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  1. Hi @H3o, sorry for the late answer! It has been resolved the same day. Hope your team has been able to claim their gift!
  2. Hi guys, sorry about not communicating the changes concerning the XP Doublers. from now on. it will be permanent. Concerning the guy that we banned during the live stream, he was spamming every live stream, Facebook Groups but also the Page. That's why we banned him!
  3. Hi @GrumpaTom, we are planning to change the inventory very soon! Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Thanks, @radiant for this suggestion, we will think about it!
  5. Thanks for the suggestion @BiggusSlickus We will think about it!
  6. Hi @LondonBoy, thanks for the suggestion!!
  7. Hi Jordi, you need to contact
  8. Hi @patje, is it still doing it? Sorry for the late response!
  9. Hi @Styx, you should contact support and they should ban them! You can also send the screenshots by email
  10. Hi @Jordi, if it's still crashing, please update or uninstall/install the game. It should work now. Hi @Iggychic, if you lost chips during the update, please contact! Sorry about that! Hey @DONLUIGI, thanks for the feedback and suggestions, we will think about it!
  11. Hi guys! If you had issues last week and lost chips, please contact Sorry about that!
  12. Hey guys! Sorry for the late response. If you were playing on iOS and you had issues on Thursday, please contact!
  13. Hey guys! Sorry for the late response and about the iOS issue! It has been fixed Thursday. If you lost any chips during this issue, please contact
  14. Hi @ValarMorghul, sorry about that! We are currently looking into the World Cup Event's bug! If you lost chips during crashes, please contact! It should work now!
  15. Hi @Dejf, it's not random. If you claim every day of the World Cup Calendar you will get an ultra spin (100%)
  16. Hey Governors! We are releasing a new social feature: Poker Gifts! You can now send and receive gifts from your friends! You can send drinks, food and even kisses Next week, we will give away free chests with a lot of Poker gifts! You’ll need to update the game (4.1.0) to be able to send and receive gifts. How it works: By receiving a gift, the heart points value will be added to your total amount of heart points in your user profile. You can send a gift by pressing any of the present box buttons next to the players’ name labels. You can send several
  17. H @limeyngrimey, we are sorry to hear that! Could you please contact
  18. Hi @SPECIAL1EXE, yesterday we had an error but we fixed it. Sorry to hear that you lost chips. Could you contact for that? They will solve this issue!
  19. Hi @DAINIUS sorry to hear that you lost chips. We had an error yesterday but it's now fixed! Could you contact
  20. Hi @James Gaw, yesterday we had an error but we fixed it. Sorry to hear that you lost chips. Could you contact for that? They will solve this issue!
  21. Hi @khaleesi, sorry but you had to claim every day to get this ultra spin!
  22. Hey @Thommy, try to contact support for that! Sorry again!
  23. Hey Governors, The World Cup Calendar is now open! We have a surprise for you! If you claim EVERY DAY The World Cup Calendar, you will get an ULTRA SPIN at the end Ready?!
  24. Hey Wizzard, we are working on it!
  25. Hey @JT1 , thanks for the suggestion! Like we said on the live stream, we are gonna re-build the inventory!