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  1. Is there a time limit until the chests must be opened. eg can i wait until the next challenge begins?
  2. So, about 200 Teams got it to the 6th Cheast. I don't know how many teams are on work this game for the Challange, Ines unfortunatly u did not publish this as well !! My Team is on Rank 12984. We managed to get 5 Cheasts in 2 days before the Changes. Those Changes u published at the login Screen are not worth it.....GIVE US BACK DOUBLE XP POINTS AT THE HEADSUP!!!!!! I am tired to argue, u are just interrested in getting people to spend money for the game. Be happy with it, I will not give a single Cent to be treated!!
  3. No Facebook !! I will not use it either!
  4. ...cause HeadsUp now is 4 times more expansive like before.... they want to force us buy Gold and Chips
  5. most important for me is give us back double TeamPoints in HeadsUp and reduce it to 10 Gold again. NO INTERREST IN MORE ITEMS!!! ...then the 6Cheast makes sense ... and we even get a Chance to get it
  6. Hi Ines, as lots of People said before the fun has gone in this game. I understand if u are interested in earning money, thats what is all about. But if u do not undo the Change that HeadsUp give no longer 2x TeamPoints, many Players will quit. Its hard to reach even 5 Cheasts, lots of Gamers will not spend so much time, and this is no longer a question how many Dollars u wang to earn. Lots of my TeamMates just wait if u undo this Change, otherwise they all quit. Getting the 50k Points is nearly unpossible for most of us, cause we won't play round the clock. As I suggested
  7. the additional 6th cheast ist great, even for Clans with 35 active members. BUT they (Developers) forgot to mention that the Price of HeadsUp Games has doubled from 10 to 20 Gold. They aslo forget to mention that there is no longer 2x Teampoints after the Spin. Do they think we'r all stupid? All of my friends who play the Game are really very angry ... lots of them think about quit the game, me included. I hope the developers will undo this Change soon....
  8. hi there, first of all great respect for developing such a great poker game. i enjoy the different styles of poker, speed game, low game, high stakes and low stakes, tournament, sit & go, team play, team challenges etc. etc. i expected a bit more by the the final gift at the christmas calendar. to make missions more interrest the earnings must be increased, e.g. win 20mio at PokerVilla (german) is just 15 Gold and 200xp. way to low i am also not interrested in hats . just have only one head to wear there should also be special rooms restricted for those who c