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  1. Need more hats and gloves/shirts    LOVING changing mine all the time. 

    Kentucky Derby was just run... how about some Derby like stuff?  Extra large hats, mint julips to hand out.  Maybe a hat with an animated horse track around it.



    Gardening hats.   Veggies, fruits, crops, just dirty yard caps. 


    So many ideas.  Put your graphic artists to work here.



    It's just a game. Chips are free.  Unless your nuts enough to buy more. Going all in may be a stupid way to play but there is no real loss here.  If this irks you so much, your right, find something else to do.   Frankly I like this one.  (Love all the hats.)  Got a ton of poker sites bookmarked, this one is my fav.   And when luck is sour, time to log off and do something else. Btw, I have no clue why this is locked in caps.  I can't find a setting to fix this.  I'm not shouting, just the stupid forum.


  3. I agree, the new dog hats are pretty gross.  The mouths are just wrong.  Dog jaws do not hinge all the way back to the eyeball.  And every one of them looks like they are licking their butts.  


    I don't know about the birds having "orgasms."  They are dancing... still the constant moving around all while playing is a little distracting.  (They are cute though.)

  4. Requests;

    I have several, feel free to answer any or all, anytime ok?


    1.  PLEASE give us a way to add an image by our names OTHER THAN Facebook (which I will NEVER touch... ever.)  Or Steam (which just sux.)

    In YOUDAGAMES there should be a way to add an image.   It's not a difficult thing.


    2.  LOVE all the adorable hats.  Need more.....  Keep it up. 

    3.  What about some new shirts?  And pins? 

    4.  This may be part question part suggestion but... HOW can we find a player if not in our friends list and not  in our same team?

    Reason I ask, I'm only a rookie in a team.   Played someone (few times now) who is pretty good, and not in a team so thought I'd invite. 

    Well I'm prevented from doing that since I'm not an officer.   So we first friended each other, I contacted our leader, who asked his name, but it seems there is no way for the leader to search for someone by name.  (at least I can't see any way to do that.)  So I then contacted him and asked for him to look at my profile, find our team and apply.

    This all seems kind of a round about way to do something so simple as letting the two players communicate but there is no way to connect them.

    I play another game (unrelated to this but with teams and players just the same) and there IS a place to type a players name and locate them, contact them.  And when needed, block them.   ALL of this should be part of THIS game too.

    I would actually get a few more people to sign up but making it this difficult to communicate, what's the point?


    5. I would LOVE to see some tables (might be best at least for beginners here.) where there is a min bid AND a MAX bid allowed.  I'm so sick of players who just dump all in all in all in all in.... Great if you have unlimited wads of chips but not so much for those just starting out.  This would require a bit of actual skill.  Not just random chance or hoping to scare off all the other players.  It gets old fast. 


    6.  I'd LOVE to be able to SEE who is waiting at a table BEFORE I decide to join or not.   I ended up sitting with the same jerk three times in a row once.  Even changed tables hoping to lose the guy but no.  Probably just coincidence he happened to plop down in the same place I did but dang. I finally just left the game. 

    6. B  How about a way to BLOCK a player for the reasons above.  If a blocked player is at a table, it would not be possible for me to sit at the same table.  And if the same player gets blocked by enough of the population, maybe they need to go.


    Nuff for now.....  thoughts?

  5. I have a question...

    WHAT is the point of all the gifts, like milk, cake, lips, beer, etc etc etc......  I can't for the life of me figure out IF it does anything? It  COSTS to give it out. (found that out the hard way.)  Some batch of hearts or something flies up into my level bar when someone gives me something but I have no clue what that means.   So the junk just sits in my inventory forever.   I think it's stupid.  (cute, but stupid.) 

    So... is there some benefit to giving or getting any of this stuff?  (much rather have chips myself.) 

  6. Yea I got in, could not log into my game though, probably used a separate address for steam.  I set up a new player through steam but can't pick a user name.  It automatically takes what I signed up on steam with which doesn't fit in your game's alloted space so it just looks stupid.

    Listen, steam blows.  I actually found the little smiley doo dads, just didn't notice the tab they are in. But it's not a steam thing, it's in the game and they work fine now that I know where they are.  (I do wish the comments, emojis etc were easier to access during game play.  Kind of a pain where they are.) 

    I'll let the steam account go.  They aren't worth the headach. 

    (IE I got some mystery error notice just installing steam.  Then tried a few free to play pinball games, one played one time then got another error and they won't load.  Posted two topics in their forums and got snarky replies that "This has already been discussed."   Swell.  Where?  ANSWERS? 

    NO answer from their support what so ever.

    No, I'm done with steam.)


