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  1. Howdy Kenef and Polekaat! 🤠 Sorry for the late response, I didn't have the time to check the Forum before 🙇.

    About your question, as Goodkat already said, we have decided to swap all of the Winter Entry Keys won AFTER the Winter Event with the new Tiki Entry Keys🍹🗿.

    Hope you can enjoy our Tiki Event Governors! 🎉


  2. On 1/22/2020 at 10:38 PM, ArtmakerJen said:

    Hey, just got a new foxy hat.   BEAUTIFUL.   I know I've complained about the dog scratching it's face off, and the owls with sniffy noses,  so it's only fair to give kudos when something wonderful happens.

    The fox is adorable.  No sniffing, scratching, odd positions.... just cute as the dickens.

    Great job.   Keep it up.   😀

    Glad you like the new fox winter Hat! :) Many thanks for your feedback Governor!

  3. 14 hours ago, ArtmakerJen said:

    WHY don't I like the penguin?  It's cute actually, I just don't like the cold.  (michigan here, too much cold for too long.)

    I have the snowman too, again, cold... brrrrr.  Nothing wrong with it, just my preference of not looking at ice and snow anymore than I have to.

    Ahah sure, now I understand why don't you like the ice and snow references that much! 😅

    Also many thanks for your feedback about the hats, we'll try to report it to the rest of our team! 👍

    14 hours ago, ArtmakerJen said:

    hi, I just realized the ruby hats change.  Really wanted the cat hat, or dragon but I guess those are gone now.

    That's wrong! :) You usually have higher chances to get the new seasonal Ruby hats at first than older hats, but after that your chances to get the older Ruby hats will be increased. That means that you should be able to get the very first Ruby hats at some point (dragon, bear and cat hats). 


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  4. 16 hours ago, ArtmakerJen said:

    HEY good to see support really does fix issues.   Outstanding. 


    I have yet to win a single game let alone THREE.  Love Halloween too but it seems it's just not going to happen for me.  

    Never throw in the towel ArtmakerJen!💪 I 'm sure you'll be able to win good pots with the right poker strategy. Best of luck for your next games! 🍀🍀🍀

  5. Hi @ArtmakerJen, we really apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please take into account that our Support Team usually receives a lot of tickets, so it might take up to 2-3 business days to get an answer. In addition to this, whenever you need to contact our support agents, please make sure to include your GOP username and your current GOP level.