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  1. Howdy Governors! 🤠 Share your Friend ID or Team Name on this thread if you are looking for the perfect teammates to complete your Team Challenges! Also feel free to share your Referral Code to earn up to $500k Chips that can always come in handy for your poker games. In order to obtain your referral code, just press the 3 people icon in the upper part of the screen and then choose "Referrals" and"Invite Friends". Please make sure to use this thread ONLY for sharing. Any unrelated reply will be removed. Enjoy Poker!
  2. All's well that ends well @Bones! Glad to hear you are now able to access the game. Enjoy Poker Governor! 🤠
  3. @Goodkat In addition to those prizes, you can also get an Emerald Ring by reaching the 8th Emerald Chest.
  4. Howdy Docholiday! Can you tell us if you are still unable to play the game?
  5. Dear Governors, In light of the current situations regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we hope that all our players are safe and healthy. We see that different governments have taken actions and that players are staying home and playing Governor of Poker 3 more. It's great to see that we can help and entertain you in these times, to play poker and to have fun with friends. Our team is still working hard on new features, events and to support you with any issues in the game. To help out we also decided to bring back these popular features for an indefinite time period: The 2-hour free spin The Emerald Chest from March 18, 9 PM CET. Hyper Spins! Golden Piggy! Enjoy poker and Stay Safe.
  6. Howdy Alpine! Sorry to hear you have been unable to access the game. What's the device and platform you are playing on? Also, please make sure to send more info to our Support Team at a Our support agents will do their best to help you.
  7. Howdy Kenef and Polekaat! 🤠 Sorry for the late response, I didn't have the time to check the Forum before 🙇. About your question, as Goodkat already said, we have decided to swap all of the Winter Entry Keys won AFTER the Winter Event with the new Tiki Entry Keys🍹🗿. Hope you can enjoy our Tiki Event Governors! 🎉
  8. Howdy Colt 45 and PokerGirl! 🤠 We're sorry for any disruption caused. As you already noticed, you can now get your Final Gift from the Winter Calendar and we've also removed the image that was hiding the redeem button.
  9. Hi Artmakerjen! Can you please send more info to However as a workaround, if you're still unable to turn off the sound of the game, don't forget that you can use your OS sound mixer and mute GOP from there.
  10. Hi Goodkat! Many thanks for your report. We are taking note of it in order to report it our devs. However, we're glad to hear that you got back your lost buy-ins even if we understand that it must have been frustrating. Have fun playing poker Governor! ♣️♥️
  11. Glad you like the new fox winter Hat! Many thanks for your feedback Governor!
  12. Ahah sure, now I understand why don't you like the ice and snow references that much! 😅 Also many thanks for your feedback about the hats, we'll try to report it to the rest of our team! 👍 That's wrong! You usually have higher chances to get the new seasonal Ruby hats at first than older hats, but after that your chances to get the older Ruby hats will be increased. That means that you should be able to get the very first Ruby hats at some point (dragon, bear and cat hats).
  13. Congrats for reaching the 8th Ruby Chest ArtmakerJen! You actually already got one of the brand new Winter Ruby Hat so enjoy it! Why don't you like the Winter Penguin hat?
  14. Howdy Gookat! 🤠 You won't be able to re-use your current Xmas Entry Keys for the upcoming events. However, we'll try to take into account your feedback. Thanks Governor!
  15. The issue should now have been fixed. You should have got back your missing Activity Points! If you have further issues, please make sure to reach out to our Support Team at