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  1. Well I guess this was bound to happen. Almost all players don’t want the team points for Black Jack to be lowered, so GOP lowers the team points for Black Jack. I only play to help the team nowadays because i’ve lost all the fun in this game. Might be time to quit entirely now. It has become one big slot machine. Just my two cents.
  2. Our team already finished the challenge. 16 hours this time, a record for us. But still no ultra spin. The two mega spins do not nearly cover all the chips that were lost trying to finish asap. Read now that the ultra spin is awarded randomly. Not going to try so hard next time, although it’s nice that we don’t have to struggle so hard during the weekend to get that 6th chest. Turns out all the effort isn’t really worth it. Furthermore, the 6th chest is the cause of a very big difference between the top scorers and the rest of the team. Both the top scorers and the players with fe
  3. So...another big event, only for players who have a massive chips stack. Are these the only players who are important? It seems like that in my opinion... you took away the option to score a lot of points through spin and play and heads up, and also perhaps black jack now. So just about all options for the smaller players to contribute. At the same time the big players get more options to score big points. Is Donald Trump running GOP by any chance?
  4. Read that you will re-evaluate the team points for high stakes blackjack. Please don’t reduce that too like you did with spin and play and heads up. This is the only game left for players that don’t have a huge stack to score a descent number of team points.
  5. I can understand that you make the 6th chest very difficult to get. I can also understand you are hesitant to give the ultra spin as a prize because you have to pay 100 Euro to buy it (can’t imagine anyone would do that btw). But I don’t understand that at the same time you double the coins for heads up and reduce the team points. For people who actually have a life that makes it impossible to get the 6th chest and even very hard to get the 5th. I see in my team that motivation is dropping. Usually at this time on Saturday we are close to finishing te challenge by getting the 5th chest.