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  1. It is a joke,very disappointed...
  3. I can’t play ether the hole day,so most of my team.we can’t play the taking the chips of your costumers and the costumer service is doing nothing. please fix this!!
  4. No one need this update,nothing is working.who need this new feature??i don’t. i need a good function game,not stupid features or hats.
  5. I was writting hundert of times to the support!!it was month ago.they deleted all my protocols and Screenshot!!they ingnored me,till today!! i lost 55 millions during the server problems,what is going on over a year!! this game is taking the money from the costumer!!how the treat the costumers is a no go!!! THE COSTUMERS ARE THE COMMUNITY,THE PLAYERS!!NOT YOU INES,APOLLO AND THE REST OF THE GOP TEAM!! Listen what the players have to say!!Don‘t you get it,that the most players are not happy how you treat them???!! I‘m a very old loyal player and don’t deserve to be trea
  6. This is going on for month... They don’t answer they just deleted everything. i was writting directly and they don’t answer. GOP don’t care. they just care how to take your money. I never meet an unrespectfull behaviour like this bevor.
  7. In game Support. last week i tried e-Mail,no answer. two day’s i tried directly on this site support,didn’t worked. I‘m very disappointed and angry. I was never treated like this bevor. Dissrespectfull,shame on you GOP3!!
  8. I‘m disappointed too.this game is not costumer friendly.they just pull out the money from the costumers. on top the game is having huge Server problems.The costumer service is ignorant and unfriendly. I played this game from beginning and it got very bad.there is too much disrespectful behaviour to the costumers of this game. people be aware the give a ***** about you,they just take your money.
  9. Can you please fix this!!.? i could not participate the challenge all day because of this!!!
  10. Yes!!!I can’t play all day and the challenge is going on!! CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE A RESPOND ON THIS!!?!! GOP GIVE US A ANSWER!!! THIS IS DISRESPECTFUL!!!!
  12. I did.but nothing happens. GOP PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
  13. I‘m on Os and I did everything.thanks for your help,GOP seems like not solving this problem,they are just really customer unfriendly.Sorry for my complaining,but i‘m totally annoyed and angry.
  14. I got the same problem!!!I‘m annoyed!!
  15. I play on my I pad,on the app of GOP3. i update my i pad and re-installed it several times,I get into the game for 3.sec and then it crash.. after this,it crash bevor I get in.