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  1. You can edit only within 5 or 10 minutes after sending the post. After this time, you cannot edit. I understand your problem and how it must be frustrating, I tried to link thread into GOP3 devs via Steam Chat, but I do not know if they saw it... Hopefully issue will be fixed before next team challenge and you will get some recompensation... I do not have any idea how else could you try to fix this There are some things that could be done, but since you said it's multi-device/platform problem, I do not think it will work. So the only thing is, unfortunately, to wait patiently.
  2. This date was Sunday ^.^ I checked and I can access my team... I do not see similar post on Steam discussions. I advise you to check on different device or web-browser version. Perhaps you should contact instead of asking here. I recommend to provide them screenshot (probably they will ask about it anyway).
  3. Current speech bubbles are translated to every language that's supported by GOP3. That's why someone with Polish client can send "Are you serious?" and Brazilian player will see it in his native. Customizing the bubbles would require some kind of moderation (to prevent including inappropriate comments). In my opinion it's nice feature, but unlikely to be used widely anyway. What? To prevent people from abusing name change function. For example, it will be harder to make screenshots proving it's the cheater, if she/he would have different nickname everywhere.
  4. "I'm out of luck" was censored to "I'm out *****". That's not proper example of your filters Probably there are more issues, but I do not use chat that much, that's why I discovered it so late.
  5. Source:
  6. Hey Poppe81. I missed one day (Day 7?) and I think I got 40k chips, 10 gold and 1 hat (cake). I expected more, because you could easily get ~25k chips from one day, however... this is still something you got for free so it's not that bad, right? Let's see if anyone with less days comments, and what he/she got.
  7. Hey Elon. I saw your post earlier and since I lost most of my money by playing on cashgame tables (also, because I had, I played on Xmas Casino)... I started to pay a little attention to Blinds. And I noticed that once I actually had 2x BB in a row. Perhaps this is a bug... Or broken algorithm - that makes Blinds based on previous players - if one of them is not "detected" properly, then it sets new "blind order"... We will have to wait patiently till someone from the development team gives a statement.
  8. I had this idea earlier... Allow people to play BlackJack while waiting in queue! It might appear as window-in-window, because it doesn't need a lot of space... Also, fix the queue. Once I waited 19 minutes... without anyone appearing, but re-entering queue made it find game just in couple of seconds And last thing, I just got in mind. Ever played Hearthstone? The card game from Blizzard? No... ohh... They also have board from top view, with decorations around, but their decorations are interactive. It would be nice if we could destroy some boxes or toss the boot around the salo
  9. How about ability to spectate games of friends? From their point of view or with 2 minute delay (to prevent cheating?) As well as making Areas/Subgenre of missions be automatically collapsed when all missions are done? And I am not sure if rewards are big enough... [personally]. The last thing is sorting friendlist via other things - for example, level
  10. Why some players (I have only seen 2) have yellow text for their chips? [The other player is Elite, nick "212"]. (click to enlarge - guy on the right side)
  11. Since they invented double XP, I am more likely only to play that 30 minutes every 4 hour Yup, that's me on team chat. I used to play passively on one table - usually Sit&Go [being the worst to gain XP and team points] - they are quite slow on the beginning any way. While Alt-Tabbing a lot to other thing - browser, etc. Now I usually spin, then go on the table (or more, if enough chips) and try to maximize the profit. But then I usually have to focus solely on the game. Eventually, after 30 minutes I go play passively. It seems that Spin&Play are best to earn XP/team po
  12. Okay, so the bug that do not show messages from chat history/log is still there. You need to open chat, then send at least one message/emote to make it start registering. But today I discovered other bug. If you use left & right mouse buttons really quick one after another, you may be successful to cause effect like on screenshots below, making only partial chat visible. To proof, it's not just random frame of animation, look on the "deal timer". Probably can be also done with just left click, but I found it easier to trigger with left+right. PS: Width is dependent on the speed y
  13. Instead of buttons to change tables, we should be able to swap left and right to change room. Also, better idea than what Meone says is to make few slots for "outfits", where we can save our favorite compositions =) Fixing areas with slider, to be more compatible with mouse scroll (it's again very slow moving, in new areas). And, of course, KEYBOARD controls for PC/Steam versions.
  14. New infos... Apparently my Android device has some advert-related virus, that displays some of them in random moments, like launching the game. The app was making GOP3 turn into vertical screen, and while closing it, screen like above was seen. With EXACTLY the same person-notification (Bokito123). For diagnose I disabled all permission for all applications (even basic ones) and I haven't seen any unwanted adverts - however, despite allowing GOP3 writing on memory, it sometimes makes small push notification that something was not permitted for GOP3.
  15. Hello. Last night, I encountered issue... probably was caused by lagging Android device (it was stuttering with other things, for few minutes). Issue 1 is that there was black area on the left side of the screen. Changing map area was enough to fix it. Issue 2 was that notification window (Bokito123) that didn't disappear - having other notifications appear didn't fix. This issue made serious issue with covering the "X" (closing) button. Luckily, you can quit some windows with using "back" button, but you can not do it with "last hand window" during the game, making you unable
  16. Does it happen on all browsers? Which browser you tested on? Opera has built-in VPN option (you might have enabled it some day). Please post screenshot, too
  17. Unfortunately, new saloon, which is Christmas Spin & Play do NOT work for me. It never finds the game or table is empty, like here:
  18. That error usually means you do not have proper Internet connection. Try using [other] Wi-Fi, resetting modem, reinserting SIM (if you use cellular data], etc. Also, try reinstalling game, maybe there was an error during update...
  19. At location: C:\Users\<myusername>\AppData\LocalLow\Youdagames I see two folders with [date modified]: GOP 3 [march 2017] GOP3 [june 2017] Do I need both or one is redundant?
  20. You didn't mention device/system... therefore my only request is... Try logging to online version.
  21. I'd suggest Developers to make option to favourite [star] some hats - I have some of personal ones I like, and others are "cluttering" when I'm looking for them.
  22. (merge this with previous post) Calender preview:
  23. It's actually 3.6.31 now, for Beta Steam. And 3.6.2 update for general use (I suppose, I use Beta, so I don't see exactly) - with solved Crash on Quit issue: