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  1. Try to find your ultra spin in the column for chests next to inventory .(in the inventory menu)
  2. As nobody seems to care about this issue,i'll try to find an explanation. Rudie you said more of your team members, Do you use your pc as a platform to login in this game? ( cause i have the same problem )
  3. I notice that you add in team leaderboard a new column for most successful teams in team's challenges. Although i agree with that update , i believe it is unfair that you will give a 1st (diamond) throphy to the first 10 teams in that column .I mean , as the feature of team's throphy working for almost 2 years now, it seems important ( at least for me ) to seperate the team's most money earned throphy from the team's most xp gained throphy. So i recommend to create a diamond throphy icon in the team's throphy gallery , near to the regular diamond throphy icon , just for the team challenge p
  4. hello i have to mention some game bugs and suggest some ideas for the game i believe that the sit'n'go leaderboard is wrong cause they count only the profits and not what one player lose. for example if someone plays 3 times in a sit'n'go tournament with buy in 1 mil and he won just one ,he will appear in this leaderboard with 2.5mil earnings instead of 500mil that actually won. so i wonder if these wrong earnings transfer to teams leaderboard and i am suspicious that the team hard aces won all these throphys cause of this bug also, the check/fold button is not so stable . i mean if
  5. It would be nice to add a leaderboard of most chips ,xp or throphys and every player would have a ranking . it will increase the competition