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  1. Just some thoughts, and recaps of ones i've already seen just for emphasis. 1. The Hats. Goodness Gracious the hats. Love them. But now it's kinda lost it's cool/charm. Definitely a Hat Upgrade is in order. On the SIMS series of games, if you purchase furniture, or appliances, rather than selling it, it allows you to "archive" it, or "put it in storage" for future use. Maybe a big ole hat box. 2. Sending Chips needs to be easier and more substantial. 100 chips is only enough to get you into Blackjack (I think). So possibly increase the send amount, and a "send all" option.
  2. First of all, best game EVER!!!! I have accumulated quite a few Hats and am wondering if there is a way to delete some or at least make my hat area more manageable? Second, I use FB Gameroom when not on mobile and notice something odd. Everyone else I know who uses FB Gameroom has a FULL SCREEN option next to the GOP3 logo in the right hand side of the window. I don't. I have a "Take snapshot" option. I don't want that. I want the fullscreen option. I think this may have something to do with how my account was set up as in all of my other FB Gameroom games, the Fullscreen optio