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    If you get "shields", there is no worry... It happened before, so I guess you just cannot preview the chat and see the points of teammates...
  2. Questions & Answers

  3. Questions & Answers

    @HercONE this is quite common and probably will be available slightly later... Probably it's already solved and you can access it now.
  4. There will be calendar event counting to Football's World Cup event. With Blackjack nerfed, other game modes got boosted points, resulting in generally higher amount of points distributed to players...
  5. leaderboard ranking bug?

    @shaun thank you for answer It's probably just as you said for badge. Therefore, it's not bug, I suppose. However, even if they would spend fortune on chips, they still would have too high level
  6. I never said you did, but if you browse through Steam discussions and write "Blackjack" most of them are accusing of BlackJack being rigged. I understand your situation now, but with Blackjack's points down, Poker points went up, and in general there is higher point distribution now... Rather than increasing Blackjack points, they (devs) would prefer to increase poker even more. (Apollo said so on last livestream...) Considering time spent on both games, it was too good to play Blackjack...
  7. leaderboard ranking bug?

    I know this is not exactly about the same topic as original post, but there are still some people who have few hands and big stack, probably test accounts from developers: And there is one guy with 3,5B having VIP+ status, even appearing in Leaderboards, but he doesn't have that "badge" on profile for reaching VIP+, why?
  8. People earn more points now, with changes... First people play BlackJack to gain a lot of points, then they lose a lot of money, then they cry rewards didn't cover losses. Just play titular game
  9. SLOT Machine

    If you have any questions after reading this article Please ask :)
  10. Questions & Answers

    Seeing from posts on forums (this and Steam), there is probably some problem with Trophies from last week. You earn them by being top player in the weekly Leaderboards...
  11. Support deleted my message

    I never used in-game support. I always write an e-mail, but considering how many players are there, and various problems they encounter, they really have a lot of issues to answer... Be patient, there is not much else we, players, can do...
  12. Iggychic

    Can you log via browser? Try all simple steps first, including reinstalling, restarting (router and devices), clearing cache, clearing data, changing account in phone (if possible, I do not know about iOS). Also try using different network... If you could record this behavior, maybe developers could determine the cause... (because loading bar indicates stages that are initiated, I suppose). Eventually you might try those advices from Help-section... Someone copied instruction....
  13. Support deleted my message

    Did you use in-game support on mobile device or e-mail?
  14. Problem solved

    Check spam folders... or use different e-mail host (e.g. if yahoo doesn't work, try gmail). If doesn't work - then you have to e-mail support directly.
  15. leaderboard ranking bug?
  16. I believe that reason is: Ines needs to experience game like any other player to be able to answer questions. Apollo said in some past live-stream (3rd?) that being Elite would not be fair, just because he's developer.
  17. Want to get free chips about 5000000.

    No. Keep spinning and play to earn. And maybe you should watch livestream on Facebook today.

    They do not post those lists anymore. Latest is here:
  19. Put the volume high... I did bad with video editing Get your case here:
  20. Problem is that sometimes when watching adverts, after seen ad I'm welcomed with empty window. Or it's loading "very long" (infinite), resulting in no action. The problem happened basically whole the time (rarely), but was more noticeable on data packets (mobile internet). However, recently, for about one week, it's happening a lot of Wi-Fi. The only solution is to restart the game and/or device.
  21. problem login

    Yeah, sorry, I just tested and got similar errors as you posted. I was confused how you got such texts ^.^ There is also Steam version, but not everyone would like to install Steam just for GOP3.
  22. problem login

    Guys and gals, you can use online (browser) version temporarily: Developers are aware of the problem... probably will get announcement or reply when they fix it.

    Prize pool is defined (by ranges) and it's randomized. Also, the more hats you already get, the less you are able to receive... That can give impression of winning less.
  24. Turn off friend requests

    No, I do not see such option... Edit: I approve this idea, those invites are tiring, especially when you have higher status.
  25. Questions & Answers

    Did you fill all necessary data like support article suggests?