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  1. Hi all,

    Ines for the third challenge that would be great to give an Ultra token for all team who reach the 6th chest because it is not easy to get it.

    To support governor who want to reach this challenge, is it possible to give us a piggy bank before thursday when the challenge begins.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Ines,

    The 6th chest is over.

    The rewards in the boxes were well balanced, it's the first time i reach the 6th box. (no Ultra token but it doesn't matter) :)

    However, if i can suggest some ideas :

    I was expecting more XP points (like 10 000 in two box).

    I got several gold. But, i will not use them.

    The idea to give a Mega token and a hat in the 6th box is good. Even if i found these hats completely useless.

    There some people who are more interested in gold and others want chips and others want XP.

    Is it possible to give a choice when a box is open (between some gold and chips, or between some chips and XP points). Governor will just hit what they prefer.

    I don't know if it is too difficult to program this in the game.

    Giving us 24 hours XP double points after playing several hours for several days is useless  and completely masochistic.

    Like many people i work and i can't spend my day to play this game.

    It is more interesting to give us 4 hours by day XP double during the challenge.

    You and your team make a succes with this game, so congratualtions about that.

    The next challenge begin next thursday ?







  3. Hi Ines,

    The second live stream was good.

    The code "mysterybox" where a player could win a super, mega or an Ultra spin was a good idea.

    However, i feel very sceptical about all this hats we have and you put specially in the 6th challenge. When a team open the last box and hope to found an Ultra spin... but finally he get a hats... This is so disappointed.

    Congratulations to Apollo because he play poker and he talk to the stream at the same time !!!

    For the next live stream, could you show us where dev's team work.

    As for the first live stream, you could give us a code for the piggy bank and a Mega token for all people.

    Like this everyone will be happy.

    Can you tell us the price of the suitcase of Poker Gop 3 please ?

    I live in Paris and i want to buy it.


  4. 6 minutes ago, Yash said:

    Hey I didn't get the ultra spin in the 6 chest.

    You said you have added a ultraspin. But I didn't get. You lied ???

    Hi Yash, i know how disappointed you can be.

    But, they told us there was a small chance to get the Ultra spin.

    Even if you reach the 6th chest, you will not get automatically the Ultra spin.

    If i have well understand the pop up before the challenge began last thursday.

    Can someone affirm or deny that.


  5. Hi Ines and Gop3 Team,

    The next challenge begin this week ?

    Is it possible to end the challenge on sunday, like this many people can play to Gop3.

    I got Xp double in a box today, but i can't use it because i am too busy to my job. It is impossible to play.


  6. Hi Ines, Apollo and dev's team,

    Can you tell me if there are always Mega spin token in the 5th box for all people ?

    For this second challenge 6th chest, there is a little hope to win an Ultra spin token to the 6th box.

    But, how do you give this Ultra ? First team who reach the 6th chest will get it, or it is given randomly ?


  7. Hi Ines,

    Is it possible to give us more time Xp doubler during the 6th challenge.

    For example, each day, you give us 4 hours Xp doubler.

    Indeed, the 6th challenge last week give us Xp doubler after the challenge, but it was useless because many people were fed up to complete it.

    Giving us Xp doubler every day to try to complete the 6 th challengs is more suitable.

    What do you think about that ?

  8. Hi Gop 3 Team, on smartphone we can earn 1 000 chips by watching video every day.

    It is a good thing to give us free chips.

    But is it possible to increase this amount to 3 000.

    Another suggestion, if people watch the video every day, you could add a bonus at the end of the week. (+ 50 000 chips or more).

  9. Hi Ines,

    No need to make the Revolution in this game.

    Just cancel the 6th challenge and bring us back our usual challenge with 5th chest and Mega spin Token.

    And cancel also the Heads up evolution you make since last week.

    Sometime, being most simple is the best solution.

    If the next challenge remain 6th chest, i will not play it.

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