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  1. It was already suggested... here:
  2. < that looks like 150M to me. And you did not answer his question. He clearly stated he can see 3 numbers, being 24M, 50M and 150M. And since it costs this much (100 USD!), it's normal he wants to know more about spins - what are all the numbers on spins, and what are the chances (which, of course, GOP team will never reveal).
  3. There will be something to browse inventory faster (there was confirmation somewhere)... question is when... I can't wait for that feature myself
  4. First, sorry for my harsh comment. Second, just keep trying - no spinning, no winning. I really wish people to get higher stakes from time to time. But seriously, most people have to get low stakes, like 2,5 or 5 or 8k chips in orange spin...
  5. I think there are a lot of lurkers, that won't say they would like you to give an instruction. I probably would not use that, since most of my discoveries are screenshot-reliable. But blind-rotation would be hard to be proven with just a few shots... From screen recording software I cannot recommend any - all have many faults. I used CamStudio 2.0 in past and have fond memories. My general thing is: Whatever you use, just don't let watermark be on your video (like "bandicam"). There are free stuff that do not put watermarks - Ice Screen Recorder or FastStone Screen Capture, etc.
  6. But I won jackpot in orange spin (10M) and jackpot in purple spin (30M). And many times lower amounts like 100K or 300K. Why you even whine about source of free chips?
  7. How about contacting and be patient?
  8. Then I must say I encountered situations where this is not true... And I tried to find pattern, but I couldn't - hence the post was made. Therefore... another bug?
  9. I do not want to start new thread but... What is algorithm for having 2nd and 3rd place in Sit&Go in this situation: There are 3 players, A, B, C. Money for each player is: A > B > C B & C go all-in. A bets. A wins the hand, both B & C lose. But sometimes B will be 2nd place, sometimes he will be 3rd place. How is it determined? It does not matter that he had 2nd best hand (better hand than C, but worse than A). He still might go onto 3rd place... why?
  10. Okay, now I know what you meant. After winning HUC you should have 6000$ total (3000$ for each player), but it seems to show higher numbers (9000$ for example).
  11. Leave team, if you are in team currently. Click Shield icon (representing team). Reach 10 level and pay 30 gold for creating team. Lascia la squadra, se sei in squadra al momento. Fare clic sull'icona Scudo (che rappresenta la squadra). Raggiungi il livello 10 e paga 30 oro per creare una squadra.
  12. No, because people would overuse this button to avoid paying blinds. People can just leave the table. If they can't - Sit&Go - they will just have to face consequences.
  13. Since game in also on Mobile platforms, there are no mouseovers (there is no cursor there) - so it's "impractical" for Devs, I suppose That's why there is no keyboard shortcuts ;(
  14. They will fix Piggy Bank in upcoming week... so you will be able to use then. Some additional things: a) do not use Caps all the time, it makes it hard to read b) each problem with payment, etc. is resolved by mail, not forums - here's address: c) you posted sensitive data [?] d) never bet 500K on BlackJack
  15. Another GOP3 Suggestions from that "B" guy again: a) I wish to see game have more sound, however it would make app bigger for the mobile devices >.> and I am not sure if you can implement that in Steam version... Game do not have any 'western music' on the tables and sometimes, when I focused only on playing GOP3, because I played with friends, I missed that atmosphere. I also liked Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader games for being rich in sounds. You could click on basically anything or anybody to get some sound (wood chopping, "Greetings, my Lord", cow's "moo", etc.). GOP2 was
  16. But what is reward actually? Is it random, too? I know that after I opened game on Android and it said 0 (it might be just coincidence it happened on Android) days, I had one Super Spin... and it seems that everyone got it?
  17. Reach level 10, click team icon (shield) and then you need to spend 30 gold.If you are currently in team, you need to leave.
  19. But it game you can clearly see it's spelled "chips"
  20. When entering Cash Game tables you can select "private table" option, only invited people will play there. In Sit&Go, Spin&Play games, only if queue time is long, you can invite friend to same room (table). Other tables - it's based on randomness and probably hard to achieve (Big Win, Heads Up). What are "cheaps"? Hahaha... You are just not lucky today. Try next time...
  21. 1) Split pot? You really should give screenshots instead of just text, because it's hard to understand you. 2) XP is based on table, hand and pot.
  22. Short re-vamp of what we discussed: I played today, there was second Elite player on the table, but he/she left and then other players came in free spots at the table. One of them got yellow font despite not being Elite. But he wasn't even on the same seat as the Elite was. Elite was on my right side... And players who gets yellow font might be from left or right side from me. (Did not notice other seats than those). Therefore I assume it's about order, too... First player that appears after Elite left gets the font? Or first player that's next to where Elite was sitting? Also, I am
  23. I just got random idea one afternoon. Apollo did couple streams in past and I just had been thinking about GOP3 team... and headquarters It would be nice to see some series of short videos on Youtube named "Behind the Decks" get it? Decks, because cards, but also "deck" is just one letter away from "desk". Revealing some of "behind the scenes" material with production and work at YoudaGames / OrangeGames. Also newer idea I got. Perhaps chat could be swiped from left side of the screen? And that's how we could determine it's width (size). Also it should have slightly more transparency.
  24. This might slightly cluttered post, but I do not want to post everything separately and increase post-counter as well as to keep more content at the same page. Some of these might not occur anymore, because I browsed all my screens from Steam (and Android) and might be dated. 1) Chips over cards: There is similar thing that bet's player make can overlap each other, covering first numbers - most notable on 8 players tables. Also, note that guy on the left went all in and his chips are not marked with red background, but yellow (bet of lower value than maximum). 2) Th