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  1. Turn off friend requests

    Hi guys, you cannot turn off friend requests! But thanks for the suggestion
  2. Facebook profile pic missing

    Hey @daanco, thanks for the feedback! We are on it

    Hi @Kyra, you should send these screenshots to
  4. Questions & Answers

    Hi @MAR , you get the Dog hats in the 6th chest and you also have a chance to get an ultra spin! Thanks for the suggestion! Concerning the blinds, we did that so nobody can skip them! Thanks for your understanding
  5. Feature requests

    Thanks for this suggestion!! @p8hcb
  6. Hi @radiant yes it will start tomorrow at 9 am

    Hi @radiant, thanks for the feedback! Like we said before, there is a little chance to get an ultra spin token, some people are lucky enough to win it!
  8. Questions & Answers

    This offer was only for limited time only!
  9. Olympic hats

    I'll talk with the team @p8hcb
  10. 6th chest Error 412

    Hi everyone! Something went wrong with the 6th challenge chest on Saturday. We identified the problem and rewarded all affected players their 6th chest yesterday. You can go to your inventory and in the right bottom corner there is a button to open the chest 🚩 Sorry for that!
  11. Team Officer Privileges

    Hi @Therb4u, great to hear that!
  12. Hi @radiant, yes! It will start Thursday like every week!
  13. Feature requests

    We will try to make more puzzles (trivia category) and less which hand wins, to make them equal
  14. Hi Governors, the Spring Calendar will be available on the 1st of April! We have a big surprise for you! If you claim EVERY DAY the Spring Calendar, you will get a MEGA or ULTRA SPIN at the end (and a lot of other rewards) Ready?
  15. Feature requests

    Hi guys, thanks for the suggestions and ideas! Thanks for the puzzles ideas @Beridok I will look into it for the next ones!