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  1. I think your UserID is the same as your "Friend Code" at the top of your Friends List. As far as I can tell that's the only UNIQUE identifier that is easy to find, and they can use it to look up your acct. I think I've seen something else that could be called a UserID but that may have been something that popped up in an error message long ago, and I can't see any way to call it up from the menus. Use the "Friend Code". It's unique to each player. It's enough.
  2. When I spin a 10th Bronze ticket to complete the bar, it shows the 10 boxes complete, shows the Claim Ticket button, and displays the animation of adding a silver ticket, but my Silver ticket count doesn't increase. I've kept my eyes onpen for this, because I have observed it SEVERAL times before in the past week. Each time the Silver didn't register, I quit spinning them, hoping it was just a temporary glitch. It doesn't seem to be. I don't recall seeing this happen with higher level tickets. I have no idea why. But it happens pretty commonly on bronze tickets and should be easy for you to replicate.
  3. Nevermind. The Golden Piggy pop-up now says it expires 9am Central European Summer Time (UTC +2). Thanks
  4. When does the current Gold Piggy Bank token expire?
  5. Just FYI, you can turn off hat animations in "Settings". I keep it off 99% of the time, only occasionally turning it on out of curiosity about newer hats. I do, however agree with you about the recent dog hats. Their anatomic proportions are off, in the faces and elsewhere; even their snouts are curved. Good idea, but the execution, though artistically aestethic, bug me. The older dog hats were less clever/fun but more realistic. I rather liked them. Then again, I don't care for the current "wading pool" hats. The cartoon pig, alligator, etc are grotesquely bloated. I wouldn't like being forced to look at (semi)naked bloated people in inflatable wading pools at the tables; animals are no better -- but that's just my personal taste.
  6. The timestamps on private messages change, usually between GMT and GMT+4. Sometimes it stamps the newest message with one timezone, sometimes the other. I've been seeing this for a while on new message, but I recently noticed that when the timebase for the latest Pm changes, the times on old messages change retroactively. This suggests that the timestamps are stored in the database in one time, but at least some servers are interpreting it according to their local time (GMT+4 runs from Moscow south to the Middle East). This should be an easy fix. It's also a good idea to have any server's system time set to GMT. It rarely makes a difference, but it can glitch updates and has been know (historically) to cause network issues, esp in cascading failures. It's not worth the hassle, IMHO, so I set all my servers to GMT. Each user account can set their local timezone, if they so choose. If you don't run the servers directly, you could just set GoP to use a fixed "local time" vs the system time.
  7. As a VIP+ who doesn't buy chips (okay, I bought an inexpensive hat package when I first started, but it was October, leading up to Halloween), I don't doubt their claims of a fair RNG. I'll admit that I saw some SERIOUSLY improbable-seeming patterns my first month or two (e.g. consistent patterns of specific PP vs PP pairings), so I know where ppl are coming from, but what I've seen in the past year and a half in poker corresponds well with what I'd expect, when you adjust for the high percentage of ppl who play long shots. (isn't that what hurts most? Ppl don't complain as much when beaten by a better hand that had them outranked from before the flop -- well SOME do, but they're SO CERTAIN that their (semi)bluffs are SO CLEVER that there must be rampant cheating. I LOVE playing against ppl like that) I was making a specific technical suggestion for something that can happen if you apply a 52-card algorithm to a 6-deck boot. If you don't SPECIFICALLY KNOW what the modulo-, index-, and other bugs can arise in a Fisher-Yates when you change the number of cards, then my original post would be meaningless to you. If they say they've checked that, I believe them. It would be relatively easy to check/fix, There's always one winner per hand, barring a tie. The rest lose -- i.e. 4-8 ppl lose every hand. There are MANY players facing you. If each is only "lucky" one hand in ten, you need to play sharp to stand a chance. The hands where you have ALMOST the "nuts" (the best hand) are the ones where you bet most and lost most for any tiny misjudgement. The odds are already so consistently in GOP's favor after rake that cheating would be 10x the effort for little reward. Those odds/rake are why casinos using physical cards instead of RNGs make money hand over fist. Are you such a great player that you know you'd win against eight ppl who will foolishly play every hand that looks good, even knowing that most of them will lose in the long run -- but not before stealing amny hands you expected to win. If so, play for real money instead of pretend chips. I'm NOT great (though I played profitably for real money in the early days of online poker, when it was legit for USAns to play, I've studied enough to see gaping holes in my play). I'm only fairly proficient. I made a few million (sometimes small losses, some time bigger wins) week after week, slow but steady, and took over a year to reach 1 Billion chips, playing the mid-levels, and capitalizing on team bonuses. I would have been pounded flat if the numbers didn't work the way I expected them to -- the way statistics say they should. The same goes for most of my teammates.
