What ever you guys do I'll try it. 

  20. On 6/26/2020 at 5:00 AM, Yamagata said:

    Okay, I just did a poll of the 8 friends that are at level 210.  I am told by 4 of the 8 that they already asked GOP3 and they were told that 210 is the maximum level and that is it.  One of the level 210 people said that they would like to have a ring for reaching Level 210.  Then, we could be set back to level one.  That way we could then see who can collect the most Level 210 rings.  What about that? 

    That's a WONDERFUL idea.   I'm guessing by starting over we keep all the hats and stuff we collected?   Just add a ring and clear the score?   Or clear all our loot?  Really have to start over?   I'd be fine with that.   As long as I have the ring to prove where I was.   Hope they consider this idea.

  21. On 8/6/2019 at 7:27 PM, Yamagata said:

    I posted elsewhere in the forums, there are old looking dogs that wrap around the hats that look like they are licking their butts when the wearer wins a hand.  I just find that gross.  There is another dog that keeps scratching himself and it make me itchy just watching him.  I even comment and say, "Stop the scratching, it is driving me crazy!" 

    Agreed.   And this latest round, I worked hard to get to ruby just to get a new hat.   What did I get?  One of those ugly wrap around dogs wearing rudolph antlers.  IN AUGUST no less.   I feel like I wasted a lot of time playing poker over and over.   I posted another thread asking if we might get a sampling of available prizes and let US pick.

    So maybe that part belongs in suggestions.


    (Also still hoping for more gloves and basic hats to pick from.  I'd spend some of the gold I win on that.)

  22. Well don't let that title fool ya too much, over all I love this game.

    BUT.... I worked my tail off to get to ruby last round.  Mainly because I want a new hat.

    So what do I win?   An UGLY dog hat with rudolph antlers. 

    THIS IS AUGUST!   WHY would ANYONE over there think we would want a hat that is more appropriate around DEC?

    And a rerun at that.   I don't care for ANY of those dog hats where the dog is bent around the center of the hat.  (The puppies and kittens are adorable, just not these.)

    I will still play, but working hard to reach ruby?   And I don't think I'll EVER make Emerald.   Not happening this round.  


    Can I make a suggestion to the designers of this game?    How about offering up maybe a small sampling of hats and let US pick which one we want?

    For that matter same goes for all the other prizes.    Tierras.   Seriously?  YUCK.   Rabbit foot keyrings.   I hate those things.  Rabbit's feet look better ON the rabbit.

    Cigars?  PEEUUU.  

    Why not say you won X number of gifts from X column.  (Some being worth more than others.)   And let US pick?

    I love all the drinks.   Tissues are fun to hand out when someone is whining about losing.  BEER.   Never enough beer to go around.

    Like that?   It might also be a way for your designers to see what is popular and what might be ready for retirement. 

  23. On 4/2/2020 at 7:07 AM, Salvo GOP said:

    Howdy Artmakerjen! 🤠 Thanks for reporting this potential issue. Could you please provide a screenshot and tell us what's the device and platform you are playing on?
    Please note that you can attach any screenshots by simply dragging your images files to the chat box or by choosing "choose files..."



    I'm on an imac, using opera, I CANNOT POST A SCREEN SHOT HERE!!!!!   Dragging it over does NOTHING.

    There is no place I can find that says "choose files."  

    I do have insert image from URL.   I could do that if I have to using my own site as a host but would rather not.

    I have the screen shot though, (a few actually.)   But it seems someone already uploaded a good enough one to show the problem.

    And again, in between hands, just go remove your own pin usually removes both yours and the odd one stuck in my eye in this case. lol. That one moves back and forth too. 


    not sure if it matters but I play off youdagames site. 

  24. Hey there has been a minor glitch going on lately, pins appearing in odd places.   Someone elses flag or guns for example will appear say over my dragons eye, or up on top of a hat.   AND they move around, kinda like the eye movement animations.


    Doesn't seem to effect play, and if it happens to your hat, just quick remove your own pin and it seems to vanish.

    Still thought I should point it out.


    BTW is there a way to upload a screenshot here without hosting the image somewhere first?