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  1. Here are some suggestions: as many others have requested: after the end of a hand the default should be to hide the cards and not show the cards. The top would be a parameterization in the options just for fun it would also be interesting to have a statistic of: Biggest pot lost the animation to open a ticket is really too long, it is also true that the rewards are quite low and therefore it is hardly worth even opening the bronze ticket or the silver tickets. At least can we have the possibility to open them massively. what about an implementation of a vendor to change tickets or tokens? something like: 10 bronze ticket -> 1 Silver ticket 10 silver ticket -> 1 Gold ticket 10 Gold ticket -> 1 Mega spin token 25 Mega spin token -> 1 Ultra spin token It would also be nice to have the possibility to exchange tickets for wild cards for Sit & Go. I would prefer to give players the chance to win by playing poker and not turning the wheel of fortune. An example can be: 2 bronze tickets: Horseshoe Arena wildcard 2 silver tickets: pair of boots Arena wildcard .. 10 Mega spin tokens: Spin Tower wildcard also add wildcard access as rewards for tickets or tokens on android in the team chat the message is sent even if you don't click on OK but also off the virtual keyboard, this makes it possible to often write broken messages if you communicate while playing maybe it's a stupid thing, but how come players can only have white skin?