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  1. @Ines : You believe we are so stupid to play a shit game and getting peanuts rewards!!! You strongly believe this and the developers too. I will not play this game anymore. I am VIP+ and got several billions chips. But, we are not idiots. Censorship is very high on facebook. A friend can't post comments anymore now because he critics the new update. Now, we must play 7 days on 7, so 365 days in a year to get peanuts rewards. Think twice before put this shitty update. I guess what will be next update : 1 millions bronze ticket to get 1 silver ticket. 2 millions silver ticket to get 1 gold ticket. 3 millions gold ticket to get 1 diamond gold ticket. 4 millions diamond ticket to get 1 ruby ticket. 5 millions ticket to get 1 emerald ticket. 10 millions emerald ticket to get 1 platinum ticket. 50 millions tickets to get one ultra.
  2. @Ines : You believe we are so stupid to play a shit game and getting peanuts rewards!!! You strongly believe this and the developers too. I will not play this game anymore. I am VIP+ and got several billions chips. But, we are not idiots. Censorship is very high on facebook. A friend can't post comments anymore now because he critics the new update.
  3. Next update, it will be platinum chest. You will need 1 millions bronze ticket to get 1 silver ticket. You will need 2 millions silver ticket to get 1 gold ticket. You will need 3 millions gold ticket to get 1 diamond ticket. You will need to get 4 millions diamond ticket to get 1 ruby ticket. You will need to get 5 millions ruby ticket to get 1 emerald ticket. You will need to get 10 millions emerald ticket to get 1 platinum ticket. You will need to get 50 millions platinum ticket to get an Ultra!!! Be ready for this Slave of poker 3! At one point, it must be recognized that the developers have made shit with these endless tickets that takes the players for idiots.
  4. GoP3 has lost their mind. Now 50 000 points to a madness chest with no Ultra guarantee. I don't care, i quit this app and hope many players will do so. We are not slave to play 7 days and 365 days. This update has just put a fucker mess. And Apollo and Denis are thinking players are donkeys to play every day for peanuts! GoP3, you always change the rules. It's not poker anymore but just a bad joke. Who cares to show off their results. All we want is Ultra in diamond chest. Ryby or other stuff just to show off, we really don't care about. @Stefan GoP: who has told you to put this silly update! No players were asking for this. Changing rules every 6 months, changing systme points every 3 months, stop taking us for donkeys.
  5. Hi @Ines, Jacopo, Apollo, Denis, the new update you told us on livestream is the cherry on the cooky crumble of a bad joke. First, most of players were happy with the diamond chest. 10 millions players all over the world and it's seems there are only bingo players to your game. This is just a lie. I reach diamond every week and 99 %, i never meet bingo players. Second, the new system is a nonsense. Now, we are going to play 7 days and 365 days in one year. The definition of a game is to have fun but for a short time. Because post of people got other things in life that playing poker every day. You introduce another stupid ticket for a "chance" to win an Ultra. Why do you think people reach diamond every week ??? Just for the fun ??? No, because they want their Ultra! Now, with 50 000 points, this is totally crazy to get this. What is the main difference between : Ines, Stefan, Apollo, Jacopo, Denis, Mathson and the players ??? You are paid for this game because it is your job. The players don't get nothing except losing their time (and some of them lost real money for fake chips...). So, for me this is the worst update of GoP3, and i suggest you to change the name of this game : because of playing 7 days and 52 weeks for a challenge, people never stop playing this game. This is no more a game. That's why now your game is Slave of Poker 3!
  6. @Ines, There are a serious bug with spin and play. For example, i play spin and play 1 million today. All players bet at flop, turn and the river. The winner got a straight, i got two pairs and the other player got nothing. So i finished second. That was confirmed when i hit to see the results of all players cards. But, the final message told that i finished in third place, that's wrong. So, instead of win 63 points, i got only 16 points. I use to reach diamond chest and i mainly play spin and play. So each time, this bug don't give me points i deserved. That's insane! Correct this please!
  7. Since 8 hours, i can't log into the game. I play on Android device. I got this message "Error 0" Something fail when trying to log in to server game. Error has been recorded." @Ines Please resolve this bug quickly because calendar and daily activity is not possible!
  8. @GOP Jacopo : Hi Jacopo, as other members reply on this thread your asnwer is wrong. Indeed, a player can't have the best hand with six cards as you said in your answer. Only five best cards count. Yesterday, there was a quads (JJJJQ) on the table and only players who got A kicker won the pot. But, it's not always like this in royal poker. You should investigate this bug please.
  9. Hi GoP Team 3, i have a question about royal poker, specially when there are a quads on the table. When there are a quads on the table, what player win the pot? I ask you because i thought it was the kicker best hand who won the pot. But that was not the case. First example, there was AAAAT on the table. I got a K, so i should win the pot. But the pot was split between all players. But last week, there was KKKKT on the table, i got AQ. Other player got AA. With my A kicker i should split the pot with another player who got AA. I go all in and the other player too. I lost the pot and all my chips. Can you explain me what are the rules when there a quads on the table please.
  10. Hi @Ines, the Giga spin will be set up ? Because, the winter calendar and the day we complete are not in our inventory.
  11. It will be for Easter but no date actually.
  12. Hi @Ines, in all country there are some special day to celebrate. (national oliday, father holiday, mother holiday, labor day, international day friendship etc...). Is it possible to set up an international GoP3 holiday? This day will be include in a calendar, and special reward can be win this day. What do you think about this idea?
  13. Hi @Ines, since the last update, i don't get daily chips and gold rewards by watching videos on Android smartphone. Can you fix it please?
