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  1. elon

    Questions & Answers

    AFAIK, if you join a team during a challenge, you can't participate in the challenge on that team in that week. At least that used to be the rule. Also I believe that once you've COMPLETED a challenge (i.e. become eligible to cash it), the chests you've won are part of your account, not the team's account. There are two ways to complete a challenge: 1) if you personally reach diamond level; and 2) when the challenge ends. A warning for MOST players: I wouldn't suggest that anyone change teams during a challenge unless they've cashed all their chests. If you haven't reached Diamond, you could lose any chests you won on the old team, and not be able to earn anything that week on your new team. I remember lots of complaints in the past from people who screwed themselves because they didn't understand this or who got screwed when their team booted them before the end of the challenge. I don't know if GoP has moderated this bright-line policy.
  2. elon

    Error: Server Error - FIXED \(**)/

    Yes, my son gets an error on the goverorofpoker.com site with the unhelpful message "Whoops, looks like something went wrong."
  3. I've never seen this before at any level. Twice in the same hand (postflop and on the turn) in Spin Tower I raised, but the software only registered a call. It wasn't even close to a misclick (I was playing fullscreen on a desktop) Obviously, I lost with the strongest hand pre flop/postflop/turn (or I wouldn't be complaining), because the other player could safely check as well, until they ultimately beat me on the river. I assume that you use the same subroutines on all levels (which I've never had a problem with before), but I felt I had to report this, in case others were having nthe same issue.
  4. IP addrss can be spoofed/proxied. Make it one tournament buy-in per user/acct per week . This would greatly reduce the opportunity for chip transfer/cheating. It wouldn't completely eliminate it, but I think reducing possible chip transfers to one buy-in per acct (per week) would be a great improvement, and allow the return of the (much missed) tournaments. Once per IP would interfere wth families/housemates while simultaneously inviting "gaming the system via proxy" by cheaters. Compared to "standard cash games" Tournaments have as different a strategy as S'n'G, heads-up etc. It's possibly the second most popular format of Texas Hold'em (or maybe the MOST popular) in actual casino/cardroom games. The unlimited rebuys were the biggest problem. They were appealing to newcomers, but you won't find ANY casino/cardrrom offering that (due to the risk of abuse), even though casino/cardrooms have more/easier monitoring of a smaller number of players. A single weekly buy-in (with maybe ONE rebuy) is safer/easier. Besides, a single weekly buy-in gives a tournanments "sense of occassion". I makes it feel special by making it something you can't do indiscriminately.
  5. elon

    Feature requests

    I sincerely apologize for misestimating you. It wasn't personal. I was strongly swayed by two things (as I mentioned): 1) Many people complain here that GoP is somewhow rigged. IMHO, it isn't, but one must adapt to the playing conditions here (or in any free social game), which are not the same as a home game, a casino, or a cash online game. 2) I was very surprised to learn, on a review of my recorded games from almost a year ago, that my card play has actually changed very little, even though I now may win as much in a single week as my entire six-month stack back then. My big changes are (a) a little more discipline in following the math; (b) a better understanding of the relatively infrequent situations where I personally want to bluff(*); and (c) the game is more logical/PROFITABLE at higher stakes where opponents play better and less recklessly. (*) I am risk-averse. I seek to profit on my raw plays every single week, and usually stockpile my Team Challenge winnings instead of cashing them. I have teammates whom I admire who play a much more volatile game. That's an equally legitimate strategy, but I would not feel happy (at present) winning and losing on the order of billions in a week. I guess I'm not a gambler. However, I'm afraid I still don't understand what you mean when you say Higher levels Sit'n'Gos are "more of a gamble". Isn't the blind structure identical (3000 table chips; starting blinds of 100/50)? Doesn't a typical SnG takes roughly 15min at any level? Yes, those 3000 table chip correspond to more "real chips" if you win or lose, but that's what it means to play at a higher buy-in. Lower blinds and other conditions that allow longer play definitely benefit more skilled players IN A CASH GAME. In a SnG, length of play is limited by the steadily rising blinds, and cashout depends on completing the table, not a few expertly played hands, so I believe that the variance only SEEMS greater because a table of SnG takes much longer than one hand of a cash game. The advantage of being a more skilled player remains; it just takes longer to manifest. For me, at least, a Vegas SnG is much less of a gamble than the lower levels were, and since they are all 3000TC starting at 100/50 blinds, I can't see how it's more of a gamble. I'm very interested in your views. I'm still just a student of the game.
  6. elon

