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  1. Hello, I want to play a game of Would you rather...? GoP3/Poker-Related. You answer the question of the poster above and give a reasoning if you want and then ask your own gop3 related Would you rather question with 2 possible answers. Would you rather: Pay 1 million chips for nothing or Pay 2 million chips for the chance of winning 14 million if your AKo (Ace+King offsuit) beats AA on a random board (or 7million if its a split pot)? If you care the Equity of AKo vs AA is 6,83% I hope you are down to play this game together and wish you all good luck a
  2. 1) how about Just don’t double or split when dealer has an ace? That the dealer is not checking for a blackjack at all is an advantage for the player because there is no push possible when you have blackjack. 2) in some blackjack-Softwares the dealers hole card is shown after the player busts in others not. It’s a useless piece of information anyhow, because you don’t even know if the same card that busted you would’ve come off if you didn’t draw or the outcome of the hand is just fixed. Gop3 allows for several Blackjacks after splitting aces wich combined with 1) would give t
  3. There are daily activities now so I don’t think they will increase rewards even more in future calenders... The rewards were good allready, now there is more and you ask for 150m guaranteed a year additional (if you buy without an offer that’s over $500 in chips...)
  4. Pls give us an „open all“ or „open 10“ option for the tickets that shows the spinning animation not more then once and then the rewards in quick succession. Opening all the tickets one by one takes too long and it should be fun to open them not a pain
  5. Thx for the list! I watched rounders and Casino royale and 21 another ok poker movie is 2007s Comedy „The Grand“ with Woody Harrelson. It has phill hellmuth, Negreanu and other famous players of that time but it doesn’t take the topic poker too serious so it might be disappointing in a way for some
  6. I guess this is a troll post, this doesn’t explain much at all and there are several mistakes... If you want to play blackjack a good way get a chart from the Internet and Play according to it. But be aware the deckshuffle in GOP3 blackjack is not totally random (this is easy to tell as there is no push possible when you make a Blackjack and you can hit several blackjacks with 3:2 pays after splitting aces wich would give the player an edge over the house playing with optimal strategy)
  7. Id like heads up tourneys or cashtables for the big stakes. id also like the player-search feature and a possibility to take notes on players and/or mark them with one of several colors. maybe a premium subscription with some chips daily, the note/ color system and some preflop stats (fold%/call%/raise%/reraise%) that are only collected automatically when you are playing in the hand with a player and only on Vegas+ tables, would be something that makes the efforts worth it for you too financially
  8. Hello, when i have diamond chest unlocked in the team challenge and then change to another team, that has all 8 chests unlocked allready, do I get the rewards from the 8 diamondchests in the new team? thanks a lot for your answer