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  1. @Ines Actually they are. Each 5 or 10 levels, I am not exactly sure, multiplier raises. Therefore, level 1 person gets the lowest reward as 250 chips, while level 50+ gets 2500. After level 50, it does not increase. I saw very low spin values, when my real life friend started to play. I was surprised that he gets low values. Later I verified that on my test account. A) You do not spin enough. Spin more and be patient. B) Spins are random. But values aren't. Low values have bigger chance than big ones. Why? Reasoning is simple. You won't appreciate big wins, if you have them often.
  2. For unknown reason, once time on Android my interface was shrinked down. Look the top bar. Chips are barely visible, someone buttons and level bar are having gap between that. Video proof:
  3. @Ines wrote here: Elite are players that are selected by us. They have reached something that earns them to get the elite status. For example one of the elite players is the first player that collected all the Sit and go badges. Another is the first to reach the billion chips. So yes, you can try ! More examples were given on live-stream. 5B chips, 10B chips, community activity.
  4. Proof: on left screen from test account lvl 31 and on the right side my main account, level 70. PS: Radiant, try not use Enter after each sentence. You make your message harder to read with all those spaces between lines... To keep two lines close to each other, you can use CTRL+SHIFT. Otherwise there is visible gap... ^ no gap above this line... ^. Above this line, there is gap. .^
  5. Your image preview (to get direct link, you need to click on image on your link, then click right mouse button on image and "view image"; after obtaining direct link you can use forum's "insert other media" option (during Editing or writing post), then insert image from URL, pasting direct link there): Apparently there is a mistake in support's page about what officers can do. Compare this. I think that idea was to give priviledge to officers, but then was scrapped off, but they didn't remove that from the article. Or, perhaps, this is a bug. Or there are some more rules, to make it
  6. I talked with THUNDER (aka Sharon). Apparently, it's not Android only. She claims to have issue like this on PC. By the way, I noticed (from very long time) something I call glitched frame bug. It's hard to describe, but... do you see that picture? It's kind of divided into "rectangle" pattern. That kind of are out of sync, thus, lines of the same colors are not in the same column. Something very similar is noticeable in the game, when something happens - usually new content. For example, I open team window and it has at least ONE frame, where every piece of screen is in wrong place. But
  7. I believe it's same error (number 401) as here:
  8. Android problem. Recently I noticed that sometimes when launching GOP3 I see such screens as attached below, and game does not load... It didn't happen before... so I suspect this might be connected to having multiple accounts on Android (something like Users on Windows). Since I decided to make secondary account for my secondary account (made for tests & guests). The system of users on Android seems to share the same game files (did not have to download 70 MB APK), but it stores game data separately.
  9. TL;dR: You must BE CHOSEN BY TEAM LEADER. How do ranks work? There are 4 ranks within a Poker Team.: - Leader, this is usually the player that created the team. The Leader can kick all members, accept/decline any pending users, change team settings and promote/demote team members. - Officer, can kick members with a lower rank, accept/decline any pending users and promote/demote team members with a lower rank. - Member, a respected member without any special rights. - Rookie, a new member, that still has to prove his added value to the team.
  10. @Ines there is no need to change that subscription thingie, because most of the people are not gonna subscribe to whole GOP3 section. However, there is still problem with that:
  11. In my opinion Big Win is interesting type of "tournament", however, the least liked by me I am thinking about solution myself and I do not have anything solid at the moment... Maybe just allow one chance? (No rebuys). It limits the money that can be transferred...
  12. 3rd live-stream with Ines, Apollo said (after being asked for Easter Calendar), that there will be Spring Calendar 54:45 @ Video =>
  13. Bump. If anyone still do not have team to reach 6th chest, please go to "Flush" or add me in game with personal code "brb4h" And message me here, so I know it. Minimum requirement is mere 500 points. Edit: I forgot, if you want to apply for team by your own, team requirements are now lowered to LVL 30+ and 2,4M+ stack... So, if you have less than that you need to add me.
  14. I assume you are playing on web browser. I do not know about this error, but basically... it should happen after some time, not all the time. Generally the loading icon in place of 6 chests (from Team Challenge) suggests that you lost connection or use unstable connection perhaps. It seems you might need to clear browsers cookies or cache or both. Or just wait. Probably, like most errors, this will vanish in couple days and do not have any impact on playing, I suppose. PS: It would be nice not to use capital letters whole time... it actually makes reading your post harder for most us
  15. There are almost 30k teams and only less than 0,5k gets 6th chest... I know that some people are getting less from chests - because, for example, they own all the hats that drops from it. Also, there are other ways of getting chips and rewards incoming, which is spring calendar... we do not need another chest (FOR NOW).
  16. Go to image hosting website. I recommend using Imgur. Just drag and drop image file from your folder to web browser tab with Imgur. (Or click "new post", then "browse" and select files). Then the album with your image should appear. To get proper link, right click on image and "view image". You should see image only and on the address bar you can see .jpg or .png at the very end. Copy that link and paste into box - like on screen below... However, picture is small, right? Everyone who wants to actually see the picture can click on the thumbnail to make it fullscreen. You can double cl
  17. Nope... that's not what I had to do... Go to: Then on the left side from "Topics", I had to change to "Forums" and uncheck things there. Because I had digest from whole GOP3 section And it didn't redirect me there, when trying to unsub.
  18. I time ago I reported bug where animation of Piggy Bank amount of chips is laggy... on PC, but not on Android. I usually play full-sized window which is close to 1440x900... today I tested and resized window to much less (like 1000x600). And it did not lag. So the issue lies within window mode and/or resolution, I think.
  19. I keep getting daily "digest" from forum despite unsubscribing to that. I do not need e-mails, I visit this forum daily...
  20. 4 slots are opened! Few guys left without any word during challenge
  21. But losing of player X, is gain for other players... So nothing actually is "lost", unless player stops playing. Unless you played BlackJack - but it's well explained it favors the dealer here. You are just being greedy [just kidding]. But maybe Ultra should be given to one team member, if whole team gets 6th chest... - chances would be equal to earned points... Seems more reasonable. MVPs will work their chance higher then... But at the same time people with many millions should not get more money easily... So, like Mega spin is nice - because it gives quite an amount, that alm
  22. It does. But on range of your level... So it's not your level*chips = win, but Your_level_range*chips... and range has max. cap at 50 lvl, I believe. Then you are supposed to earn more on your own.