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  1. uncaught range error maximum call stack size exceeded javascript
  2. i get a unity error error - exceeded java script i tried both firefox and chrome
  3. with this new 7 day format - how does a player change teams without losing eligibility for a week? If we change before the challenge is over than we will lose out on the prizes. And if we change after the challenge is over and after we collected our prizes - than the new challenge automatically starts with us still being on the new team. Im Guessing the answer is to switch right after taking the prizes but before we get a single point on the new team? would be nice if you made it clear so we know for sure...
  4. i won the new anniversary $5m buy in spin n play but it doesnt register in the daily point and i dont get those 5 points
  5. elon For the most part i agree with you. i found it particularly interesting that somebody was able to negotiate a deal with gop to buy alot of chips. It simply never dawned on me. I do think that busted billionaires buy more than you think. btw - gop has roughly 4100 vip +. I know this because im standing at 990m and am at 4140 or so. The overall consensus on my team is that ruby isnt worth the effort. The question is will they play for diamond or will they just quit altogether?
  6. Elon im lost in your logic. On the one hand you state that traffic is up. On the other hand you predict that unless changes are made - it will be inevitable the gop will crash and burn. This is puzzling? Im not sure where exactly GOP makes most of its $ from? Is it the new player who joins and spends $25 or $50 and than quits? Or is repeat customers? Or is it the billionaires who went bust? I would think that this is the main factor in terms of what drives gop? Traffic on its own is not that important.. Ironically - even though i sort of am confused by your logic
  7. You have it posted that ' You can still get FREE XP Doubler Tokens with Seasonal Spins, Daily Activities, on Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond Tickets!' I think this is a huge mistake! You yourself admit that double tokens are no longer all that valuable. Heck - i have over 200 of them. So if i played for hours and hours and got a diamond tix and than 'won' a 60 minute double time token - i would feel very cheated. That would make me say the heck with it. I bet most players would feel gipped. Seriously -you should rethink it. Personally i think its unfair to have the token
  8. radiant? May I ask you a simple question? Do you think that the programmers and developers of GOP have a right to make a decent living for their efforts? GOP is a business - just like a casino is a business. But unlike a casino - GOP actually gave an insane amount of free chips to players. You behave like they owe you the free chips. Well - they dont.
  9. as a player who loves real poker - and than joined the flow in switching to bingo - i have to say thank you! I hate bingo. I would get to diamond in 2 hours or so - and felt that i didnt earn a thing. 90% of my hands i didnt even see what i had or what the opponents had. Everytime i read how somebody complains that GOP just wants us to buy chips - i think to myself that the complainers are nuts. For one thing of course GOP wants to sell chips. They need to make a living! But truth be told - i always thought that GOP was giving away way wayyy too much. I took a nick during th
  10. a few months ago i complained that you have a team called 'thirdreich' and of course you (still) didnt do a thing about it. I guess that wasnt blatant enough for you admin to decide that it crosses the lines of decency. Than i complained that you have a player called 'gas the jews' on a team called romanya - but apparently that nick is also within the boundaries of good taste for you people. Than you have a team with 'hitler' in the name. i have an israeli flag on my profile - which is basically an open invitation to be cursed at. After being told numerous comments like 'hitler loves you'
  11. you can find the reward chest in inventory - in the chest section. Its the section section
  12. m not vip + (i have 500m) and i agree with you about the ultra spin. I misunderstood your earlier post. I thought you meant that the bronze/silver/gold is helpful. Im not knocking gop since its all free rewards and thats great - but once you get to vip and especially vip + , rewards less than 100k is just a waste of time
  13. rudy - you are vip+ and you can 'use' the bronze and silver spins particularly after losing $100m? Hmm, lets do the math. Suppose you span 60 x bronze and won an avg $15k each spin (which is high estimate) and span another 30 silver and won on avg $25k (again a high avg) and than you span 15 gold and won $175 k per spin (again - a high avg) lets add it up fist lets add the time you spent spinning 12 seconds x 60 spins = 12 minutes 12 seconds x 30 spins = 6 minutes 12 seconds x 15 spins = 3 minutes all together its 21 minutes that you spent just spinning. Not play
  14. i got a bronze. Woo Hoo! Now all i need is 9 more bronze and i can get a free silver! And than all i need is to get (and spin) 90 more bronze and i will have 10 silver! Than i can spin the 10 silver and get a free gold! So why complain? After all "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" and all i had to do to earn the 'first step' was to log on and play for 40 days. They ask so little and give so much! and for that i am grateful 😁
  15. you are missing the point BIGJ - you think we notice that you are playing slow? Not a chance. We are playing 4 tables simultaneously and when a player decides to play slow it simply gives us a chance to look up things like out team points or get a drink. The posts above are correct. Stop thinking of team play as poker. It isnt. Its an action game where you are trying to accumulate 10k points in under 2 hours - without losing any $. This of course is unlikely to happen - but to get to 10k in under 3 hours is really easy and on avg i lose 2 million or so. I play 4 tables of 100 k spin n pl