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  1. Beridok - You missed the point of my question. I asked, "How people are able to immediately sit out after playing a hand?" I see players do this every day. I can not figure out how they do it and would like to know. About the issue of avoiding paying blinds, in a recent update, the method for paying blinds was altered. Now, whenever entering a game (initially or after sitting out), the player is required to pay the big blind amount immediately. With this method now implemented there is no longer an issue of being able to avoid the blind.
  2. Perhaps I missed the memo about the current methods concerning "sit out". I did a google search to find out how to "sit out". I found only the method of not playing two hands in a row. (Why do you have to subject yourself to possibly paying for blinds when you want to sit out? This arbitrary method seems counter-intuitive because when you want to sit out you want to do it immediately). Evidently, the update that occurred in January (there was a situation where the app had to be downloaded and installed on my laptop, so I think it was an update) modified the process. I say this as