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  1. It seems that on Team Profile it only displays number of points gained by online members (compare 42 and 78 with colors of dots). Also it's unclear when you get points - I tried to find out while playing Sit&Go. Winning tournament doesn't give points. Some winning hands does - it seems it depends on hand strength or amount of won chips. I couldn't determine, because I didn't pay too much attention - because I play while reading some forums, etc. meanwhile.
  2. Clicking this area makes popup window. And if you keep clicking same spot, it will still play the sound of opening (clicking) button.
  3. I have encountered such error today - about hour ago. Now it works.
  4. It seems like I can't edit my post, weird... probably it has limit that I can only edit for 15 minutes after posting... Also sometimes chips cover parts of cards...
  5. As I mentioned privately to Apollo, there are black stripes now, in window of GOP3 (Steam version). Also, I told that while having team, in Teams tab it says about "completing this challenge", but it's not specified what is challenge So something is needed to make it obvious that you need to win chips (at tables). It's kind of annoying. I preferred when actual content was stretched to every corner. I suspect you added black areas to keep aspect ratios for graphics...
  6. I'll repeat here: having keyboard shortcuts in the game. I often alt-tab from the game, when I don't have cards, and I browse some sites (e.g. this forum now). So, I have always my hands on keyboard and sometimes it would be more convenient to use keyboard buttons instead of mouse Eventually having sound/music volume sliders would be nicer than 0/1 (on/off) options.
  7. What a nice way to extend content in GOP3. I'm really impressed in the work you put into game. I'd expect to extension of graphical content, not gameplay. That makes a really nice surprise. However, I'm kind of player that always get disappointed in Teams - I can't get well with people and sometimes they get bored and don't play anymore, etc... How does it affect people preferring solo-play? Does playing in Team increases profits, incomes? Usually in MMO games, raiding together gives higher rewards... Can we expect chat between people from Friendlist? PS: I g
  8. @up Quoting whole posts is redundant... Dear Youda, please start making game more keyboard and mouse friendly. For example, there are almost no keyboard shortcuts (you can't choose "fold" and similar options with keyboard). Also when visiting shop, and trying to scroll, it's sooooooooooooo slow. It takes about 12 scrolls to get to bottom. (Even though there is only one thing below, that needs scrolling to be seen). Let me screen it for you: Before: After 1: