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  1. There is topic about 8th chest:
  2. I don't think that possible - unless person got Elite status, then lost it. It's hard to tell me, because I already own this hat... And remember - it's not money stack that decides about Elite status. Remember my answers are not official.
  3. No, because it's status related hat.
  4. Team "Flush" is recruiting again. 6 free slots to lucky people. Features: a) We reach 7th chest ;-) b) We have active chat with very nice people from all over the world. c) We have an Elite in our team (what a feature, just bragging rights!). Requirements: Level 50+ / 5,55 M+. Contribution: At least 750 points. If you do not meet requirements, add me via personal code: brb4h
  5. You cannot, unless you purchase it for them or make advert for them on your mobile device (1 gold per day).
  6. Google Translated ^ You could have used already made topic:
  7. You could have used already made topic:
  8. It was said on live stream that this won't be available anymore. Something new will come, but not any time soon.
  9. Soon™ Maybe a Halloween calendar? I do not think there is any "global" celebration stuff like X-mas and Easter except that. Unless they are gonna remake it as permanent feature, but with lower rewards and shorter times. Something like "daily login bonus", that many games have.
  10. Get top position in weekly leaderboard on any of the saloons. Low-stake saloons do not have diamond and platinum.
  11. Advert issues are really strong recently. I am furious. Can you fix it already?!
  12. @Alpine Mate, that's just Steam. A lot of people play on Facebook and mobile devices ~300k average in month I believe. @Iggychic Give source. Anyway, problem was solved up to this time.
  13. Suggestion? This is major bug. Exit button should be inactive at exact moment of 5th player joining. Another proof that Sit&Go is coding mess. (First "louder" issue was that 2nd and 3rd players are swapped when both go all-in and get eliminated).
  14. One person tries to cheat them first, by manipulating screenshot, then tries to boycott them. I do not know if it was same guy, but it's good to ban to prevent spam. Some people cannot even "criticize" properly. They flame, they swear, they demand. Imagine that in your own house/workplace. Such people need to be isolated and dealt with separately.
  15. Yes, I am unhappy with such change, too. I waited till late hours day before, so I can use as much as I can of the XP doubler during challenge, and now I need to relay only on 0,5h after free spin... Especially because there is nowhere to be seen that you made this change. Impactful ninja-updates are not welcomed in big communities.
  16. Delete Game Data, if you're on mobile device. On Steam, you cannot. And I assume you do not use browser - because it's self-explanatory there (giving e-mail every time for logging in).
  17. ^ Google Translated. There is topic about that already:
  18. Nothing, just a number on your profile. @Andie how about trying other browsers...? You didn't even mention what's your current one. I cannot guess by this excerpt of screenshot. And there must be JS console. Most of browsers have that on CTRL+SHIFT+J (or CTRL+SHIFT+K).
  19. I disagree. Sometimes, in certain hours, you need to wait few minutes to get SnG table running on higher stakes. And you talk about 180 people. That would be long waiting, allowing people (friends or from same team) to gang-up against other people - their opponents. I do not say it's bad idea, but it has faults that needs to be solved as well.
  20. If you lost one day due to maintenance issue, you will still get Ultra spin. Do not know if it applies for this "iOS problems".
  21. You didn't give details about device you're using. You won't lose chips, if your account is linked with e-mail. (Or Steam account, if you started playing there).
  22. It's so nice you share so many details about problem... game version, phone details... what you tried to solve issue. (Yes, this is sarcasm) First of all, always assume that if nobody else has that problem, it's your device problem - try to clear cache, data, etc. Try browser version for accessing the team service:
  23. Your question is not precise. To get an Ultra spin from e.g. Team Challenge chest, or what are odds for each reward from Ultra Spin? Neither of those are revealed.
  24. You can use system's sound mixer. Just click speaker icon bottom right corner, then "Mixer", then find GOP3 and put volume down. For Android it's easier - just using those physical buttons for volume up/down. Since it's mostly game targeted on Mobile devices, that's why it didn't got volume slider.
  25. If you get "shields", there is no worry... It happened before, so I guess you just cannot preview the chat and see the points of teammates...