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  1. I hope you really try to fix the connections issues and give us a more fair challenge because my team already lost some great players and i don´t think many of them will stick around much more. Great disapoinment. And by the way, some others had asked and I will to, where's the list of teams who have reached the 6th chest??? Will you give back the chips that some people lost because of the connection issues? Will you at least give them an answer?
  2. Agreed 100% By now my team used to already won the 5th chest or be really close... That´s not happening right now and people are really not that excited. My guess, most players will quit the game, at least I will... There's a lot of other poker games out there and I have a life too... So thank you again for not once respond to any of my emails or my teams questions, suggestions and problems.
  3. Hi again guys. I am really angry with this new challenge, heads up doenst double anymore and we used to do 20000xp for the 5th chest now its for the 4th? Many of my team mates lost a tremendous amount of chips because of the connection problems, they keep sending you emails and its all the same, no answer and the issue mantains. And as some other players say, thanks a lot for the hat's that what we were really hoping for the 6th chest...
  4. I agree on the ultra spin token And guys my team has bean talking about some connection and slow game problems. I am super excited about the 6th box but please try to fix the connections issues. (and sorry for my english!!!) Cheers