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  1. Hi @Ash Vaidya, sorry for the late answer! We had server issues on Thursday night. If you had any technical issues, please contact!
  2. Hi @vr46, can you please report him to Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi @Trex, at the moment you need to claim every day to get an ultra spin at the end.
  4. Hi @joboo4k, it's a social feature where you can send a gift to your friend if they won a hand or tissues if you won! It's only for fun
  5. Hi @vr46, can you please send a screenshot of that bug to Thank you!
  6. Ines


    Hi @Dejf, sorry for the late answer. Please contact!
  7. Hi guys, sorry for the late answer! If you contact support, they will give you your missing chests!
  8. Ines


    Hi @Dejf, please contact and they will be able to help you with that!
  9. Hi @vr46, the update is done automatically
  10. Hi @radiant, we won't do a live stream today. The update is only available for steam at the moment. We will release on other platforms very soon.
  11. Hi @PokerGirl, everyone can watch our live streams but follow us so you can know when we are doing them
  12. Hi, we had server issues from 23.00 to 00.30 CET yesterday. Sorry about that. If you lost any chips, please contact
  13. Hi @radiant, not this week but we will be back soon
  14. Hi @Rubinho, Big Win Events won't come back. Can you be more specific about your suggestion?
  15. Hi @Preciouszzz, if you contact they will be able to help you!
  16. Hi guys, sorry for the late answer. @IFOKTHANKERS: could you notify our support team regarding opening the Facebook Page? Concerning Big Win, we already said that they won't come back. @radiant: is it still doing it? @GoFolesSBMVP: good suggestion, we will think about it
  17. Hi @RANDIBARSTUD, sorry for the late answer. Is it still doing it?
  18. Hi @hightechfool, thanks for your feedback!
  19. Hi @bunnygirl, are you still in the team? If yes, please contact support to receive your chests
  20. Hi @BubbaBoBob, sorry for the late answer. If you tried on a different browser and cleared the cache, please contact support. They will help you with that!
  21. Hi @craig, when support is banning someone, they have good reasons. Thank you for your understanding.
  22. Hi! In the summer Calendar, you will have to play the number of hands required (anywhere in a saloon) to claim your gift. If you claim your gift every day, you will have an ultra spin at the end of the calendar. The Summer event is in Las Vegas and you can also win one ultra spin at the end when you reach level 12!