  8. "Random" does not mean what you think it does. It does not mean that every displayed possibility is equally likely. It means that a) no player is favored over another; b) the selection of any given outcome is independent of anything the player does; c) other biases are eliminated. Read the Gaming Commission rules for slots in the most highly regulated Cash jurisdictions, like Las Vegas. I specify slots because essentially all slots today are digital, and only well-vetted software/algorithms are permitted by the Gaming Commission. Individual machines are routinely removed from service by the GC, which then analyzes the software it is actually runnng. Sometimes discrepancies are found, but those are heavily penalized AND result in more slots being removed/analyzed/penalized from that venue, which is seriously unprofitable for the casino. Every regulated jurisdiction in the US (I haven't read foreign laws) says the same thing: 1) it is completely permissible for different outcomes to have different probabilities (if you doubt that, quit playing because you're going to wrongly think that you SURELY came close to winning the MAIN JACKPOT in every long day of play, but you probably never came close once. Just look at how often ANY player (out of millions playing thousands of slots) ever wins a Main Jackpot. Or how often you have. Or anyone you know); and 2) once an outcome is generated by the random number generator, it may be DISPLAYED as any sequence of symbols that has that value. Sure, a casino could display every lost spin on a five-reel machine as three middle-fingers, an ass-mooning, and a giant EFF YOU, but where's the profit in that? They keep more players playing longer by displaying three cherries, a MEGAWIN, and a OHMYGAWD YOU NOW OWN LAS VEGAS AND ALL PROPERTIES?HUMANS THEREIN. Total cash value:0 -- because you don't have any 5-in-a-row matches. In other words, the law says 1) You're completely allowed to make the $1,000,000 jackpot 1,000,000x as rare as a $1 payout (or !00,000,000x as rare or 5,000,000,000,000x as rare) or even make a $1 payout 10x as rare as a total losing $0 payout -- as long as the odds are the same for everyone; and 2) Any displayed outcome that is worth $0 (or $1 or $10 or $1,000,000) is interchangeable with any other result of the same value, so you can display whichever of those equivalent outcomes you chose: 4 GIGAWINS and a fart = two lemons, two cherries and an angel.
  9. I'm happy to clarify: Traffic is indeed up. My point is that, with startups, the changes that lead to their demise oftem begin when things are good, and seem to be getting better. Then when the bottom line is impacted, there' precious little to no time to make adjustments, and it is often not clear what changes to make. Having made a series of choices that led to the crisis, it's easy to feel committed to a given direction, when you need to not just roll back the last change, but several changes before it, as well.That seems like too much, but by that time, there's no time to experiment. That's just something for GoP to consider. I admit it is difficult to wrestle with. Few startups manage to do it successfully. While Youda/Orange undoubtedly considers itself a going concern (with good reason), rather than a startup, GoP as a game (and many online ventures) are vulnerable to online challengers and changes. I have no direct knowledge of GoP's revenue stream, but reasoning from general business principles, the revenue stream is ALMOST CERTAINLY from repeat chip buyers. It's axiomatic that acquiring new customers is much more difficult/expensive than retaining existing customers, and one longterm buyer results in multiple, generally larger purchases, where most new customers [harder/expensive to acquire] will only generate one or two, generally small, purchases. Billionaires are a non-issue. MOST Billionaires don't buy chips. They don't need to. As far as GoP is concerned, they have one effect (and it's good for GoP):they sequester billions of chips that would otherwise be circulating among the other players. Billionaires don't play all their chips, they only play the top of their stacks. I estimate that there are 2500-3000 billionaires, sequestering 4-5 TRILLION chips. I can't accurately estimate the overall pool of GoP chips in circulation. Meanwhile most new players aren't as good at GoP (which is not the same as being good at poker). Substantial play adjustments are needed to consistently win at GoP, due to this game's structural elements, which I may describe in a separate thread. Consider: most chip purchases are comparable to the cost of going to a movie (US prices) maybe taking a date or family -- well within most monthly entertainment budgets. The dirty secret is that GoP profits from bingo play. It stirs the pot, encourages chasing, fuels big loss streaks that consume weeks/months of steady gains, and runs chips through the rake attrition (every time 100 chips are played, 5-6 disappear to rake; after a 100 chips is played about a dozen times, it's ony ~50 chips, whether you won or lost. It's just so slow that you don't notice) I have known a FEW Billionaires who secretly purchased large amounts out of ego, as their game declined, they went on tilt, etc. (IMHO, this hastened their spiral) I even know of individuals who negotiated special prices for larger purchases than generally