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  1. Thanks for reporting this Yamagata. We are fixing it right away and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Enjoy Poker Governor!
  2. Howdy Artmakerjen! Our devs are aware of it and they are gonna probably fix it in a future update. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks for your report.
  3. Howdy ARTMAKERJEN! Many thanks for sharing your feedback. We actually didn't communicate that those Hats were guaranteed at all times. However, we'll take into account your precious feedback in order to improve our upcoming communications. Once again thanks and sorry for any misunderstanding.
  4. Thanks for sharing your feedback ARTMAKERJEN. The main purpose of the bad beat/lucky indicators is to provide additional information on the cards ranks players get. @Yamagata In poker, a bad beat occurs when a person holds a seemingly unbeatable hands and loses by the river.
  5. We are glad to hear that! Enjoy Poker Yamagata and feel free to contact our Support Team whenever you need it.
  6. Howdy ARTMAKERJEN! Unfortunately we had to remove that mission due to technical issues. If you tried to complete it, please reach out to our Support Team to ask for your missing reward.
  7. Many thanks for your kind message ARTMAKERJEN. Our Support Team always does their best to provide a prompt and top-notch support to our GOP players. We'll let our agents know about your nice feedback. Enjoy Poker Governor! ♠️♦♣️
  8. Howdy Yamagata! You can't undo the action, but you can definitely ask the players to join your team once again.
  9. Howdy ARTMAKERJEN! Many thanks for your report. Our devs are trying to fix this issue as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  10. Many thanks for your kind message Governor! We are proud of our GOP community and we want to thank everyone once again for the support they provided to this great cause.
  11. Howdy ARTMAKERJEN! You can get the new Oriental Hats by reaching the 8th Ruby OR Emerald Chest.
  12. Howdy ARTMAKERJEN! We are sorry for your connections issues. GOP3 is currently working smoothly on Steam. Could you tell us if you are still encountering issue? If it's so, please sne more info to
  13. Howdy ARTMAKERJEN! We are glad to hear that our Support Team has been able to help you. We'll sure try to take into serious consideration your feedback. Many thanks for your support and enjoy Poker Govenor!
  14. Howdy Artmakerjen! The new Cyber Hats can only be obtained by reaching the 8th Ruby or Emerald Chest.
  15. We'll try to take into account the idea of adding new hats to the Shop. Many thanks for you feedback Governor!