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  1. yes i am asking for worse odds because i don't believe everyone deserves a trophy so i don't need altered odds on my side, the push only applies in the case both players have blackjack not just a tie. turns out i am wrong about standing on 17 but i don't think it justifies your passive aggressive response. while we're on the subject most blackjack tables irl allow more than 1 player as well...
  2. I noticed that the blackjack tables don't operate the same as they would in the real world and i don't like it. A. The house always wins, "push" shouldn't exist. really I don't care about this one. B. The house will always hit if there is room to and they are going to lose anyways. I shouldn't see the dealer sit on a 17 when i have 18, because in the real world they know either way they are going to lose but they could hit a 2,3, or 4 and still win so why wouldn't they hit. Please apply your consideration to these issues as i feel they are diminishing to your franchise.