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  1. I don't understand this. It happened a few weeks ago as well. Top players banned for no reason. I do buy chips. I spend a lot to buy chips but I haven't been lately because of this ban. It's stupid, no basis for it. GOP FIX IT
  2. Lame...and it's killed my team as well. As leader I was tired of getting over 10k points while another player was doing the same and more and the rest were around 2000. I kicked someone with 500 and took hell for it. I like winning the stupid chests, but not at the expense of my team giving me grief when I put in a points and promotion plan. You need to up the anti.....I might do one more week but if it's as the last two...I give up.
  4. So next week my team will not play any during the challenge until major changes are made. Please strong teams (we did get the 8th box) join us
  5. Actually you will get a stick up your arse and we will count the dollars til the cows come home. Crooks
  6. On the bright side,,,,you wouldn't have gotten it anyhoo...they screwed everyone.
  7. Facebook is saying they are Bankrupt!
  8. On Facebook they are saying GOP announced bankruptcy...
  9. Ines perhaps can't read the forum or the Facebook community page. Perhaps if we all send her Facebook pms one of those will get through....just an idea. Poor dear must be tired from all of the ummm whatever she does.
  10. My last day is gone as well and many of my team. I played every day. Will we be given the spin? This is so much bs....so unfair
  11. I don't think they care. What would it cost them to return my chips lost when the game broke? But they won't. Emailed customer support and got a half arsed "so sorry that sucks" return, but not my 25 million chips. Ive spent well over a thousand USD on this game. I am going to finish this challenge for my team and than take a break. Ines etc, they just dont fing care.
  12. I just got an update We will see
  13. Why not just pull the stupid gift update. I don't need a fracking ice cream cone during a game for 10,000
  14. Inez says they can't get on this forum but are working on the iOS problem. Mind you we can get on and they are supposed to be computer savvy....and no promise to reimburse.
  15. Come on...acknowledge our crashing issues please.