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  1. elon

    Questions & Answers

    As I understand it, in S&G you only get credit for the TABLE chips you win in each hand, not the 1st/2nd place jackpot you win at the end of the table. Since everyone starts with 3000 table chips, which they win/lose back and forth, a first place winner will get credit for at least 12,000 chips (unless someone walks away from the table) and possibly up to 2-3x that amount if there are big swings during the table, esp at the end.
  2. elon

    How are points rewarded in sit-n-go?

    I'm curious about this, too. The answer should be given here.
  3. elon


    All of my team is having this problem. We'd usually have 1000+ponts by now, but we only have 30, despite many wins all around. (we're scrambling to figure out who got those 30 and how.) I personally won twice in Kings Crown -- got the chips but no points!
  4. elon

    Feature requests

    Currently, when all remaining players fold to you [i.e. there is no showdown], the default is "Show your cards". In any real casino or poker room, the default is "Hide your cards". There's an axiom in poker, "you have to pay [i.e. call/bet] to see". This is alluded to several times in the Official rules of the Poker Tournament Directors Association Either change the default to "Hide your hand" (if no showdown) or add an optional setting "Hide hands if other players fold". [on/off] You can (and probably should) keep the option you currently display after each showdown. VOLUNTARILY CHOOSING to show [selected] hands is real part of poker strategy/psychology. However the current behavior of "show by default" is wrong per poker rules. CITATION: Poker Tournament Directors Association Rules (search the rules for "pay to see" and "paid to see" to see speciffic example of this principle.
  5. elon

    Questions & Answers

    One of the features listed for the latest update is "Removed Dellaware" What is Dellaware?
  6. elon

    Unable to login again

    I experimented with allowing various exceptions and several other security tricks thst are beyond the scope of the average player. I didn't spend too much time on this because I play on Steam, which isn't affected. The problem is on the GOP3 servers. I don't think there's anything you can do, except play on the Steam client, if you can (or possibly their Facebook page. I don't do Facebook, so I someone else will ahve to check) Steam has its own servers, withtheir own client (not a browser) and their own certs. I don't know if their facebook page uses Facebook's servers/certs or if it uses embedded links/redirects to GOP's own servers. Traditionally, they don't really follow the forums on weekends, but they can get new certs and upload them to any affected servers (I only looked at web-live.gop3.nl) in well under an hour. So... Monday morning, maybe? It'd be a good time for them to do the same to all their other servers/certs, too. Or at least review their expiration dates.
  7. elon

    Unable to login again

    The HTTPS security certificate for web-live.gop3.nl expired on 6/23/18 (don't know which time zone). Since their internal page link specified HTTPS (not HTTP) for some game files, your browser is unable to accept files from that server. They need to renew their certificate and upload the renewed certificate.
  8. elon

    Questions & Answers

    That happened to a friend I was teaching. IIRC, logging out, clearing his browser cache and clearing his governorofpoker.com cookies fixed it. If you're an avid reader of this board, I'd try just logging out clearing the cache. It might be enough. forum.governorofpoker.com cookies may contain info like "(already) read posts/threads"
  9. elon

    Questions & Answers

    Trophies are for the weekly team leaderboards.
  10. elon

    Feature requests

    Once you've pinned a thread, it's easy to forget about it. Several of the pinned threads are now obsolete, making people scroll around them for no reason.
  11. elon


    A delay before sitting at a new table is a good idea, from a player perspective. I'm not sure how it would fit into the code. As a developer, you know that while anything can be programmed in, some solutions slide into the existing program flow elegantly while others generate spaghetti. From the behavior of the "Switch Table/Leave table" option, I'm guessing that there's a good place in the code to insert a delay easily. In the exisiting code, if you leave a table, then sit again within a short time (~15 secs), then try to switchtables, you only get the option to leave, not switch. If you wait, say, 30 seconds or more before re-sitting, you get both options -- so the game already has code to account for time away befoe re-sitting. A re-sit delay might also reduce play volume marginally, which the developers may not want (from Steam statistics I've seen, play volume is down from 6 and 12 months ago), but in defense of the idea, the reduction wouldn't affect most players much, and even table-jumpers wouldn't be affected much, because they'd learn that jumping tables was no longer a beneficialstrategy -- which is the desired result.
  12. elon


    My team, at least would reather finish quickly, They modify thair play to get more team points (and a sure payoff) so they can return to playing with theirpreferred style. We do this, even though we have always finished the highest chest. I assume other teams that finish the challenge do the same. No one dislikes quick money. That's an interesting idea. It also requires additional coding that I would MUCH rathersee devoted to the "Wait for BB" option. It's be easier for the devs to simply increase the thresholds across the board. That's what the challenge has always been: "can you reach the fixed threshold?" Though programming hasn't ben my MAIN job for 35+ years (I later went to med school to become a physician, and am now retired), I've run websites for organizations, and programmed in settings from embedded systems to research applications to phone apps. I'm more an enthusiast than an expert, but every programmer knows this: each new bit of code is a headache and a potential disaster. Testing/QC is never a sure thing, and we HATE deploying unforeseen bugs. Nonprogrammers don't appreciate tha there are ALWAYS bugs
  13. elon


    click the box
  14. elon


    If you increase the team size, the challenges would become easier than the developers meant them to be -- so they'd increase the thresholds. It would also increase the ability of the top players to band into fewer teams, for a better chance at trophies and faster challenge completion. I don't think anyone wants that, especially not smaller teams.
  15. elon

    Questions & Answers

    Any player can wear any hat they've ever earned. You select your hat from your Inventory. It doesn't signify anything other than your presonal taste. Most people prefer a fancy hat to impress everyone. I personally did the opposite for a long time. I won at least one hat above my level, as a team prize, early in my playing. I know people who lost their stack, but still wear the hats they won at their former higher level. Why not? Prior World Series of Poker champions wear their bracelets for life.