offered. But such individuals are rare, compared to the 10,000s of reasonably regular players. They do not contribute a large percentage of revenue, and are likely to eventually tap out. They also don't harm other players [except through annoying wild play] because they are buying because they are LOSING. The chips they buy end up in their opponents' stacks. , that applies to everyone. Even when a high VIP/VIP+ player goes slot-crazy and spins away all their chips, it's only reflected as a decrease in the overall chip pool, not in company revenue. (I have seen this at least 3 times on my team -- the first time, which was shortly after the slots were introduced, involved a player who spun away 13 Billion, chasing a large early loss and spurred on by occasional but insufficient huge wins. Slots are pernicious,) But there's a peril in being the largest, most convenient place to PLAY -- but not to win. I won't go through the plethora of possible legal/technical changes and possible competing strategies. I'll just say: people abandon a bad poker room QUICKLY when a better one opens. Especially on the Internet, where The Newest Hotness is just a click away.
  10. Actually, my point was that there are numerous (subtle?) structural reasons why GoP is STRUCTURED to ENCOURAGE bingo players and all-in, and to suggest ways to transition to more reasonable poker, which will inevitably become necessary. Don't bother threatening them with "everyone leaving". If you check the Steam traffic charts (I assume the Steam client is reasonably representative of the other clients, like Facebook and the GoP HTML server), looking at June (to control a large number of other variables, such as vacations, academic year, outside weather/activities and holidays) you'll see this pattern in the number of players: June 2016: avg 159; peak 285 June 2017: avg 195; peak 363 June 2018: avg 328; peak 637 June 2019: avg 493.5; peak 990 I'm sure that the management is acutely aware of their usage figures. Ranting based on your personal wishes and subjective experience isn't going to be productive. I lead a successful, often Top-50, team myself, and though half my loyal longterm player-friends have quit recently (and a similar fraction at a few major changes in the past), I don't expect my team's experiences to matter much compared to overall game traffic. I assume that, with all the money and staff paychecks on the line, they have had at least a couple of genuine experts designing the pay of the game. There are HUGE structural factors encouraging bingo/all-inners, and they are clearly designed that way. They are designed for fantasy play, NOT based on the corresponding rules/rates at real cash sites or poker rooms, where they would never be tolerated by people who feel a real pinch in their wallets (C'mon, where on earth do BEGINNERS play thousands or more per bet? For example: the initial SB+BB/Stack ratios at S'n'G start you relatively short-stacked and get rapidly worse at higher levels. The bet time limit leaves barely sufficient time to think AND use the slider to precisely craft a bet with the clunky slider (under optimal local conditions, ideal player device interface precision [touchscreens don't qualify], and all players at ideal physical ability), FORCING players to use the pre-set buttons, which essentially turn the game into "Pot Limit Hold'Em plus an All-In option". Given that, it's no surprise that "all-in" becomes the "nuclear option" for many. It's inevitable. Don't get me wrong. The game IS beatable though the well-disciplined application of some modest skill (bingo players are bad players) but who plays to exercise their discipline? I do, but I don't blame anyone who doesn't find that fun. The fact is: I'm not a particularly good TXHE player(indeed, far from the best on my own team) but I've managed to climb steadily to the VIP+ Billion chip level. I'm sure MANY of you are better than me. Yet though my chip accumulation is increasing, the game isn't as fun for me as it was. It will always be more fun for those who don't know (or care) any better. When I leave GoP (despite the convenience of online play which hasn't been legal for cash play in my US state for over a decade) GoP won't care. I'll be playing at local cardrooms and a casino that just opened nearby. It won't be a big jump for me: 15 years ago, I played Omaha High profitably at the many online sites that once served the US. Back then I played Omaha because I sucked at Texas Hold'em. GoP 1-3 helped me learn TXHE -- so thanks for that. But if there's one thing I've learned from many years of entrepreneurial ventures and startups, it's that the causes of eventual failure are generally discernible from first PRINCIPLES --but invisible to the PRINCIPALS (sorry for the pun) involved in daily operations and planning, until it is too late. The seeds of destruction are taking root even while success seems burgeoning. Ultimately, you rarely have years to fix things. Things go south fast. That's why most start-ups, even successful ones that garner !00Ms, usually fail suddenly and HOPE to be bought/dismantled/shut down. GoP taught me TXHE. I hope to return that favor. I doubt they'll listen. Any student of startups has seen it 1000 times. It's the stuff of business school case studies at Wharton and Harvard. But that's my intent. I have nothing to whinge about.