  14. Hi GoP3 team, with the last update, you disable the option "mute". SO, now we are force to see all provocation and insults that our challengers is telling us??? This update is nonsense. Can you explain why you disable this option???
  15. Hi @Ines, if i may suggest some calendars of 2019 : winter calendar, easter calendar, summer calendar, world cup of rugby calendar, Halloween calendar and christmas calendar.
  16. Hi GoP 3 Team, the christmas calendar 2018 is over and as always i thank you for the Ultra spin. However, I must admit that the Halloween and Christmas calendars were more than frustrating. The choice to award random rewards was not appreciated by the community at large. No governor asks to win 100 million or 1 billion chips. But, it would be wise to return to fixed rewards and the reward is proportionate to the challenge set. For example, it was criticized and rightly to win 35 hands to win 10 000 chips or 10 gold coins. Whebn the challenge is to win 25, 30 or 30 hands, just give us a mega token with a few chips and a little XP and most players will be happy. This was the case for the World Cup calendar for example, which was a real success and well balanced between the challenge and the rewards. Suggestion for 2019 : Is it possible to insert in our inventory a calendar part of the year with each calendar and next to the number of missed days. (for example : Easter calendar: missed days: 0 Summer calendar: missed days: 0 etc ... The interest of this inventory will be for the last calendar of the year 2019. I did not miss a single day of the calendars of the year 2018. So, it was a bit frustrated to get "only an Ultra spin" for the last calendar of the year. (please, i know it's optional and i don't criticize the gift of Ultra spin) If governors complete all days of all calendars in 2019, they will get a Giga spin token which occurs only once a year ( exceptionally : governors who missed maximum two days by each calendar will be available to the Giga spin). In the Giga spin, the lowest amout of chips will be 150 millions and the highest will be 1 billion chips. There are also two conditions : getting a level XP up to 60 and have played more 50 000 hands. Governors under this level will get a Giga spin, but the highest amount will be 500 millions chips. Governors who complete the last calendar of 2019 but is not eligible to the Giga spin will get the Ultra spin. Even if you don't set up the Giga spin, please insert a new window in our inventory in order to put all the calendar of the year and the day we miss. Like this, everything will be clear on the calendars. No dispute or claim will be possible. What do you think about it? By the way, can you tell us when begin the next calendar ? (a winter calendar?)
  17. Hi @Ines, have you really think twice befoere setting this last update of points team. Mainly for heads-up challenge. An example: i won 12 hands and then i lost 3 hands. Do you found this fair i got only 3 team points as reward. By doing this, you mainly ssupport bingo players at heads-up area. They go all in with every hand. This system of point is crazy. Now, i got less points and less in heads-up. But, your update say totally the opposite. I have never see that in all heads-up game i played. The main purpose of this update is to force us to play at chrsitmas spin & play. Too many changes, nonsense update who support bingo player. Your society may won more money but the number of player is on the wane. Am i wrong?
  18. Hi Stefan Gop, i am afraid to tell you your leaderboard is full of cheaters. My friends already told it to support. It seems your decision to disable private tables is unefficient to avoid cheaters. Every day, on several tables, cheaters transfers chips to another account. Report them would be too long. Your team is not able to verify all this tables. I'm waiting to see what will happen to a VIP+ cheaters leader of his team, if he will be banned or not.
  19. GoP3 is so mean, now they disable private tables to all saloon. What's up GoP3, you don't get enough money with the black friday? Don't tell me you disable private table because there are too many governor who transfer money to another count. Now, this is the last step to kill your game. Gop3 always said to have fun by playing poker... But, where is the fun in a game when you can't play with your family nor your friends? This is insane, see how many people uninstal your app and bad comments on facebook. As for me, the boycott is already activated. All my friends uninstal GoP3.
  20. Hello @Stefan GoP, yes i understand it would be difficult to swithc between four tables. But, with only two tables, that is really affordable, isn't it? ?
  21. Thank you Stefan, i have a question about Heads-up area: in all saloon and Sit and Go, we can play several tables at the same time. But, why we can't do it in Heads-up area?
  22. Hi Stefan, is it possible to put an option when we play, to hide or show our cards. Because, when we play several tables, it is difficult when we want to hide our cards.
  23. This saturday. (update available for Steam\Android\ios.
  24. MARI1YN, a S&Go with 9 person would be too slow and boring. The goal of a sit and go is a fast tournament, and 5 governors is enough. (mainly when some governor take all the time just to slow the game if they chek or fold or bet) Could you imagine waiting for 9 person waiting to play, your double XP counter (30 minutes would be run very quickly). It is just my own opinion. GoP3 team would decide. I would suggest to stay with 5 person to sit and go, a buy-in of 4 millions chips, with 400 XP in the strip area. Reward for winner will be 20 millions chips.
  25. Hello @Stefan GoP, I am not convinced by the arguments that you make but I can understand your will to avoid the complaints of the players. But, the functioning of the Halloween calendar must be banned because the chests are too random. (and as you do not want to communicate the odds of winning the Jackpot, all this is not very transparent). To restore the principle of equality that existed in previous calendars, would it be possible to return to identical rewards for those who perform the Christmas calendar missions? All players will not have the same rewards on the same day. But at the end of the calendar everyone will have received the same rewards. There is a solution for those who have completed all the calendars: it is to reward only those who have accomplished every day without missing any. And no exception will be admitted nor any claim. (even in case of maintenance or server problem). This is a tough rule but it is easy to apply if you want to reward the most loyal players. What do you think?