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  1. 10 days passed and the account did not appear ... Can I recover the money I bought with the chips the day the account disappeared? I put 150 euros for chips on that day
  2. contact us in the game,mail,forum,orangegames,5 moderators on facebook....and nobody does anything ??? no one responds ???is terrible...we do not regret it if we do not get a lot of real money in the it so hard to return my account ???do I need to pay someone to recover my account?
  3. 5 days and no answer for my account ... I have sent mails, I posted on facebook ... no one responds .... I regret that I spent a few thousand euros on this game and so long lost ... the money gets into their pockets and no one deals with the problems
  4. I have level 81 and I always log on facebook, today I bought 150 euro chips, and when I log in I have lv 1 and 0 chips ???