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  1. Hi @Ines, if they're a Christmas calendar this year, can I suggest you one idea ? First of all, a great thank you to GoP 3 Team to give us these calendars during the year 2018. I think fidelity must be rewarded. So for Governors who get all the day of all the calendar this year (Easter, Football world cup, Summer, Halloween and Christmas calendars), will there be a special reward added with the Ultra Spin? This special reward could be chips and the level could could serve to reward people. For example, governors until level 49, who claims all days in all calendars this year, they will get 50 millions chips. For governors above level 50, the will get 100 millions chips.
  2. Hi @Ines, I understand the abuse of people who cheat don't have the right to play. But, for the Halloween calendar for example, i hope to play against my brothers,nephew because it is the only way for them to earn an Ultra.
  3. Hi @Ines, playing GoP3 had become uninteresting. Many updates : reducing points team in heads up and incresing buy-in, reducing points team in black jack, reducing XP doublers harshly. Now you increase points team in the highest saloon. Last but not least, now it is not possible to play in private tables in lower saloon. The lower saloon are the main place where families and friends play more and have more fun. Having fun is the cenral point of a game. And i am sorry to say that GoP 3 lost this sight to only focus on VIP, VIP+ and those who have money to buy chips. The next saloon with a pyramid is also for billionnairs. I can understand it is not easy to see people always complaining, but when you do good things, governor tell you.
  4. Hi Ines, I saw the Halloween event on Steam and i was a little disappointed. Because, one more time, this event is only for billionairs. (minimum to enter is 10 millions). It would be great to play at this event with another saloon, with lower chips (1millions to 10 millions). I was thinking you would create two tables of Sit and Go for Halloween. Like you have done for summer event with the world cup of football.
  5. Hi @Ines, will there be a live stream tomorrow ? ?
  6. Xp doublers should be the same for all the people, for those who get the minimum and those who get the maximum reward. This is a shame to reduce XP doublers time with your last update. At the beginning we got 12 hours, Then you reduce it without telling us anything to 7 hours. Now you want to reduce again. I am really disappointed and most of my friends to that. You reduce the XP doublers time. But three weeks later, you send XP doublers. With your message yesterday, you reduce again XP doublers, just to suggest us to buy them. Moreover, you suggest us to play in the highest saloon (Sky high, billionnair saloon) to get more XP. But, in reality, it is just a way to lose all our chips quickly. By doing this, you only think to VIP+, and those who can spend more than 100 € to buy your chips. This is just appalling. I know two governor who play in these saloon. They are good players, (level 87 and 118) but they lost all their chips in these tables. LEt 7 hours XP for all people. it's the only fair reward between all players.
  7. Hi Ines, a live stream today to give us more details about the new update? Update is still not available on Android.
  8. Playing several table at the same time is not easy mainly with a small smartphone. Is it possible to split the screen in several parts, like this we can see all the tables without need to switch tables.
  9. Hi Ines, the video issue is solved. Now, the ten video are not following. In a day, we must log in several time to get one or two video.
  10. Hi GoP 3, there will be a live stream tomorrow?
  11. Hi Ines, please can you tell me how many team points (shields), we must do to get reward ? Is it always 10 000 point for an Ultra? And what about the medium reward, is 5000 points team is necessary?
  12. Hi Ines, the problem of watching video is not solve. Now, i can see one or two video, then i gor the sentence try again later. But, before this bug, we could get 10 videos following. For the 8th chest, is it possible to get 4 levels of reward : level 1 : governor who contribute less than 1000 shields : 250 000 chips, 2 super spin and 3 mega and 30 gold Level 2 : governor who contribute over 1000 shields : 1 000 000 chips, 5 mega and 60 gold Level 3 : governor who contribute over 3700 shields (130 000/35 = 3714 shields) : 2 500 000 chips, 8 mega, piggy token and 80 gold Level 4 : governor who contribute over 7500 shields : 5 millions chips, Ultra spin, piggy token and 100 gold. What do you think about that ? For XP doublers that we can in the chest, is it possible to get XP doublers in our inventory. It will be several XP computers divided into 30 minutes. For example, with 7 hours of XP doublers, we will have in our inventory 14 times 30 minutes separately. Like that, we can use them whenever we want. Because, when we open the chest now, we got 7 hours XP doublers following. But, most of this XP doublers is wasted because no one can play 7 hours following.
