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  1. No, 30.000.000 is correkt. "The total bet gets divided by the amount of paylines, then multiplied by the values below." So you must calculate: 100.000 / 5 * 1500 = 30.000.000
  2. MeOne


    20 Millions of chips and this is the last level, it doesn't increase any more.
  3. Yes, but when this issue is not solved until Thursday, they will not get the chests.
  4. This means you will solve this issue in some weeks?
  5. And especially cruel is that they can not leave their team and found an new one
  6. INES, this is a very urgent support case. Some teams can't play the challenge and you give us a 7th chest, that's unfair to the affected teams and players.
  7. We tested it at steam, android and web and the same error occurred.
  8. Very disappointing service of GOP ...
  9. Hello, is there any GOP developer in the universe?
  10. Please help immediately, one of the teams is "Gespenster"
  11. Some teams get a message when try to enter team-talk: SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE The team service is not available at the moment. Please help them.
  12. Also in my opinion, it is unacceptable that there is only one Mega Spin in the 6th chest. Put an Ultra Spin or at least 2-3 Mega Spins in the 6th chest.
  13. But be aware, that these are not your chips. Your amount of chips does not decrease when giving.
  14. The most players i know, have lost more money, than they get back from the chests. First they played heads up, they got more gold from the chests, as they needed and all was OK. Then the costs were doubled and now the most lose their money on a blackjack table with 500k stakes. I think the whole table-hopping problem, could be solved easier, when they would implement a brake of 2 or 5 minutes, before you can join a new table in the same casino. Most players who changes often and quick, wants to get a lucky streak at a table. I tested this more than 10 times with royal poker, at the
  15. But what is the benefit of faster challenge completion? No one wins more then the other. Only to wear the newest hat earlier? Or to win the 2x 700k before the others? To be fair the thresholds could depend of the amount of members: 50000/35 57000/40 85000/60