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  1. Salvo GOP

    Questions & Answers

    @womanplayer Can you tell me if you're still experiencing issues connecting to our website? Elon, have you been able to take advantage of the Golden Piggy Bank?
  2. Salvo GOP


    Hi @ArtmakerJen, you can also reach out to our Support Team by sending an e-mail to Hope they can help you to fix your issues!
  3. Salvo GOP

    7-day Team Challenge!

    That's right @sayasu. You need to make sure to take your prizes before changing your team.
  4. Salvo GOP

    Feature requests

    Why do you hate those hats @Yamagata?😧
  5. Salvo GOP

    Feature requests

    Hi Yamagata, for the moment hearts are used to show and demonstrate how a player is respected from other players. However, we'll try our best to suggest your idea to our devs. Thanks a lot!
  6. Salvo GOP

    7-day Team Challenge!

    Thanks a lot for your feedback @Yamagata, it's really appreciated!
  7. Salvo GOP


    Can you give use more details about the issue you are reporting Thommy?
  8. Salvo GOP


    That issue should have been already fixed @Worgen (Apex team).
  9. We understand your doubts @elon, but there's nothing to worry about. We would like to reassure you that our Random Generator Number (RNG) got certified. Scaling tests and shuffling were conducted on enough samples to prove that cards/numbers are unpredictable, non-repeatable and uniformly distributed.
  10. It was nice reading to all of your feedbacks Governors 🤠. As you may already know, our main purpose is to offer the best poker experience. Your in-depth considerations will sure be useful to take inspiration from for future re-balancings 👍.
  11. Salvo GOP

    7-day Team Challenge!

    Thanks for your feedback @Yamagata 👍. We'll try to forward it to our team so it can take into consideration for future re-balancings.
  12. Salvo GOP

    7-day Team Challenge!

    @Worgen (Apex team) Of course👍! We always try to take into account users' feedbacks ✍️.
  13. Salvo GOP

    7-day Team Challenge!

    @Yamagata Glad you're enjoying GOP so far Governor! 🤠 Also, thanks a lot for your in-depth review of our latest update 👍