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  1. topic on forum , send email , contact suport , HELP ME ?????????????????????? does any developer deal with it? players don't matter anymore
  2. I made a self-supporting ticket but I see that I did not receive a message, I have a problem and I have been playing for so long and it has not happened so far, I have 800 hours + in this game. I won 750m at the slotmachine with 3 governors, I went to the table to play after a while and I had to give rebuy that I had lost, after rebuy game I was blocked and had to give restart, when I returned I had lost all the chips , this is impossible is for the first time when this happens to me is inadmissible,srry 4 english. -
  3. This week I was able to open the boxes of challenge,but for the last week I do not get any answer ?? thanks for no answer
  4. I have been waiting for some time, I thought you would do it if you still answer the topics. i will wait for the answer ...
  5. an answer from someone? , Ines / Apollo I contacted you on the steam but you did not answer me
  6. + proof that I do not have 2 hats with dogs - Last week I opened and I got a dog hat, I'm waiting for an answer !! + the 6 boxes on the 2 accounts
  7. Hi, this morning we finished the 6/6 boxes. When I started playing, nothing came up, everything was gone. - Evidence that I participated in the challenge. These are my two accounts - And so I get to the clan What can I do? I would like to receive the boxes on both accounts, check what methods you have that I did not open anything if you really think I would try.I tried restarting the game, internet, computer but in is not in inventory either if you ask. I have had this bug some time ago, I sent email to
  8. is the difference too high from 50,000 to 100,000 80.000 k would be very ok I do not think everyone would be able to get this amount , we expect some official from the governor to think.
  9. This work to complete 'challenge' is in vain , I opened at least 10 times chests and I did not drop ultra spin , Better would be, on 7/7 chest, you have assured 'ultra spin', work will be more but you will know something concrete :) You should all give your opinion
  10. Hi all members, Friday 9 march, Ines and Apollo were on live stream on facebook. This was the second live. Apollo give us a code where we could win a super, mega or ultra spin token. What do you think about the live, give us your opinion, what you like and dislike, and if you have suggestions to enforce the live. Thank you. ----------------- In connection with this announcement, it would be nice to have this "mysterybox" code every Saturday / Sunday not only when it's live