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  1. Acces my account no longer possible?

    Hello i am back again and with no good update at all. On my problem i received an answer that the game developper would go into the game to put everything back like i did explain. Thursday i receive a answer from youda support that they wil put everything back to normal on friday, but to be sure it was best that i wait till saturday before i play with GOP3. The support team already changed my GOP3 Account name with telenet emailadres to its original name and the game developpers would do the rest on friday. So i did wait till saturday midday and then i login to my GOP3 account with my telenet email adres via google chrome, to be sure there was no longer a link between my facebook account with gmail adres and my GOP3 account with telenet email adres. The first thing i noticed was that my avatar in the GOP3 account with telenet email adres is still the profile picture from my facebook. so i logout and open my facebook and open GOP3 to login with my facebook. Result is that i was again login in my GOP3 account with telenet email. Conclusion; there is nothing changed. GREAT I can still no longer play with my GOP3 account Kahlan. I did everything like the support team told me, but nothings changed What to do now? wait longer or what? So for the moment i take back my thx to the youdagames support team that id did in my previous post. Is it normal that after all the explications with photo's and so on, that a problem that i reported on saturday 13 January, a week later the saturday 20 January still excist? I am desperate and i seriously thinking of no longer do efforts and hope that everything will be fixed. I am thinking for looking to other pokergames. i am pissed of right now. I already send two times reply's to the supportteam on the answer they gave me, and with no respons at all. I understand that it is verry busy in the support team, but 3 days without 1 sign or something is a bit strange for me. And a week time to fix something (that they didn fixed yet) is for me a verry long time, to long.
  2. difficult to reply in the forum

    Hello, a little update on this problem. I just reply on the two topics, and like BERIDOK mentioned above it was indeed a temporary problem, mayby because of a internetproblem in my region, or something else. Anyway the two replys i did was no problem at all. I pressed reply and immediatly i could reply, What a great feeling to have quick reactions here in the forum and correct and/or helpfull tips. THX THX THX sincerly Kahlan.
  3. Acces my account no longer possible?

    Hi Dennis I just had a answer with the solution for my problem from Youdagames support, the developper from the game wil put everything back like it was original before the problem occured, so i wanted to write this here, so other players that have the same problem or other problems know that youdagames support do there job and really investigate the problem and come with a solution. The only two things you need is first: add as much information as you can to the support team to explain your problem and second: let the support team the time to solve the problem, because there are many many players and so there are many many problems. The last thing i want to say here is, THUMBS UP for BERIDOK, DENNIS and the whole youdagames support team. THX THX THX Sincerly Kahlan.
  4. Acces my account no longer possible?

    Hello Dennis, thx for your reply and i open a other topic why it takes so long before i reply on your reply, the topic is 'difficult to reply in the forum' and there has BERIDOK already answered me, so thx to BERIDOK for hes time and reply. So for my problem in this topic, i received on January 16th a answer from youdagames support, and i gave them an answer to their response (because the data they gave me was incorrect), I even added some printscreens to provide as much information as possible regarding my problem. On your question if i used the support button ingame, my answer is, i am not sure if i did that, to contact youdagames support, but i think i used the support button ingame (I am almost certain). On your question to send my user id, i dont know if it is the userid from my telenet emailadres or from my GOP3 account that I can no longer reach. So here is my user id from the GOP3 account that i still can login, i found this in facebook --> settings --> apps --> ..... , is this the correct user id? Anyway here is my user id 700801246795033 and my peronel friendcode is 6TZN2 In the answer from youdagames support, they gave me also a ticket id and here it is Ticket ID: AWX-126-70492. I gave an answer to youdagames support on January 16th, and have just looked at my e-mails just before I reply here, but have not yet received an answer. I inderstand that the team is busy, and that i am not the only one with problems. So for now i wait what will happens. The only thing i do now, is playing with the account that i still can login, who was normally made for my niece, but no problem. So in the meantime I can continue to enjoy this beautiful game. And again my apologies for my faulty English, I hope you understand everything I write here. Sincerly Kahlan.
  5. difficult to reply in the forum

