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  1. Ines

    How are points rewarded in sit-n-go?

    Hi @Goodkat, the XP Doubler has to be on when you finish and receive the Team points. When playing Sit&Go's, you can use your XP Doubler Tokens
  2. Ines

    Cant join more than one table?

    Hi guys, sorry about last night's issue. If you lost any double XP time, every player who was online will receive an appropriate number of XP doubler. If you lost any chips, please contact our support in-game or via this form: We are sorry again for the issue during the Team Challenge.
  3. Ines

    How are points rewarded in sit-n-go?

    Hi guys! Sorry for the late answer. In the new point system, you will win team points regarding the position you finish in. The team points will double if your XP Doubler is on. Please let me know if you have any questions
  4. Happy New Year guys! At the moment, there is no other way to send a message to everyone but thanks for the suggestion! We will think about it
  5. Ines

    Error in game

    Hi @Welsh_Elliott, are you still getting this error? If yes, are the two tables in Las Vegas?
  6. Ines

    Leveling Up

    Hi guys, sorry about the late answer. Thanks for the good suggestion @Colt 45 regarding the reward for leveling up, we will think about it
  7. Ines

    One spin tournament at the price of two

    Hi @Little Dragon, please contact support in-game and tell them what happened exactly and at what time.
  8. Ines

    Bannato dal gioco

    Hi @Ser2598, you can find here the reasons you could have been banned:
  9. Ines

    Option for friend gifts

    Hi guys. Thanks for the suggestion, but it won't be possible. It will increase the possibility to transfer chips from one account to another, and this is against our rules too
  10. Ines


    Hi @Colt 45, sorry for the late answer. Could you send these screenshots to support? They will take care of it.
  11. Ines

    Calendars 2019 and Gigaspin

    Thanks @radiant
  12. Ines

    Calendars 2019 and Gigaspin

    Hi @radiant thanks for all your good suggestions for the calendars of 2019. We will talk about it with the team
  13. Ines

    Questions & Answers

    @Tweety, this week we have a special Xmas Ultra Spin Pack, check it out
  14. Ines

    Question Sign (?) picture

    Hi guys, we are aware of this issue. When you are playing on Steam, do you still see the question mark on your profile picture?
  15. Ines

    unable to login

    Hi @Governor4, sorry for the late answer. Is it working now?