  13. Hi GoP, how many points governor must do to get rewards : i know it is 10 000 points for the Ultra. But i don't know how much i must do to get 7 megas spin and the piggy with 1 million chips. And the lowest reward is : 2 super, 4 mega, 250 000 chips and 33 gold. Can you enlight me please?
  14. Watching video to earn chip and one gold don't works on Android since several days! Can you fix it quickly please?
  15. GoP think players are donkey! Playing 51 days and get this crapy gifts with small chips.
  16. Many players stop to play GoP because there are too many bad changes, and it ruins the fun of thid game. They begin to increase price to play heads up and lower the point when we win. Then, it was the blackjack. And, insane increasing chest with crapy rewards. Now they put 8th chest and they lowered the gold we get. When they were 7th chest, we used to get 81 gold and now with the 8th chest, we get 22 gold!!! More job and less reward, what a joke!
  17. Hi, you need to send a mail to : support@governorofpoker.com And you explain what happens and you also send the screenshot, they will see the logs of the game. If the saw some cheats, the players will be banned.
  18. Hi, you should take a screenshot of the saloon and Gop could bann these two cheaters.
  19. This is not bad but Gop do make better than this. Piggy for all the team. Do GoP realise what this means to get 10k? GoP explode the notion of team effort.
  20. Gop, with 7th chest, we used to get 81 gold. And now, with 8th chest we get...31 gold!!! This is clearly enough. For me, the 8th chest should be 110 000 points. Ultra spin and mega for the MVP in every team. 10 megas and 3 super spin for governor who score more 10 000 points. 7 mega and 3 super spin for those who get over 5 000 points. For others, 5 megas and 3 super spin. And piggy token for all. One million chips and 120 golds. The chips we can give to our friends should be increase to 5 000 or 10 000, because 100 chips is really peanuts. What d you think about that?
  21. Hi GoP Team, one thing i don't understand. On Facebook, the event should begin tomorrow, but with the calendar it begins saturday? Furthermore, there are a problem for 9th day. The challenge is to win one hand. But, it is written below 0/20!
  22. Look at Zynga poker, very generous in chips. You can get 200 475 000 chips for 0,59 euro!
  23. Well, what a bad surprise from GoP ? Another disappointment i should said, one more bad joke, one more dishonest gift! First, this is a good lie that Gop told us! Huge reward for everyone??? Let me have some doubt about that. Gop increase the challenge more than 50 %, and decrease the reward into peanuts! And the way on the cookie crumble, Gop remove the piggy in the 7th chest. Well, all comment had been said on Facebook, and i will not duplicate them here, but the words who came the most were : thiefs, dishonest, boycott etc... With this 8th chest, Gop success to give us more challenge and giving us less reward!!! This is so dishonest and vicious that no words can explain my disappointment. But, Gop believe players are donkey, but they're not. One good thing to this, many players uninstall this game, more of players left their team. The worse thing is this new system, because the challenge is a team effort. But, you burst out this word, by giving individual reward. It is understandable to give un Ultra for the MVP. But other member get peanuts, really peanuts. But it is also the fault of unsatisfied eternals who always demanded more rewards (more ULTRA, more ULTRA). Now that this challenge becomes impossible and there is an individual reward for teamwork, some still claim an extra chest. Of course, there will always be people who have nothing to do with their days other than playing poker. You can add 50 chest, they will always claim more !
  24. Hi GoP Team 3, yesterday i open the 7chest i got with my team last week. But, i got no hats at all. Furthermore, the number of gold is lower than the other times, because i use to got about 80 gold, and this time it was not. All i got is 2 mega token, some chips and these awful gift. Is it a bug ???