    By the way, some people have pictures by their user names.  Any way to upload one through the game?  And NOT through steam?

    If not there aught to be. 


  7. On 2/8/2019 at 4:55 AM, Ines said:

    Hi @Kobix998, unfortunately, our game isn’t supported for all Apple devices anymore. With the last update, Apple stopped the compatibility for some of the older devices with its Compiler Software(XCode). iPhone 5S is one of them. You can play on Facebook Gameroom, Steam! Thanks for your understanding! :) 

    Sorry but I need to correct you one one point.  

    copy;  "our game isn’t supported for all Apple devices anymore."

    Ok, it's NOT the device that has to support a game.  It's the GAME DESIGNERS that need to program a game that works across all platforms.

    Otherwise it's kinda like a store, who WANTS people to come in and shop, posting a sign, welcome everyone wearing brown shoes.  Everyone else take a hike.

    Stupid huh?  


    Personally I don't play games on my phone.  It's a phone.  But people obviously do, so don't throw away good customers.



    Meanwhile no one has answered my questions here at all.  

    Lack of support will also send customers packin.

  8. HI, new to this forum, been at this game awhile (been playing on line poker for some time though, just not here.) But I LOVE this set up and all the options. 

    And I know someone complained about obnoxious hats, hey it's all part of the game.  And they are funny.  If distracting your opponents is what your after, again all part of the strategy.  Just like juggling your chips at a real table.


    The timer is fine as is.  I know some want faster, some want slower, so if you want to add "turbo" or longer times fine.  But I'm quite happy with it as it is.  I play on another site (guessing naming it would be a nono) but they have a timer too, only the darn thing most of the time doesn't work.  Someone with a slow connection for example, you can sit there for minutes.  Yours never does that. 

    LOVING all the hats and pins and such, wish there were more to pick from.  Are new ones added very often?  How about more variety?


    Suggestion  though,  First off SOMETIMES a player posts a face icon, say a crying one, but I don't have those.  I was told "steam."  Well the steam version blows wind. (Full screen I cannot seem to reduce.  I usually play cards while watching youtube or something, can't do it on steam so to heck with it.) 

    But aside from the little cutsie faces, there are a few pre written lines of text.  NOT what I'd want to say, like nice hand, I don't have that.  I have "are you serious"  Which I NEVER use.  It's stupid.    how about an option to write some of our own. 

    BTW I read how saying "thanks" after winning a hand might be rude.  And yea sometimes it is.  (As is laughing when you beat someone.)
    But again, it's all part of the game.  I've played a few jerks to use the chat to post "scared?" and other such nonsense, trying to rattle the other players.  Just all part of the game strategy here.  Short of posting death threats or real vulgar stuff, who cares?  A simple mute option by a players name would solve any problem there.  Be nice if when that player posts they could see that maybe everyone at the table has muted comments. 


    Finally the chat here really stinks.  I have to click it several times, then it covers part of the table, and all while the game is going.  Surely a small chat box somewhere instead of pulling out a separate window could be done.  And again, muting players be easy.  


    BTW.. just an FYI I particularly love the sit and go games.  Go ahead and go all in and when you lose, your gone.  Not just keep reloading over and over.  I tend to leave those kinds of tables fast.  No fun at all.  But sit and gos are the best.  (need more!!!!)

  9. Hi, just found this forum, been playing for a while, love the game... but got one question, and comments/suggestions.


    First, some players post those little smiley faces or make pre written comments that I do not have. I asked and all they say is STEAM.

    So ok, I have a steam account, set it up ages ago and never use, but I went and re ignited it, found this game.... but.

    HOW or CAN I actually log into this game through steam and get into the same account I have (through youdagames.)  Or do I have to start over?


    And IF I do have to start over, set up a new user name and all that,  what's to stop me (or anyone) from playing both accounts at the same time?

    Unfair if both land at the same table.  (Which may not even happen, it's not like we get to pick who we play against.) 



    And that brings up a few comments for the developers here.

    I wouldn't mind getting my daughter signed up IF we could both play at the same table.   But that doesn't seem possible.  I play poker on other sites, some it's random like here, and some you can SEE who is at what table and play what ever players you want to play against. 

    Is that possible and I just don't know how?   Or not possible?  Ever will be or NEVER will be???


    Lastly the chat feature in the game blows wind.  It's hard to access, (I usually have to click it several times) then it pulls out and blocks the table. 

    how about a chat window off on the side, or in the corner or something so players can talk to each other?


    OR.... if your opposed to that, how about a way WE can custom make our own pre done comments?   I'd much rather have a "nice hand" than "are you serious"  If we had an option to make up a few of our own and save it so they are one fast click in, that would be awesome.