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  1. Hi GoP team 3, how can we send gold to our friends ?
  2. It is very difficult to see the video to earn chips, spcially the gold, please fix it quickly.
  3. Hi GoP Team 3, when begin the next calendar this year?
  4. HI GoP 3, there will be a livestream today ?
  5. Hi GoP Team3, first of all thanks a lor for this calendar, it was really great. If i can suggest something for the next calendar, is it possible to put a piggy token. (it is mainly for governor who don't play in a team). I got my Ultra spin token july 15. But, this caldendar world cup ends wonderfully with France wiinnig the world cup! ALLEZ la FRANCE, ALLEZ les Bleus, nous sommes champions du monde !!!!!
  6. Hi Gop3, playing heads up is not interested at all. It really upset me. It's a shame how you reduce shield we can win in this area. Too many and bad changes in a too short time, what a waste for this game. Less and less people playing poker, and less and less people watching the stream. The worse case, you haven't found any solution to ban bingo players. (in world cup event or heads up).
  7. Ok, i did not know what happened before. I understand the ban now with this information.
  8. During the previous Livestream, a member on Facebook calls to boycott GoP3. And Apollo immediately ban him. I don't think it is a way to do. Even if the boycott is not to approve. Freedom of speech must be respected. If GoP3 ban all people who criticize them, they would don't stop ban people. So GoP 3, no one to answer to all these changes???
  9. Hi GoP3, it is is very difficult now to get the 7th chest. My team got the 7th chest last thursday. Until last thursday, the XP doubles was 24 hours. And now you also reduce the XP doublers to 7 hours!!! It is a shame because you always reduce our opportunity to make points to our team. What's the aim to make a game more and more difficult until it is impossible to reach the chest! Completely wrong.
  10. The two last live-stream were boring ans disappointed. It is a good way to give us a mystery box if we need to earn it buy playing poker. But, Apollo said there will be no more piggy token given during the live stream. This is wrong. Because you only focus on players who are in a team and only for those who get the 7th chest. But, there are also governor who are not in a team, and all the team don't reach the 7th chest to get the piggy token. Some people are playing for fun and they can't get the challenge. That's why it could be given a piggy token in a live stream. For example, for the next live stream (29/06/2018), a piggy token will be given to governors by redeeming a code). And for the next live stream (13/07/2018), this will be a challenge to get a mystery box (win 5 hands in a saloon).
  11. I agree with that. But, there are still silly governors who ask for more chest. (and the think they will get an Ultra each time, what can i do if they still believe in Santa Claus???) And finally, we get all these changes. This is a shame to reduce all points for the challenge (black jack, heads up etc...). Furthurmore, you increase the buy-in in every tournament. But, the amount in the free spin has never increase. It's time to increase the chips we can win in free spin, the point we send to our friends too. And the XP doubler time should be one hour instead of 30 minutes.
  12. If you don't contribute enough, the chief or officers can kick you.
  13. Hi GoP Team, piggy token can be redeem until next thurday before the next challenge begin ?
  14. Hi KYRA, yes you're right about that, GoP team don't listen to governors. I don't mind now. Because i have download WSOP and ZYNGA. And, i play more to these games nowadays. I play to GoP 3 only for hleping my team, but the fun is dead in this game. (furthurmore, crazy players asking for a 7th or 8th chest!!!). All games has advantages and drawbacks. But i really prefer ZYNGA because free chips is really huge every day. Really cannot compare to GoP 3. I only take free spin on ZYNGA and in one month i got 100 millions free chips !!! Watching one video and you get 45 000 chips. One day, i got more one million chips by watching videos. Ultra Spin cost 99 euros on GoP 3. On ZINGA, You can buy 133 650 000 chips for... 0,59 euros! On WSOP, when you get free chips, it is multiplie by your level. So, there are many other game poker than GoP 3.
  15. Hi GoP 3 Team, a lot of governors are unhappy to rewards to 6th chest. Is it possible to give us an anwser about this for the next live stream, who should be this friday ? (give an Ultra to all team who reach the 6th chest, or other rewards, but not hats hats and more hats).
  16. Hi GoP 3 Team, We want Ultra in the 6chest for all team!!! You wanted to challenge us with this 6th chest, and the price are always the same : hats and 2 mega token. Logically, after two months, the challenge has becoming disappointed and a routine. The fun to play poker has disappeared.
  17. This is not a good idea. Most of team are working too much tget the 6th chest. A 7th chest is just insane.
  18. Hi GoP 3 Team, First : is it possible to increase chips we give to friends ? Because 100 chips is peanuts. (With WSOP or Zynga, the chips we give is variable to our level, so it is possible ti give 10 000 chips or more by day). Second : if we watch video, we get 1 000 chips. Is it possible to increase the chips too ? (to compare : watching one video on Zynga give us 45 000 chips!). Today, i saw 28 videos, so i get 1 260 000 chips !!!
  19. In my team, we always reach the 6th chest and we never get an Ultra since today. Yes, i agree with KYRA to put an Ultra to the 6th chest. Every team who reach the 6th will get an Ultra. What do you think about that GoP 3 Team ?
  20. Why not, but think about players who are in trouble the 6th chest too. Many governors stop playiong the game because it's too difficult.
  21. Hi GoP Team, if you make a summer calender, is it possible to make it begin the first of june and ending the 15 july. Why the 15 july ? Because it is the final world cup football. And, if Governor play poker the 45 days, he could win good surprise (chips, gold, hats, Mega and Ultra token) What do you think about that ?
  22. Hi GoP3 Team, will we get a piggy token the next livestream (this friday ?)
  23. Hi GoP team, you really make the buzz with this ULTRA surprise !!!!! Everybody is waiting for next calender (or next ULTRA on livestream this friday).
  24. Hi GoP Team, Many thanks for the spring calender!!! ( If i can suggest something for the next calenders, is it possible to give us more gold and a little less chips.) Next calender is in summer ?
  25. Hi GoP team, I can't login with Android today ? Can you fix it?