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  1. This challenge is a joke! No more teameffort but an I challenge. We got to 8th chest also but it aint worth shit. They truly fucked this game up. This is the most rigged game also, if you bet big its garanteed u will lose. Most of my team is now searching for a new app.
  2. Yeah my calendar has gone too and claimed every day. Now i didnt get ultra?
  3. Have the same problem. Keeps crashing
  4. Got the ultra! Thank you!
  5. Thx for the suggestion. Just did
  6. Yes but i cant wait for days. Ive bought chips i didnt get.
  7. It did count on my calendar but the app crashes every hand you played. You have to start the app again an again. Thats not so funny..
  8. So still no solution? well hope you get it fixed soon! thx!
  9. Its been a while now. Can u tell us when big win will start again?
  10. Big win is closed because there were a lot of cheaters. Playing with different accounts etc. they are trying to get it sort out or something. miss it too
  11. Definatly 6th chest should be ultra spin