    Feature requests

    As someone who has played Sit'n'Gos as a core competence from Beginner to Vegas [I play all the games profitably, except Push-or-Fold, where I only dabbled as a beginner, but sit'n'go has been my safest/biggest moneymaker, especially in Vegas] I have to admit I don't understand your complaint about higher levels being "just a gamble". I found quite the opposite. Higher levels are easier to play, if you understand the math and the players. The amount of "Real Play" (as you see it) can only increase if it takes longer to play a single S'n'G. In truth, it's Real Play on every hand [until near the Head's up stage, where you can circle each other for many hands, but eventually have to pick a hand to live/die on]. I don't think many players at the high levels are going to want to play round that take 30min instead of 15. When you have a limited stack (3000 to start) long drawn out battles amplify the role of luck vs skill. It only takes one bad beat to kill you. I recently reviewed some sessions from a year ago, when I had a tiny fraction of my current stack, and I find that I'd play 95% of my hands exactly the same now. Of the 5% I'd play differently, I'd say that 3% were a "failure of discipline" [I KNOWINGLY took a risk that I wouldn't take now] and only 2% were due to any real insight that I didn't have then -- that's one hand in 50! To me, the biggest difference between then and now is that my opponents play better and more sensibly in Vegas than that did at the lower levels. I get sucked out less because my opponents understand the nuances of THEIR hands better. It may sound like I'm saying that wacky gambbling is a way to beat them -- it's not! Irrational players may suck me out on some big hands, but they quickly lose those chips to others. They redistributed some of my winnings, whereas I kept most of them, and now have a stack that I literally thought was impossible for me last year. On rev iew, I conclude that the biggest difference for me is NOT that I am smarter now, but that my opponents know what they are doing. Players who dabble at this level (and one must, to improve) have to learn to adapt. Perhaps the most common complaint I've read on this board in the past year is "I've played real cash poker, but I lose here anyway (so there must be cheating)". The second most common is "It's impossible to win as much as the best players here do (so there must be cheating)". There has been *some* cheating, but overall that was never why I lost. The thing that held me back is that there is NO SINGLE UNIFORM STANDARD OF GOOD PLAY. You have to adjust your play to the play of your opponents IN THE GAME YOU'RE PLAYING NOW. It took me months to reach a stack equal to what I won this past week -- or the week before, or the week before that. Now, I can't even remember my last losing week. I used to feel terrible if I lost $2M chips in a week, but now I don't flinch at losing that in one hand, because I know I'll win it back (and more) within a day. And let me be clear here: I'M NOT A PARTICULARLY GOOD POKER PLAYER, and I DON'T PLAY VERY MANY HOURS. All I do is: I adjust my play to the table I'm at, no matter what game or level I'm playing at. Last week, I tried to convince a friend to join me at a tournament at Foxwoods next week (it would be my first real cash game in over a decade), and they offered all sorts of excuses about how it's just a big gamble. Since I know they consider themselves a steel-nerved Heads-Up specialist and Aggressive Hero, I asked them "What three changes would you make to your game if you were playing Phil Hellmuth or Gus Hansen?" It's been a week. They still haven't answered. Now those two players are hardly my heroes, but I knew My friend admored them, and had watched hours of their videos, yet they might only imagine one way to change their game, but not two, much less three, agains the players they watched most. Those famous players change their play at every table, even from hand to hand. That's why they make REAL Millions. TLDR: if you want to win, learn to adjust your play to the table you're sitting at. Not the level, but the exact table -- be they tired, drunk, on tilt from the last bad beat or big win. Play the table you're at, not the rules you think you know.
  7. elon

