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  1. Back then, when playing on 50M table in Christmas period I saw 2 guys. By that time I saw more people... including myself But now I am Elite and I also have yellow font for my chips, when playing at the table. So Elite players gets it, I thought. But that guy is VIP and he also have that. Not all VIPs have yellow font.
  2. I wrote to support and they granted me missing spin.
  3. I think the problem was he did not enable Steam Overlay for this game, resulting in no window appearing to accept the trade (purchase).
  4. I will "refresh" this topic. I think that problem with keyboard on Android is mostly Android fault - but most notably it occurs when you have GOP3, because it's a bit demanding process, and it happens more often when higher amount of resources are taken. I never had a crash while trying to type, but it's painful to lose all text progress when you decide to go back to table (I mean by that focusing on table). I tested it now and text remained, but I remember in past it used to clear itself.
  5. Mate, you are "obviously blind" (no offense), take a look:
  6. I think this topic needs update, it's up to 35 members now
  7. I mentioned this bug yesterday, but I was describing this, because it's similar method of reproducing (same thing makes it):
  8. Not really a bug, but you should really add outline or something else to make some text more visible. Same goes for "I'm back button" that usually happens to be between "Check/Fold" and "Call Any", making it hard to press (since there is little space between those buttons).
  9. I confirmed it's possible on Android, however, it's significantly harder because you need to double tap same spot. It's faster to double click with mouse using both left and right mouse button with little delay between each click.
  10. Hello. One more bug report. I was switching languages back and forth from English to Polish (and Polish to English) and I noticed that one thing, that despite having English interface one thing remained in Polish - that's my current hand card combination (High Card). It is in English after next deal or (I suppose) after it changes into Pair, etc.
  11. Today I found another bug in the game, You can check it yourself if you launch game, it's pretty easy... if you have mouse, at least, it's much harder to do on Android It's similar to chat bug I posted: See that black circle around Julie? It's menu when clicking on person, but very small. To reproduce you need to click twice very fast... it's easier on PC, since mouse have to buttons - same thing goes when clicking on players... resulting in very small buttons (in screen I've sent, they are invisible) and "unclickable". This has
  12. Hey, as far as I know piggy bank is not one-time or temporary offer. It was not said on the news, so we should assume it's not gonna disappear in nearest future. But it might alter. I allowed myself to copy current content of support article (to save time to anyone who reached this topic, while looking for answers):
  13. Problem is that sometimes when watching adverts, after seen ad I'm welcomed with empty window. Or it's loading "very long" (infinite), resulting in no action. The problem happened basically whole the time (rarely), but was more noticeable on data packets (mobile internet). However, recently, for about one week, it's happening a lot of Wi-Fi. The only solution is to restart the game and/or device.
  14. There are no challenges for Team Members... Except things that happened in Christmas period, when you could earn more stuff by following mission conditions. Example: gain 250 points for team on Xmas table. There are no more such missions, I believe.
  15. You should earn your chips in games against players, not from that Spin board It's just made so you never run out of chips and you can play basically all the time
  16. I just wanna you to tell me how it is possible (according to you) to cheat in this game. I am curious. And I would push it forward to Developers so they can fix it. But if you won't provide info... then it can't be fixed. PS: You do not need to make whole post in bold.
  17. What is your evidence? I am sorry, but you only speculate. You describe common situation, but what's the point? I did raise a lot, when I did have nothing, but had potential to have straight, flush, etc. But last time I fold, because nothing appeared. It's just different playstyle than yours, so accept the fact. We can see the same image, but I can tell it's penguin. But what do you see? (click to enlarge). It's most likely impossible to see other people cards, because you do not get such information from server. Only players see their cards and main cards. Server won't all
  18. There are many things that may cause people to go add-in in preflop... There are many people, therefore there are many unpredictable things that may occur. I see no point in complaining in that... Yes, it feels suspicious, but keep in mind that almost any hand can result in various combinations...
  19. Hey, I do not think it's needed. When you try to quit table it says exactly, that buy-in will be lost. I'd suggest to make it RED FONT so people pay more attention. And it would look better with option "Cancel" or "Keep playing" while clicking 'leave table' button. Sit&Go are always 5 players games with total sum of 15k $. Unless someone quits prematurely, but that's not even 1% of games. That's my opinion, Devs might have different than mine.
  20. Beridok


    Pardon ma pauvre francais. Ce n'est pas possible. Pour sortir votre equipe, nommez nouveau chef. (Outre joueur) It's impossible to leave team as Leader, without making someone new Leader.
  21. Sorry, this is not bug. I misunderstood the behavior of the bar. Another find. If you have 2xXP bonus, the bar is red - it's full if it's 30 mins, it's red to the half if time is half - 15 minutes. But if you level up while bonus is active, visually the bar will go to 0, but timer will keep going down. I did not check if this cancel the bonus of doubled XP, but it's very unlikely. I just noticed the visual bug. Proof: [Click image for big version]:
  22. I do not have such problem (I use Firefox). Can you reply me in this topic? Or the problem seems only in previous thread? If you are not able to reply here, you can tell me about that in direct (private) message @ I suspect, that issue could be temporary and now is not present. Usually such issues disappear after some time.
  23. Maybe try restoring password? Go to: And click "Forgot password?" And enter both e-mails.
  24. Yesterday, when I was opening 5 chests from Team Challenge, I already wanted to change hat (somehow winning hat makes it put it on the player, I consider that a BUG!). While changing hats, I noticed on the bottom on my screen "3 Spins". I entered and I saw that I have 3x Mega Spin. However, today I enter game, I see winter calendar, I play... then I open the rewards and it gives me Super Spin token. Btw. I believe one of rewards was written as Symbol * amount. With the asterisk there. [It's experience] Anyway, I open my 'hats' icon, because I do not like exclamation mark to be there, and
  25. New idea of mine! It's also modification of others' idea. So people complain about that having to click multiple times to send chips to friends... why not having "Accept & resend" option - so we can do it when accepting chips from friends. Reducing clicking amount AND "rewarding" only those people who actually send us some chips!