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  1. Feedback from my team is positive about chests this week, everyone over 10k got a piggy and ultra min with another 5mill and extra megas
  2. They should make the 8th chest 150k and give everyone a guaranteed ultra prize in my opinion, 7th chest should include piggy,
  3. Team (Real Masters) completed 8 chests and 130k pts in less than 20 hrs and rewards don’t even have a piggy so far...
  4. In my experience GOP has been quite good at refunding chips or prizes.
  5. The world cup final is still many hours away
  6. Claimed everyday and now my calendar has gone!
  7. I like the gifts but it seems a bit silly that you can be given a car or watch and the very next second it’s swapped with a group pizza. Premium gifts should stay, maybe for the next 12 hrs
  8. Yes crashing thought it was because it was multi table but it wasn’t
  9. Can already see player in pic has lost all his chips
  10. Can you keep more than one piggy token?
  11. What i dont understand is the smaller teams complained about BJ points for bigger teams when i'm sure its in fact what they relied on completely. They shot themselves in the foot and everyone else in the process too. My team finished in 12 hours regardless.
  12. Updated poker list after new challenge please
  13. Orange shirt to go with orange hats
  14. Sorry to hear that, pehaps message them on chat might be helpful