  11. Look, I don't have any reason to believe the blackjack shuffler is broken. I played blackjack a little when I first started ~1.5 years ago. It seemed fine. Haven't played since. However, some of us were talking about all the complaints about it -- maybe they mean as little as the complaints that the poker is rigged (If it is, it's rigged in my favor, and I'm fine with that.) So I started thinking, what's different between blackjack and poker? The most obvious answer is the 6-deck shoe in blackjack. It's easy to have index-, modulo-, etc- bugs (or some combination of these and other bugs) in a given Fisher Yates implementation. I'm sure you ran some LONG test samples of the 6-deck output and statistically analyzed its distributions, but in case no one has looked at it in a while and there have been any code changes, I thought I'd mention it.
  12. I don't want you to think I'm bashing GoP, Youda, Orange, etc. I'm trying to provide a viewpoint that seems to have been overlooked and make constructive suggestions to improve the POKER experience. 1) I suggested Limit and Pot Limit Hold'Em. I realize that these don't typically generate the chip flow/turnover of NLHE, but they could, if you only institute them at the higher venues (Vegas, The Strip -- maybe something modest in Gold Rocks as an intro). These betting forms are more resistant to all-in mania. DISCLOSURE: I don't personally play these forms, but many people find them less threatening and "dangerous" to their stacks. This lets them focus on their play. 2) Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) are probably the most popular form in live casinos/poker rooms. People will drive to a venue to play a tournament who wouldn't make a trip for a cash game. The WSOP and other major NLHE competitions are MTTs. I fully agree that cheating and chip dumping were real issues in the Big Win, and one that should concern every Big Win player, but for every cheater, there were 1000s who enjoyed them. It' a very different game. I feel that you could dissuade cheating by other means vs, simply shutting down all the MTTs. Among such changes: make them a once-a-day (or less) event with a single buy-in (no rebuys) vs the old back-to-back (often nearly continuous) separate BigWins at each level with unlimited re-buys flatten the payout structure so the Top Winners don't collect such giant payouts but more people get a reward worth pursuing, create several smaller tournaments (e.g. named after Texas cities) rather than one giant tournament and only allow players to play ONE of them on any given day, creating smaller tournaments/reward pools and makinging any cheating "local" vs. "global". Change the form of rewards, as well as the reward structure; e.g. instead of big cash rewards, top winners could win trophies which they could display OR cash for chips. Most would keep them for bragging rights, which would actually deflate the outstanding chip pool. I wouldn't, of course, suggest doing all of these at once. These are just a few ideas from a few minutes' thought. I'm sure you could come up with many others. Each of these should be implementable by extending/"rebranding" features already in the software. 3) You have Heads-Up poker, but it is exiled to its own little ghetto. It's not readily visible to most players browsing the tables unless they (know to/think to) go looking for it. Instead of having a chip buy-in, it requires gold coins. You could do something more withthe existing heads-up software instead of exiling it to the hnterlands like blackjack (which doesn't belong in a poker room, IMHO). Consider how prominently you are pushing slots (another non-poker game), making them impossible to ignore, and essentially REQUIRED to spin. Doesn't Heads-up Hold Em, a legitimate form of POKER that you have ALREADY IMPLEMENTED, deserve better than that? With a few changes in game structure (e.g. not just the existing HU Challenge), rewards and placement, HU could have a real place in the GoP poker ecosystem.
