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  1. Hi. I have also posted to the forum here: My team are currently also in discussion and actively working to solve the issue. A few of us inc myself were able to regain access with our google accounts logins. This app requiresa google account to play and since the error mentioned "permission" iv been poking around in Settings / App / Gop3 on my android device. Daanco.
  2. Hi all. Members of my team are having a login issue with the app. Some were able to get around it logging in with their google account email and pass. Message: "App still not set up. This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions." Any suggestions please why this is happening today and how to get past it? Thanks. Daanco.
  3. Hi everyone, I am the leader of team Aussie rules. Myself and my team love this app and we are all very supportive and nurturing of each other. One of our members this week recorded an absurd challenge points total of 101,565k, and we are interested to see how it stacks up against other teams in GOP3 land..
  4. Hi gang. First thing, congrats on the app. Wonderful game and keep up the good work. My team are complaing of ios issues. I state ios as this is consistent with the devices being reported to me of consistent crashes. Sittingbat a table.. and then.. the app unexpectedly closes. My response has been the usual fault checking.. check storage and make room on devices by clearing unwanted apps and photos etc.. try on other devices etc. Reports coming back of similar issues on any ios device. Yet to hear of anything similar on android. Hope this helps the devs with making the game
  5. You're welcome. Has only come about as a member on my team is being constantly harrassed with friend requests from one individual. Thanks .
  6. Hi gang, Another quick question for you.. is it possible to turn off friend requests, like you can do with team requests? Thanks.
  7. Hi and thanks for the replies. So on my tablet device, i went into Application Manager, Force stopped the gop3 app, then restarted the app and all was good again with my facebook avatar returned. Hope this helps someone else:)) So since it was only the gop3 app i was stopping and restarting, is this a facebook fault? Might give the gop3 devs a clue anyway. Cheers gang :))
  8. Hi gang, So i have been playing gop3 for a couple of years now, its an awesome game i might add. Today my facebook profile pic is no longer showing, just an empty head instead. I changed my profile pic in the facebook app, reloaded gop3 and still no profile pic. What can i do here to get back my pic? Thanks. daanco.
  9. Ok so I factory reset my iPad 4th gen. Same thing with app crashes that toss me out of games until I can log back in. Maybe not quite as bad now is only difference. Any time I go into settings and click support I get kicked out and crashes too. There are other members in my team with iPads that are having similar issues.
  10. Thank you for your advice. Will try a factory reset and post my results.
  11. Hello, I have sent an email of this issue to support but thought to also include here and see if I can find an answer or at least anyone else with similar issues. I play mostly on my iPad 4th generation tablet and these issues relate to it. So mid game my app will get laggy like it is struggling to keep up with receiving packets and then it will just close. This happens often and obviously makes the game difficult to play. If I chat in the team room while playing, or even just take a look around in messages or settings etc, I can expect a crash with the app closing even more promptly