    Hi BERIDOK, thx for your respons and sorry for the late reply, its like you mentioned, it, this is a temporary issue, in google chrome and in Firefox, at least here in my home, even when i open a other computer. Sometimes it works immediately, and other times it takes hours before the little window opens where you can reply. I can always see immediately the different posts in this forum, but not always reply. This is not a huge problem for me, but a bit annoying. Sincerly Kahlan.
  6. Hi, i started the topic "no longer acces to my account", And i received a response from BERIDOK, so i reply to hes answer, but i had to push at least 5 time on the button "reply to this topic", and now Dennis the administrator give me also a answer to my problem with my account and i wanted to react, so i go to the window thats indicate "reply to this topic..." but nothing happens, i can't write anything, This was in the browser Google Chrome, so i open my browser Firefox and login in firefox to this forum, because i wanted to reply to the topic where Dennis give me a answer, but i encounterd the same problem. Finnaly i started my other computer i try again, but no result at all. I think this is a bug in the site or something. So thats why i started this new topic, first to let know that i wanted react to my other topic and second that this is the only thing thats work for me here is to start a new topic, so i can write. And i don't ask answers or solutions in this topic for the other topic i started. Sincerely Kahlan.
  7. Acces my account no longer possible?

    Hi BERIDOK, thx for your answer. I did already did this and the result is that i have with my Gmail adres a whole new account on GOP3. So i saw this and did do nothing with this whole new account. With my GOP3 account with the telenet email adres, i am friend with the GOP3 account with Gmail adres and there i can see that my old account as owner from Chihuahua's still excist with all the progress i made. so the new account created with the forgot password didn do anything with my old account (lucky for me). So i dont have the need for restart with a whole new account. The strange thing is that i dont have respons from GOP3 support. In gameroom i receive still notes from my old account that the spinning is ready or other note's and when i click on this note's, i am send to the account with telenet email adres. My conclussion is that my niece did make a link without knowing, and i want unlink this. I can no longer chat with my members of my team. How is this possible with 1 simple click to share, that there become a huge problem ( for me) and that this can't be solved in a easy way. I already dissabled platform in facebook --> settings --> apps --> Apps, websites and plug-ins, and this results in my profile picture that not longer appear in my GOP3 account with telenet email adres, and i can't play via gameroom. The moment i want play via gameroom, then there is a question that ask me to enable platform in facebook. Before i was linked, the picture from my avatar from my GOP3 account with telenet email adres was a hat, that you receive in GOP3, and when i dissable platform in facebook, and then login via a browser like google chrome to my GOP3 account with the telenet email adres, then the avatar picture is nothing (blank). Why it takes so long before youdagames support sent me support? Because of that, i am verry verry thankfull for your response. at least you take your time to answer me. I hope that my text is not to long or to complicate to follow. GOP3 account with email adres here and GOP3 account with email adres there (lol), yes i know it seems complicated to follow. i hope my english is good enough to understand and my expication clear enough. If there is more information needed, ask me, i will try to give the information. And if this can be solved, then this can be a solution for future GOP3 players who encounter this same problem. sincerly Kahlan.
  8. hello, my apologies for the bad english, i use google translate. It is now almost a year that I use facebook gameroom to play GOP3 and that works super. On Gop3 I have two play accounts. The one I play daily and is connected to my facebook and so my Facebook gmailaddress, the other is connected to a telenet emailaddress and certainly not with facebook, so not with gameroom. In order to play with GOP3 with the telenet emailaddress, you have to logged in directly to youdagames via a internet browser. This second GOP3 account is only used when my niece comes along to play poker. Now Saturday, January 13 my niece was here and she played GOP3 via the internet browser googlechrome directly on the site of Youdagames. She won a great hand and took a picture in the game via the camera icon in the game and then there appeared a button that indicates share on facebook. My niece did not know that this GOP3 account was not connected to a facebook account. After she had pressed the share button, suddenly MY facebook profile picture appeared as avatar photo in the GOP3 account with telenet emailaddress, which is totally not linked to my facebook. The result is now that I no longer have access to my GOP3 account that is connected to facebook. not via google chrome browser and also not via facebook gameroom. every time I start facebook gameroom and want to play with GOP3 then I always come to the GOP3 account with telenet emailaddress. It is no longer possible to access my GOP3 account with the facebook emailaddress. I have already reported this problem to youdagames support, but do not get a response. I also posted a message twice on the Facebook page of GOP3, but every time I press the button post message, I get a message that the administrator must first approve this message before my message is posted, with the result that neither of the two messages appear on the Facebook page of GOP3 to get help. Also posted on the gameroom info page from facebook and also no response. That's why I'm trying it here now. A lot of searching on the internet to solve this problem but nothing helps. So in one way or another, my telenet emailaddress is now linked to my facebook. How can this be put back to normal? Where do you find which email address is connected? And how do you disconnect this? I simply want to play with my account, otherwise all my playing from 1 year is gone and i have no interest to start all over again, i can even no longer chat with my teammembers I am owner of the team chihuahua's. Please, somebody please help me. Best regards Kahlan