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  1. You lie again, all in still gives most points, you've just reduced the points if you don't bet high. You've even written it: "you gain more points by winning bigger pots", when is the biggest pot, not when are all all in? Nobody stopped, happy? Simpletons!
  2. You are lying again, you got certified for single deck shuffling, the post is about blackjack - 6 decks. To say that is random when dealer gets 80-90% 17-21 cards, way to many 1 point advantage and the player busts almost every time dealt 12 or 13 it's laughable.
  3. "This 7th Chest contains NEW hats: DINO and UNICORN hats, piggy tokens and more!!" - someone was lying, just piggy token in the 7th, the stupid hat was in the 6th and more... was the wasted time!!
  4. Am I the only one with free chips & gold not working?! https://streamable.com/q2sui In vers 3.6 - 2/3 of 10 tries not working, in vers 3.7 - 7/8 of 10 tries not working, now with 3.8 - almost 10 of 10 tries not working...