    Get rid of "Thanks"

    "Thankers" have never bothered me. I know it's easier said than done, for many people, but tilt is subtle and occurs in many forms and degrees. Why give your opponents a soft spot to poke to piss you off? Just smile and take their money in the long run. That does remind me of one thing that has bothered me since I started this game. If "Thanks" was REALLY created for politeness (which I question), why is there no "You're Welcome" balloon in the suggestions next to "Thanks"? If you're politeness-minded, it's a nice way to repay courtesy. If you're snark-minded, it's a better countersnark than just fuming. Either way, the words for "Thank you" and "You're Welcome" go hand in hand in every culture/language I know. (I apologize if this has already been remedied. I may not have seen it because I turned off Chat Suggestions shortly after I began playing, due to accidental misclicks. Back then, the chat suggestion box would pop up partly over the action buttons.)
  8. Thanks for replying, Skyhawk. It was interesting to hear the story behind what was (your admirable modesty aside) an impressive accomplishment. We almost never get to hear those.
  9. elon

    Questions & Answers

    As I understand it, in S&G you only get credit for the TABLE chips you win in each hand, not the 1st/2nd place jackpot you win at the end of the table. Since everyone starts with 3000 table chips, which they win/lose back and forth, a first place winner will get credit for at least 12,000 chips (unless someone walks away from the table) and possibly up to 2-3x that amount if there are big swings during the table, esp at the end.
  10. elon

    How are points rewarded in sit-n-go?

    I'm curious about this, too. The answer should be given here.
  11. elon


    All of my team is having this problem. We'd usually have 1000+ponts by now, but we only have 30, despite many wins all around. (we're scrambling to figure out who got those 30 and how.) I personally won twice in Kings Crown -- got the chips but no points!
  12. elon

    Feature requests

    Currently, when all remaining players fold to you [i.e. there is no showdown], the default is "Show your cards". In any real casino or poker room, the default is "Hide your cards". There's an axiom in poker, "you have to pay [i.e. call/bet] to see". This is alluded to several times in the Official rules of the Poker Tournament Directors Association Either change the default to "Hide your hand" (if no showdown) or add an optional setting "Hide hands if other players fold". [on/off] You can (and probably should) keep the option you currently display after each showdown. VOLUNTARILY CHOOSING to show [selected] hands is real part of poker strategy/psychology. However the current behavior of "show by default" is wrong per poker rules. CITATION: Poker Tournament Directors Association Rules (search the rules for "pay to see" and "paid to see" to see speciffic example of this principle.
  13. elon

    Questions & Answers

    One of the features listed for the latest update is "Removed Dellaware" What is Dellaware?
  14. elon

    Unable to login again

    I experimented with allowing various exceptions and several other security tricks thst are beyond the scope of the average player. I didn't spend too much time on this because I play on Steam, which isn't affected. The problem is on the GOP3 servers. I don't think there's anything you can do, except play on the Steam client, if you can (or possibly their Facebook page. I don't do Facebook, so I someone else will ahve to check) Steam has its own servers, withtheir own client (not a browser) and their own certs. I don't know if their facebook page uses Facebook's servers/certs or if it uses embedded links/redirects to GOP's own servers. Traditionally, they don't really follow the forums on weekends, but they can get new certs and upload them to any affected servers (I only looked at web-live.gop3.nl) in well under an hour. So... Monday morning, maybe? It'd be a good time for them to do the same to all their other servers/certs, too. Or at least review their expiration dates.
  15. elon

    Unable to login again

    The HTTPS security certificate for web-live.gop3.nl expired on 6/23/18 (don't know which time zone). Since their internal page link specified HTTPS (not HTTP) for some game files, your browser is unable to accept files from that server. They need to renew their certificate and upload the renewed certificate.