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  1. Hi! I met that player again. Check out by yourself... PS. Do you know how many points required for new 8th chest? Thanks
  2. Thanks for reply BERIDOK! I know that. I just wondering because i met a player with elite hat but he was HIGH ROLLER and i confused...
  3. Hello! Is it possible to earn the Elite hat from chest of team challenge? Thanks!
  4. Hello to all! Please can someone explain how does it pay off? Give some examples. Thanks
  5. Hiello to all! Finally i did it! I got the 3 Governor icons. It was low bet, but win is a win right? Ok babycakes?
  6. Hello GoP team! Is it possible to make all-time leaderboard and for teams? That would be great... Thanks
  7. Hello GoP team! Thanks for the piggy token! Also it was nice that Apollo became VIP+!!! Greetings from Greece! PS. Ines and Apollo why you are not ELITE?
  8. Hi RANDA! Not on Android or Web Browser versions of the game as of yet - only Steam!
  9. Hello GoP team! Thanks for the Ultra spin!
  10. Hello GoP team! I know it is too early for this but will you put national hats for the upcoming FIFA world cup? If yes, please include Greece hat even though not participates... I don't have it Thanks!
  11. Hi GoP team. Same problem here. Will be fixed during the day? What about calendar's gift? I have collected all days up today... Thanks
  12. Hello GoP team! I have a suggestion. In friends list some friends has join to table and others call to table. Why can't we heve both options? Thanks!
  13. Hello KYRA! 1. Go to imgur.com 2. Press "New post" 3. Browse your image you want to upload 4. Right click on the image and choose "copy image adress" 5. Write you post here on forum, press "insert other media" and "insert image from URL" 6. Paste the URL That's all!
  14. Everything to become the game better!