  13. I doubt anyone at GoP/Youda/Orange is old enough to remember the cheap gimmicky off-strip Vegas motels of the 60s/70s. I was only 5 years old myself when I visited one. (Don't ask how old the hooker was) Back then, it was a common gimmick to spin for everything. There were banks of slots as you left the luggage area. Checking out of you motel? Eating at a nonfancy restaurant? Checking in at the airline ticket counter? It wasn't uncommon to spin for a prize (usu a small discount or upgrade). I don't know why they were everywhere. Maybe there were a lot of surplus mechanical slot machines that they couldn't use anymore. Maybe it was just a psychological marketing ploy. Maybe the casinos even supported it to get you in the gamboooool mood. While I'm sure you have thought your plans through carefully to "maximize the return" of your reward dollar by encouraging wishful thinking vs. solid rewards, I feel obligated to remind you that you'll never limit the heedless all-inners [aka "bingo players") that you claim to be concerned about, when you steadily move EVERYTHING towards random luck. Ever since you introduced the slot machine last year, you've been trying to FORCE us to play slots and EMPHASIZED random luck. WE ARE POKER PLAYERS. Poker is a game of skill (with an element of luck). When you login, you frequently are offered a free spin. To get bonus (x2) point time, you spin a slot every 4hrs. You can also do daily activities, but slots are on that list too. What do you win for Team challenges? Various types of spins! Super Spins, Mega Spins, Ultra Spins, Bronze tickets, Silver tickets, Gold tickets, Diamond tickets, Ruby tickets -- if nothing else, it bespeaks a lack of imagination. Spins are easy. Meanwhile, you've steadily stripped down the poker options due to "cheating". No more multitable tournaments. No more per hand-credit at single table tournaments. No more private/invitation rooms. I agree that there were cheaters, but these were among your most popular options, POKER options -- all now gone. What's been added? Variations on the same-old plus higher stakes. No other games but No Limit (Royal is just an easily implemented variant). Sure, programming Omaha might be a serious project, but Limit or Pot-LImit Hold'em should be easy to do. You already have the buttons: just remove "all in" and change or eliminate the slider. DRAW poker with require a little change in the mechanics, but you've had years to implement it, and never even considered any variants. Instead you added blackjack and slots. It's beginning to look like you aren't even thinking POKER at all And now All-inners are THE SCOURGE (as cheaters once were), and you're changing the structure to fight them -- and once again throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Less poker, more random spins only encourages the "pray and play" you CLAIM to oppose. If you want to run a slot parlor, just go out and do that. It's certainly 1000x easier to program a slot machine, and takes far less staff to run. But no, you probably shouldn't. About a million other sites have been doing this for decades, spending almost exclusively on marketing vs anything else.
  14. Let me guess: it's "The Condiment" [not their real name, but everyone who knows them will understand) She's been doing this for years. Maybe she's hunting ppl on her sucker list. There are other nefarious possibilities, but I don't think she's nefarious, and I don't want to give others ideas. Others know her play better. The good news is, based on my few interactions with her, if you're solid at the game/table you're playing, you don't need to worry much. She;'s just a bit aggressive.
  15. I don't think that was his point at all. His point was that a diamond ticket shouldn't win you a reward that is a fraction of what you ALREADY get for free on any day of routine play. Every day, you can get three 30m x2 from free spins, one (more likely two) 15m x2 from playing that 90min of free x2, and maybe a 30min. That's a reasonable expectation of 120-150 min of free x2 bonus time every day if you play three short sessions spread over the day or 30-45 min of x2 on every day that you just pop in once and play for half an hour. I hope you can see how spinning a Diamond ticket and getting a bonus doubler wouldn't feel like a reward but rather like a Bad Beat. Who wants to be rewarded with Bad Beats? Your current system of granting additional bonus time with increasing daily activity is definitely a good way to encourage, reward and "bring fun" to the casual player. Diamond chest players are a bit beyond casual. 10K points equals many hours of play per week -- a lot for a hobby. Now, to be fair (just so you don't think I'm bashing you), you may be looking at the overall prize spread, including teams that don't make many chests. But I'd argue that a Diamond chest represents a significant investment of time for that individual, even if their team only earns 2-3 chests. I wouldn't want to push the MVPs or top players of casual/friendly/community teams to leave for 8-chest teams. That's no fun. It's more fun to be on a team with people you know/enjoy.