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  1. I think your UserID is the same as your "Friend Code" at the top of your Friends List. As far as I can tell that's the only UNIQUE identifier that is easy to find, and they can use it to look up your acct. I think I've seen something else that could be called a UserID but that may have been something that popped up in an error message long ago, and I can't see any way to call it up from the menus. Use the "Friend Code". It's unique to each player. It's enough.
  2. When I spin a 10th Bronze ticket to complete the bar, it shows the 10 boxes complete, shows the Claim Ticket button, and displays the animation of adding a silver ticket, but my Silver ticket count doesn't increase. I've kept my eyes onpen for this, because I have observed it SEVERAL times before in the past week. Each time the Silver didn't register, I quit spinning them, hoping it was just a temporary glitch. It doesn't seem to be. I don't recall seeing this happen with higher level tickets. I have no idea why. But it happens pretty commonly on bronze tickets and should be easy fo
  3. Nevermind. The Golden Piggy pop-up now says it expires 9am Central European Summer Time (UTC +2). Thanks
  4. When does the current Gold Piggy Bank token expire?
  5. Just FYI, you can turn off hat animations in "Settings". I keep it off 99% of the time, only occasionally turning it on out of curiosity about newer hats. I do, however agree with you about the recent dog hats. Their anatomic proportions are off, in the faces and elsewhere; even their snouts are curved. Good idea, but the execution, though artistically aestethic, bug me. The older dog hats were less clever/fun but more realistic. I rather liked them. Then again, I don't care for the current "wading pool" hats. The cartoon pig, alligator, etc are grotesquely bloated. I wouldn't l
  6. The timestamps on private messages change, usually between GMT and GMT+4. Sometimes it stamps the newest message with one timezone, sometimes the other. I've been seeing this for a while on new message, but I recently noticed that when the timebase for the latest Pm changes, the times on old messages change retroactively. This suggests that the timestamps are stored in the database in one time, but at least some servers are interpreting it according to their local time (GMT+4 runs from Moscow south to the Middle East). This should be an easy fix. It's also a good idea to have an
  7. As a VIP+ who doesn't buy chips (okay, I bought an inexpensive hat package when I first started, but it was October, leading up to Halloween), I don't doubt their claims of a fair RNG. I'll admit that I saw some SERIOUSLY improbable-seeming patterns my first month or two (e.g. consistent patterns of specific PP vs PP pairings), so I know where ppl are coming from, but what I've seen in the past year and a half in poker corresponds well with what I'd expect, when you adjust for the high percentage of ppl who play long shots. (isn't that what hurts most? Ppl don't complain as much when beaten b
  8. "Random" does not mean what you think it does. It does not mean that every displayed possibility is equally likely. It means that a) no player is favored over another; b) the selection of any given outcome is independent of anything the player does; c) other biases are eliminated. Read the Gaming Commission rules for slots in the most highly regulated Cash jurisdictions, like Las Vegas. I specify slots because essentially all slots today are digital, and only well-vetted software/algorithms are permitted by the Gaming Commission. Individual machines are routinely removed from service by t
  9. I'm happy to clarify: Traffic is indeed up. My point is that, with startups, the changes that lead to their demise oftem begin when things are good, and seem to be getting better. Then when the bottom line is impacted, there' precious little to no time to make adjustments, and it is often not clear what changes to make. Having made a series of choices that led to the crisis, it's easy to feel committed to a given direction, when you need to not just roll back the last change, but several changes before it, as well.That seems like too much, but by that time, there's no time to experiment.
  10. Actually, my point was that there are numerous (subtle?) structural reasons why GoP is STRUCTURED to ENCOURAGE bingo players and all-in, and to suggest ways to transition to more reasonable poker, which will inevitably become necessary. Don't bother threatening them with "everyone leaving". If you check the Steam traffic charts (I assume the Steam client is reasonably representative of the other clients, like Facebook and the GoP HTML server), looking at June (to control a large number of other variables, such as vacations, academic year, outside weather/activities and holidays) you'll se
  11. Look, I don't have any reason to believe the blackjack shuffler is broken. I played blackjack a little when I first started ~1.5 years ago. It seemed fine. Haven't played since. However, some of us were talking about all the complaints about it -- maybe they mean as little as the complaints that the poker is rigged (If it is, it's rigged in my favor, and I'm fine with that.) So I started thinking, what's different between blackjack and poker? The most obvious answer is the 6-deck shoe in blackjack. It's easy to have index-, modulo-, etc- bugs (or some combination of these and other b
  12. I don't want you to think I'm bashing GoP, Youda, Orange, etc. I'm trying to provide a viewpoint that seems to have been overlooked and make constructive suggestions to improve the POKER experience. 1) I suggested Limit and Pot Limit Hold'Em. I realize that these don't typically generate the chip flow/turnover of NLHE, but they could, if you only institute them at the higher venues (Vegas, The Strip -- maybe something modest in Gold Rocks as an intro). These betting forms are more resistant to all-in mania. DISCLOSURE: I don't personally play these forms, but many people find them less th
  13. I doubt anyone at GoP/Youda/Orange is old enough to remember the cheap gimmicky off-strip Vegas motels of the 60s/70s. I was only 5 years old myself when I visited one. (Don't ask how old the hooker was) Back then, it was a common gimmick to spin for everything. There were banks of slots as you left the luggage area. Checking out of you motel? Eating at a nonfancy restaurant? Checking in at the airline ticket counter? It wasn't uncommon to spin for a prize (usu a small discount or upgrade). I don't know why they were everywhere. Maybe there were a lot of surplus mechanical slot machines t
  14. Let me guess: it's "The Condiment" [not their real name, but everyone who knows them will understand) She's been doing this for years. Maybe she's hunting ppl on her sucker list. There are other nefarious possibilities, but I don't think she's nefarious, and I don't want to give others ideas. Others know her play better. The good news is, based on my few interactions with her, if you're solid at the game/table you're playing, you don't need to worry much. She;'s just a bit aggressive.
  15. I don't think that was his point at all. His point was that a diamond ticket shouldn't win you a reward that is a fraction of what you ALREADY get for free on any day of routine play. Every day, you can get three 30m x2 from free spins, one (more likely two) 15m x2 from playing that 90min of free x2, and maybe a 30min. That's a reasonable expectation of 120-150 min of free x2 bonus time every day if you play three short sessions spread over the day or 30-45 min of x2 on every day that you just pop in once and play for half an hour. I hope you can see how spinning a Diamond ticket an