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  1. Turn off friend requests

    No, I do not see such option... Edit: I approve this idea, those invites are tiring, especially when you have higher status.
  2. Questions & Answers

    Did you fill all necessary data like support article suggests?
  3. Facebook profile pic missing

    Hey. It's issue that many people have. I noticed it today. It must be facebook fault, because teammate stated that... it also happens in other Facebook games. Cheers.
  4. Questions & Answers

    Be patient. They are having tons of reports to resolve.
  5. Questions & Answers

    Google translated. It's understandable and not, at the same time. I do not think that limiting numbers of available players for tournament per team is fair... What if whole team is based on the fact that teammates like Big Win, for example?...
  6. inlog problem

    Have you tried restarting devices, routers, enabling/disabling internet data? Tried clearing cache/game data, reinstalling game, different device in same network?
  7. Questions & Answers

    It is explained here: Additional Side Pots allow for players in the hand to continue playing, with each additional pot going to the player with the best hand. Therefore, it's possible that a player with a worse hand may win the biggest Side Pot, while the player with the best hand wins a smaller Side Pot for which they went All In. Generally you can only win maximum of:rake*(player_number_with_max_bet*your_max_bet+lower_bets) Player number who bet the same or more than you, and rake is only applying to cash game tables and is about 6%. If someone does bets less than you (but it's still all-in), you can take all his chips - those won't be split. Example 1: So if 3 players (you are 4th player) played, and you bet all-in with 2000, each player bet 2000 or more, you will get 4*2000 =8000. Then this needs to be lowered by rake, so you multiply by (100%-6%)=94% So maximum win can be: 0,94 * (4 * 2000) = 7520. Example 2: So if 2 players (you are 3rd player) played with bet 2000+ , and you bet all-in with 2000, one player bet with 1000, you will get 3*2000+1000 =7000. Then this needs to be lowered by rake, so you multiply by (100%-6%)=94% So maximum win can be: 0,94 * (3 * 2000 + 1000) = 6580.
  8. Beridok's Bugs Reports

    Problem diagnosed.
  9. Beridok's Bugs Reports

    @p8hcb you cannot*. I mention that having gamepad plugged affects the game. Some people get their cursor stuck on the center of the screen. * - However, using JoyToKey application you can emulate mouse & keyboard with your gamepad. Therefore, you could move your cursor with gamepad, if set up correctly, and play on PC (not only Steam).

    CHANCE for Ultra spin. Like there is change to get that from MysteryBox - one teammate got Ultra spin. Got 30M.
  11. Questions & Answers

    Google-Translated to: My friends good and I have the same problem since yesterday. @p8hcb game is now updated*, can you try to connect? Also, try to use web client, Steam client, FB Gameroom or Android, if possible to diagnose problem. * - at least in Steam's beta... I am unsure if update was rolled for everyone.
  12. Beridok's Bugs Reports

    There is problem while having game-pad plugged in (certain pad), it makes go cursor go to the middle of the screen every time analog is moved... and randomly... I have two pads. I had my Playstation 2 pad plugged in all the time and it never happened, however it happens with Logitech F510 (recently repaired and plugged after 2 years)... It doesn't matter which mode I use DirectInput or XInput. It's very annoying, since I need to move my mouse from the center of screen, which might be random and make me unable to make choice in time or press wrong button. That's why I cry for keyboard shortcuts...
  13. [Android] Advert & Issues

    12 hours ago (that's 2 AM CET) I also encountered such issues. Despite not having them for almost 2 months...
  14. I was told that button rotation should act properly after upcoming patch - no double BB, and similar. I suppose that patch will be released in Monday.

    Thanks for clarification @elon. But there is still fee when you have X currency and you need to pay Y currency. So telling there are no fees felt wrong to me. Because for most people they will apply... Anyway, I have no idea what can be a problem. @Kyra