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  1. Don't worry Elon, your ideas are very informative and imrpove the debate. Like you said, always got 2500 or 5000 is demoralizing.
  2. Hi Beridok, I don't complain about free chips, it is a good thing. But, i have never won more of 24 000 chips in a spin since i am playing this game. So, the time some people spent on this game don't worth the fun to play Gop 3 anymore. The worst was with the jackpot spin where i won 1 500 chips, it is a nonsense for me. Of course, there is always a hazard to win a prize or another. But, at the end, i am fed up like many members here.
  3. You're right 100 %. I will try Winamax.
  4. Hi all members, you can make give your opinion on Facebook, thet are very fast to answer too.
  5. I let fall down this 6 th chest. May be, i will play to the next challenge, only if you put ULTRA spin Token as a reward.
  6. Hi Ines and the Team, This 6 th chest is a good idea. But, too difficult for team who don't have much chips. And, the reward don't worth it.
  7. Blackjack is really cheated!!! Many players told me that. I try and it was true. I never play Blackjack again.
  8. Hi Ines, This is a good challenge with 6 chests and i like it. But, with this 6 chest, you should give us a reward more important like ULTRA spin token. This is a really good aim to challenge the 6 chest. Thank you.
  9. Hi Ines, team support already answered me. They were very fast to answer.
  10. Hi Ines, of course i will watch the next stream. Look, there is something wrong and not logical with the bonus tour to win chips every 4 hours. I have never win more than 24 000 chips and i am watching this every 4 hours. I have a request for the jackpot spin because the chips i won is lowest than i won in the bonus tour. This is not logical and the lowest chips that we should win in the jackpot spin could be 100 000.
  11. Hi Ines, i complete a challenge with my team and i sent the bug with a screenshot.
  12. Hi all members, i saw the stream live on facebook friday 23 and it was really fun with Apollo ans Ines. I share the stream to many friends and for me it is the best way to make more people to play GOP3. I would like to see more stream live with the dev team. Is it possible to get a stream every week or every two weeks? Thanks.
  13. Hello all members, The winter gift calender is over. Next one is Easter calender?
  14. Really upset with the jackspot spin today. It stops on 3 000 000 cheaps. But, it turn just a little and stop finally on 45 000 cheaps. Just a little cheated!
  15. I got the same problem. After my team complete a challenge, i got two mega spin. But, when i want to take the second mega spin it doesn't work.